Really the best way to learn to use a camera is to use it all the time.  And I am not talking about point and shoot situations, I’m talking about figuring out all the settings and shooting in manual mode.  I am making progress.  Here are my pictures for this week’s photo challenge.

I got out of the house a couple of times for this week’s pictures.  My silhouette shots are my favorite from the week, so I have more than a few of those to post.  Aside from those and the black and white photo, the others were pretty basic I’m afraid.  Maybe I will get a little more creative with next week’s.

Day 9: Black and White:

Day 10: Self-Portrait

Day 11:  Texture

Day 12:  Silhouette

Day 13:  Technology

With all these pics I post up here on the blog, I am wondering when I will exceed my space allowance for WordPress.  I’ve thought about what to do when that happens a time or two, but I am now getting pretty close to exceeding my limit.  Any WordPress users here use a different platform for photo storage?  Tell me what works for you.

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