Dear Diary 2019: The Coldest Week of the Year

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Good morning!

Hope everyone is keeping warm.  Thankfully, we woke up to much warmer weather today than we’ve had in several days.  In fact, it probably warmed up overnight, and the forecast is calling for 70 degrees by Monday.  What!?  But I will take it.  I would have liked to have been home in hibernation mode this week with how cold it was, but instead I’ve been out and about in it.  The week didn’t start so freezing, however.

Last Sunday was the nicest day we had had in several days.  Finally, it was warm enough to check on the bees and they still had some food which was a relief to me.  Having bees is still new enough to me that I don’t know what to expect for any season so far.  This time next year, I am sure I will be a little less concerned.  But, worrying about the bees isn’t keeping me up at night.

Also last Sunday, I racked my newest batch of wine and tended to some other things pertaining to that.  Too soon to tell, but I feel like it’s going to be a good batch!  Stephen and I had a hankering for pizza later that day so we headed to Jackson.  The boy, he was at a work competition in Mississippi all day and landed a tumbling pass wrong while messing around and twisted his ankle.

This week was a busy one.  Over half our school group was sick so we didn’t meet up with them.  This was a good thing cause Ethan and I had some traveling to do and the extra time at home to keep up with school was great.  Plus with the boy being injured he was home a lot more than usual as well.

Monday, I spent about half the day on the computer trying to navigate through some school stuff for the boy.  Finally got all of that sorted out.  Tuesday, looked a little like Monday: on the computer for a good part of the day updating my grade spreadsheets and such for this next nine weeks.  Tuesday evening, we had ourselves a special visitor.  We got to baby sit the nephew for the second time, and he cried a lot less this time.  He is so sweet and such a cute little thing.

Wednesday was a rush of a day.  It was so cold and we were on the road early to Nashville.  I had a bottle order to pick up, Ethan had a dentist appointment, then we had to eat a quick lunch, and make a Costco run.  We headed back to be home just in time for the boy to make it to work.  I am a little surprised we got everything done as rushed as the trip seemed.

Thursday, cold again and this was the day I decided I am absolutely tired of it.  My toes ache from the cold and I’ve had to bring out the winter coat.  I was sucked in to a morning on the computer again, but this time it could have been avoided.  It was for the blog though, so maybe there wasn’t anyway I couldn’t do something about it.  I made the mistake of browsing new themes, just to find out my current theme, Booklet, had been retired.  If I clicked away from it, I’d never get it back again.  I found a suitable alternative and spent he rest of the morning tweaking everything and messing with the settings.  Then it was lunch time and off we headed out of town again for another dentist appointment.  This time to see an oral surgeon cause Ethan needs his wisdom teeth out.  He’ll be having that done at the end of the month.

What else about this week that’s worth writing about?  Oh, yes, there’s a new baby around.  My friends’ February baby came a week early.  He’s a cutie and probably another one I will get to spend plenty of time around.  And that about sums up my last week of January.

Stay warm, everyone, and I hope you all have a good weekend.  Me, I will enjoy the warmer weather even if it is going to be accompanied with lots of rain, and I expect I will watch my one football game of the year this Sunday, and hopefully stay away from the chips and cheese dip.  🙂


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