I really only thought it had been two weeks, but, alas, time has passed me by.  A lot can happen in three weeks, and let me tell ya, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster of weeks for me.

Starting out with the first week of the three, the boy had his follow up of his second MRI appointment.  This was where we learned that he had since torn his ACL.  I was kind of surprised, even though I had already expected the worst.  The boy was happily relieved.  Now he knew why his knee hadn’t seemed normal for most of this year.  Surgery was scheduled, and the week wasn’t the best from here on out.  The broken gate was just an extra bonus.  Not a big deal really, we were able to rig it up for now, but when it seemed like nothing was going right that week, then I came home to this, it was just the icing on the cake.

I put everything aside one day, and finally got out something to make on the sewing machine.  My quilt had been ready to start for a couple months, and one day of high frustration, I sat down, ignored everything else around the house, and got started with it.  I am not done yet, but it’s going along very nicely that I don’t think it should take more than another day of working on it to finish it all.

The week after this was pretty wonderful.  I was wonderfully surprised by a surprise retirement party thrown by my most wonderful friends.  I was in absolute shock when Stephen and I walked into the winery we frequently visit on Sundays, to hear the instant sound of clapping and shouts of joy as we walked through the door.  I never suspected a thing!  Then, after all the festivities of the afternoon, we headed next door for a nice pottery making class.  It was all so beautiful and wonderfully thought out, it was almost like I was in a dream for most of the day.  I have pictures from the day for a post on it’s own that I will have up here soon.  I am truly blessed with some of the best-est friends ever!!!  ❤

The week after that was much better.  Spent most of my time at home with the exception of picking blackberries, and more blueberries from my neighbor next door.  This week was hot, probably the hottest of the summer so far and I got stung by something.  It was either a bee or one of those menacing looking wasps.  And I also picked the most blackberries in one day so far.

The harvest went downhill from here and last week was the last of the picking for the season I’d say.  I ended up with 30 gallons, I think, which is more than last year, and now I have some delicious blackberry wine to plan on making.  My most consistent recipe yet.  🙂

So, all was well.  Yuki was groomed and happy, my house was clean and furnished, and the boy was still here.  Then, that all changed.  Remember I said the boy had been two weeks from moving out all summer, well, the last two weeks were finally up.  He moved out last weekend.  I’ve been an empty nester for one whole week, and I am still getting used to it.  It was a bit surreal at first, didn’t seem like he was really gone, but after this weekend it does.  He’s pretty much all settled in and we are left with the aftermath, which looks like an empty extra bedroom and an empty living room.

The plan always was for him to take the living room furniture and we’d finally get something new for us.  (Fun fact, the couches we’d had were the only real couches we’d ever had in 23 years of marriage.  We were long over due for an upgrade, but still they were in overall pretty good shape.)  Well, he took the furniture before we found out that the delivery of our replacements was going to be longer than we thought, all thanks to Covid apparently.  But, we do have a new rug because that was the only thing we could get right away.

Yuki very much likes the new rug, but she’s not much liking her current day to day.  You see, she has a few too many hot spots that she won’t leave alone, so in addition to having her best friend move out, she’s stuck with the cone of shame and no couch to sleep on.  It’s pretty pathetic really.  I feel for her.  She keeps finding random blankets, pillows, or piles of folded laundry to make as a bed as she gives us the saddest eyes.  Then the second we take her cone off and look away, she manages to make those little sores worse, thus prolonging her time in that awful cone.

Well, that is the 411 over here.  I could probably go on about how much I miss my boy, and how much I worry about him, but such is life, life goes on, and so shall I.  I do have plenty of things to keep me busy.  Now that he’s gone, my cooking and cleaning time has been significantly reduced, which I hadn’t expected.  I do have carpets to clean, and a couple of rooms to rearrange, plus with no living room furniture I can do all the dusting and rearranging that I’d like before the new stuff comes in.  Here is a preview of what the new stuff will look like:

I can’t wait!

Before I leave, here is my second a day video of July:


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