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In a rare blogging appearance, I am here to catch you all up on the last three weeks.  So, here it goes, In three week’s…

I’ve been frustrated.

Really that about sums up how I feel.  Frustrated with my current, non-existent weight loss.  Frustrated with a house that never seems to be clean.  Frustrated with my boy’s knee injury from last year that very well may now be a tear of some sort, that he is hoping will require surgery.  Frustrated with the inability to normally go to the city.  Frustrated for the lack of time I recently have to do the things I want to do.  And frustrated with the state of the world in general, and the “news” that’s flooding my social media feeds on a day to day basis.  I hate the term ‘new normal’ and I am so over all of this that is going on right now.  Thinking it has to end sometime soon, but then again, maybe not.

Rant over.

Blackberry season is here.
More wine into the cellar.

Overall though, we’re healthy and things aren’t going badly for us at all, so I should just get over myself and be happy, which I generally am, but these frustrations are still in the background.  I’ve been trying to spend less time online and on social media, so the blog has been on the back burner.  I keep saying I’m going to do something about this, but have yet to get my act together.  Here’s hoping I’ve found the motivation to finally be over my blogger’s block.

Now for some of things that have happened in the last three weeks:

I bought myself a retirement present.  My very first, grown-up hand bag.  I’m picky, and I’d been looking online for a bit and we finally made it to the big city where the name brands are, and I found one that I liked.  🙂  It’s my introduction to the designer hand bag world.  So long, Old Navy bags!  I’ve already got my eye on my second one…

I got to spend some time with my parents.  We were busy most of the time we were together – either cleaning, cleaning, or picking blueberries – but it was nice to see them and it was nice to have the time.

New addition to the vineyard.

I’m still working through the nutrition certification that I am taking, and have since signed up my first client.  It’s a trial run and I am hoping to have a few more trial clients before the summer is over.  My goal is to be certified by the end of September.  I’m enjoying the program and enjoying learning about the coaching of it as well.

And he said his room was clean.

And lastly, the boy is two weeks away from moving out.  However, he has been two weeks away from moving out for the last month, so I think I have another month of him around still.  I sure hope so anyway.  While I am excited for him, I am sad for me.

And that’s been my life lately.  I have a few posts in mind for this week so I won’t be gone for so long this time.  Have a great end of your weekend, everyone!

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