When I last updated you all, I was off to a great start for the year.  I’m still on a roll, only with much less picture taking as normal.

I’ve been busy, y’all!  (FYI – I don’t really say y’all in person.  😀 )

So in three weeks I’ve been to Memphis, I’ve been to Nashville.  I’ve graded many many papers.  I’ve bottled gallons and gallons of wine.  I’ve comforted a friend, finished a quilt top, and ordered my first food subscription box.

The others in the house have had some moments as well.  My boy started school and my guy started a new chapter at work.

Out on the muscadine farm, pruning has begun and we’re experimenting with some of the leftover grapes from the season.

As for the weather, we survived the January storm with no damage over here, we’ve seen some flurries, and Stephen saw the perfect snowflake!  Other than a few days of sunshine, it’s been wet and dreary for most of the month, but that’s just normal for where I am.

For fun, I took my great-nephew to the discovery museum yesterday and it was awesome.

Oh, and I’ve given in to my redecorating itch and I bought the mirror that I found on Wayfair.  Let’s see how much more of my itch gets scratched.  I’m thinking those bathroom lights may be next…

And that’s the rundown of my last three weeks.  Sorry for such a short recap.  If I wouldn’t have done it this way, this post may have been well over 1000 words.  You are welcome.  😉

Goal for February, take better pictures!!!  Have a great weekend, everyone.  ❤

Ethan took this one.

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