Dear Diary…

Hello, everyone!  Another week down for this year, and I’m almost another week behind.  I am not going to stress it.  What was stressful though, all the rain we had last week.  It put me behind with everything and by day two of so much rain, I was over it. So, how was everyone else’s week?

I’ll just start where I left off.

Sunday, September 23:

The rain started yesterday, so this is day two of rain.  We knew we wouldn’t be picking this morning so we woke up to no alarm.  Had a late breakfast and then I started working on a dress.  Sometimes the rain brings out my sewing side.  It was a new pattern, and I am sad to say, I did’t like the way the top came out.  I made it out of curtain, and have plenty of fabric left to redo the top, just have to get to seam ripping… This afternoon, Stephen and I went to check on my wine and I needed his help to move things around so I can start racking it this upcoming week.  Tonight, feeling inspired that wine making season has begun, we opened up one of our very first bottles from several years back.  Not too bad!

Monday, September 24th & Tuesday, the 25th:

School, and school.  Also rain and rain.  The sun peaked out a bit on Wednesday and this evening I got to catch a glimpse of the beautiful moon when I got home from the gym.  Just a blurry picture of it, so instead, here’s a picture of a wheelbarrow full to the top with water.

Thursday, September 26th:

Rain this morning, so around noon once it quit, it was off to the property I went.  With several days not being able to pick, and I was worried about how everything would look.  Wet and soggy, but not too bad otherwise.  The red rows are about done for the year, only got four gallons from them, but the whites are still looking pretty full.  It is my hope that next week will be the last week.

Friday, September 27th:

More picking for my helpers, but today I was racking wine.  Or at least gonna get a start at it.  The power was out for awhile and that messed up my plans.  I picked instead for a little bit and then once the power came back only did 1/3 of what I needed to do. This afternoon I ran errands and made it home to clean a little bit and then get diner ready before the guys got home for the night.
I left out the parts of the week concerning my work out routine.  It was a great week at the gym!  I took two different classes than usual, and after Thursday’s work out I was pretty much sore for the entirety of the weekend.  It was a good week diet wise as well, and the scale is finally starting to move in the right direction.  Yay, it may be my age hasn’t crept up on me yet…
Thanks for stopping by and reading.  I tried something a little different this week with my layout.  WordPress has a test option for their new interface, Gutenberg.  I kind of like it.  Made things easy to insert, but I had a hard time getting my cover photo to load.  I will be messing with it some more. Have a great week, everyone!

Thanks for testing Gutenberg!


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