I did a little more this week than just spending time over here working on the aesthetics of the blog.  It was spring break, and I did just what I wanted to.  Well, almost.

There were two things I had planned to do this week.  1.) Go to the Memphis Zoo and 2.) Go on a hike.  Unfortunately, the zoo didn’t work out and it was at the very last minute when plans for that changed.  I literally was locking the back door when my friend called and said the zoo was a no go.  The reason for the change, the zoo isn’t free to residents on a Tuesday afternoon in March.  No one wanted to pay when we could just wait a few more weeks and go for free.  Me and my group of friends had the day off and a trip to Memphis planned, so what else could we do?  Go to the park at Shelby Farms for lunch and then find a new trampoline place to try out, of course!

It was such a beautiful day, a little chilly, but not when we weren’t in the shade.  All the children had fun, even the older ones liked the park.  And I really liked the park.  I’ve always loved a good park.  It was just down the road from where I go often and I never even knew.  Also the trampoline place was just down the road.  Both of which I could have been hanging out at while my car has been getting serviced.  I will know for next time.  I am glad we all still made a day of it.  And with so many friends around, I was even persuaded to jump at Urban Air.  We did obstacle courses, jumped on a super-tramp, and I even climbed a couple of rock walls.  A lot of fun, actually!  We weren’t the only ones on spring break, however, so there were quite a few people everywhere this day.  I kind of prefer the days at the trampoline place when there are less children out, but oh, well.  It didn’t make it any less of a good time.

That was Tuesday, and on Thursday we hiked.  Much less people as it was only some of our little group and nobody else was hiking this day.  The weather was nicer than it was Tuesday, and we spent a lot more time outdoors.  Just what I needed.  I’ll go as far to say we probably all needed it.  The trail we picked was 1.5 miles one way and we only went one way.  We had lunch at the picnic area where the trail came out and then all piled into the boy’s truck to head back to where we started.  Some left at this time, others got to stay and hang out for a bit longer. I was one of those one who stayed.  The children played at the playground and then the few that were left, went and sat on the boat dock for a bit longer.  The day was perfect!

Two outings with most of my friends, twice in one week.  I was surprised how well it worked out.  As for the rest of the week, I did taxes and got ready for my niece’s baby shower, which was on Sunday.  The expecting couple is now ready to meet their newest addition to the family, as are we.  She has three weeks left to go and says she doesn’t think she’ll make it one week more.  I beg to differ and my money’s on April 10th, the day after her due date.  Hey, my one and only was two weeks late.  It happens, I know.  I can’t wait to meet him though.  ❤

The only other thing worth mentioning this week is that I got the results from my blood work back.  Everything is good!  My B12 is high, but nothing to be concerned about and I am just over the sufficient mark for iron and Vitamin D.  I’d like to be more in the mid range for these two so I’m keeping up with the black strap molasses and trying to get as much sunshine as I can.  It was only two months ago that I started taking a vitamin D supplement and I am glad that I did.

I’ll quit here.  I’m well into week 12 now, and have plenty to do today.  Hope you all have a great week.  🙂

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