I bring to you today another week of my life.  I told you last time this week wouldn’t be as exciting, and I was right.  Pretty much the bulk of my week was about deep cleaning the house.  That started on Monday.  Before that was Sunday though and I guess I can start there.

Sunday, June 3rd:  A typical Sunday morning at home.  A late start, coffee, and internet browsing.  Then I worked some on my quilt before my guy and I headed up to the property to check on bee feeders.  It was a beautiful day, and the vineyard looks great!  This afternoon we went to Jackson for lunch and some family time out then back home to hang on the deck before the mosquitoes drove us inside.

Monday, June 4th:  The deep cleaning begins.  I started with the laundry room.  I assembled a new shelf and moved things around.  Now there’s space to store food and such.  Also, I went outside and took some photos for the photo challenge.  Another wonderful day!  The weather is perfect.  Made it to the gym this evening and it was the first time back in almost two weeks.  I’ll be sore for most of this one I already know it.

Tuesday, June 5th:  Next on the cleaning agenda, the school/computer/sewing room.  I put all the school stuff away, dusted everything and cleaned it all up.  Now it’s a perfectly clean sewing space for the next couple of months.  Another night at the gym, and it feels like I’ve missed months.  So sore and so tired.

Wednesday, June 6th:  Mind is drawing a blank for the most of the day.  Probably there was laundry and computer stuff today.  This afternoon I headed to Jackson to spend some time with my niece and her family at the hospital.  Baby got sick and was having trouble with oxygen levels.  All is well now, so that is wonderful, but the hospital stay is surely no fun.  Met Stephen for dinner this evening.  After walking out of our first restaurant choice, we found a nice substitute next door.  Got home and spent the night relaxing.  Stephen has had a hard couple of weeks at work lately.  Lot’s going on and I think he’s stressed.  He’s never stressed.

Thursday, June 7th:  Crawled out of bed from soreness and went to the property to check on how everything is growing.  Bees aren’t really drinking their sugar water like they were and this may be the last time we saw a good amount of activity from hive 2.  More on that next week.  Last night at the gym for this week and I did double duty.  What I really need to be doing is lifting again, but I’ve been just working on HIIT and free weights.  I’ll get back to where I was hopefully soon.

After the gym this evening I dragged Stephen down the road to catch the sunset on the lake.  It was oh, so humid, but oh, so nice.  I had fun taking pictures while we were there.

Friday, June 8th:  I twin sat today and took Ethan and his cousin to Redneck Island.  It was a nice long day of fun in the sun and sand, followed by an easy to make dinner of nachos and I was spent.  The week back after two off at the gym wiped me out.  These late nights and still early mornings are doing me in also.  Maybe next week will be half cleaning and half catching up on rest.

That’s all from me for today.  I’m a week behind with my weekly recaps, but I’ll have this week’s up before Monday and finally be caught up over here.

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