This last week revolved a lot around school.  It was the last week meeting with our school group for the year and just about the last week for my English classes.  I had lots of papers to collect and some final work to go over.  I’m not done yet with my boy and his English, and I expect I have a few days more of that before I can call it quits for his Jr. year.  It wasn’t just all about school though so let me recap, as I usually do in these types of posts.

Sunday, April 29th – The family made it to Nashville for a day out.  It seems a pretty regular occurrence for us to make a trip to the big city this time of the year.  There’s usually plenty going on around the end of April first part of May that’s why.  We went to the Opry Mills mall and as is always the case, we didn’t run out of things to do.  It was a nice day, I love this time of the year, and after the fun was done there we headed to the downtown area for lunch/dinner.  I’m a fan of pub food.  My guy and the boy are also, so when I saw The Pub back in March when my boy and I were in the Gulch taking pictures, I knew we had to try it out next time Stephen was with us.

He, being from England, loves an authentic meal of fish and chips.  This place claimed to have it.  He thought it was pretty good and that’s all that counts.  My boy and I enjoyed the food also and since we were just across the street from a big huge wall mural, I talked Stephen into taking a few pics with us.  From here all we had left was some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s – gotta get that bagel spice stocked up – and before long we were back home for the night.  That was Sunday.

Monday, April 30th – We did school early and I cleaned up some from the weekend.  Ethan has a busy Monday and is usually gone for a big part of the day.  I took advantage of the alone time to get blog pictures taken and spent some time working on the blog.  Then there was the task of figuring out what to do for dinner for the week and getting everything ready for school stuff Tuesday and Wednesday.  This evening was the night Stephen and I went and checked on the queen bees.  I wrote about that already but in case you missed it, we found both of them had been released from their cages and we refilled their sugar water jugs.

Tuesday, May 1st – We met for school and that was most of the day.  After this Ethan went to work and I met Stephen in Jackson for a bee meeting.  We’re going all in with this bee thing aren’t we?  Before that we had dinner and I took the very first picture on my new iPhone.

I got it last night and like everything about it.  What I had before was an iPhone 6 so anything was a step up at this point.  I got the X in case anyone was wondering.  I am in love with the camera and am happy to have better pictures to go along with these weekly diary posts.  🙂

Wednesday, May 2nd – School and the gym were the main things going on today.  I also did some mid-week cleaning, but not a lot of that really.  I needed to catch up on laundry but ignored it.

Thursday, May 3rd – Up and out of the house early today.  I had boot camp this morning and then once the boy was up and ready we headed to Jackson for a bit of shopping and to meet up with photography class.  It was another beautiful day to be outdoors and Cypress Grove in Jackson was bursting with green!  Ethan and I had lunch afterwards and headed home for the evening’s activities: he worked and I went to the gym.  Stephen worked late for the second day in a row and we didn’t do much tonight.

Friday, May 3rd – All I did today was pay bills, grade papers, and go over school work with the boy.  I didn’t even get out of house clothes until about 3 when I ran to Wal-Mart real quick for some stuff for dinner and the weekend.  I felt productive but at the same time a little lacking.  Only my kitchen got cleaned up for today and that just means I’m gonna have more than I want to do on Sunday.  Oh, well, it is what it is.

Baby pic of the week.

And that’s about the sum of my week.  Saturday we had Bible study and spent the day with family and friends, as we always do.  It’s Sunday now and we’ve checked on bees, and I’ve pulled lots of weeds from my backyard.  I’m relaxing by the computer for a few before I go and do all the stuff around the house that I didn’t do on Friday.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!  I’ll be back soon.  ❤

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