Photo Challenge Days 35 – 43

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Good evening, or morning, depending on where you are and if I finished this post the night I started it.  I’m tired, guys.  But more than that, I am tired of the rain.  It’s been raining since Saturday, and not just a little bit, A LOT!!! Just when I think it’s cleared up enough to get out and do something outside, it starts all over again.  I am hoping for a dryer Thursday, but we shall see.  In the mean time, I am stuck inside so why not go through some more of my pictures.  I will be completely honest here, I haven’t finished this photo challenge yet.  I am still about one week away from being done and thought for sure two weeks ago would be when I finished it.  I toted my camera with me, but didn’t even turn it on.  Come to think of it, my iPhone photos are pretty sparse these days as well.  Any who…

With the exception of a few skipped days, I do have some more pictures to post of said unfinished photo challenge.  I am noting what I’ve skipped, and intend on making those up at the end.  In the mean time, I still have a few more weeks of pics to post.  Here are what I have for you now, two of which are a couple of my absolute favorites from the challenge.  I probably have about five that will make the top of my favorites list so far.  Five that will make it on to next year’s calendar, anyway.

Okay, let me get on with it before the boy gets home from work and wants dinner.  Days 35 – 43, with a few skipped ones in between:


The only thing that would have made this picture perfect would have been if I used one of my own, Cavia Creek, wine glass.  Next time perhaps.  I love this picture and had so much fun taking it.


Way above the ground, the tractor on a stick.

Negative Space

I had to google what ‘negative space’ was.  I took this one a few days earlier than the day I needed it.  It was one from that day drive I took to the lake.  I have another from that day coming up…


Another favorite.  ❤


I also took a picture of literal sewing buttons.  Not just any sewing buttons, vintage Vogue buttons that a dear friend gave me.  But this accidental picture is the one that caught my attention.  I wanted a picture of the buttons from the console of my car, but had to put the camera on my lap to get the shot.  I lined it up the best I thought, pressed the button, and hoped for the best.  It came out dark, but after a little editing, I love it.


When in need of a picture for a photo challenge, find a flower it works for many photo themes.  Two day lilies growing together.

*Pattern, Remember, and Fall to be shown in a future post.  Two I skipped, one I didn’t have on my computer for today’s post.  Just know this only means I have another photo challenge picture post for you all in the not too distant future.  🙂  

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