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Sew Hot Right Now

Hi, everyone!  I have a new dress to tell you all about today.  In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I just love it when I have new dresses to write about.  This month’s Monthly Stitch sewing theme is Sew Hot Right Now, and it was up to […]

Time for Wine… On a Skirt

There was no way I was turning down this material!  It was $2 something a yard on super clearance, and it felt wonderful.  I got enough to make a dress, and maybe should have, but I was thinking the wine bottle print would be a bit much.  The […]

A UFO Complete

Finally, a completed sewing project!  And finally my first post for the Monthly Stitch.  Some of you sewists may have seen this post already over there, but today I am posting here for my regular readers.  So without any hesitation, I have for you my most recent me-made. […]

A Dress With No Name

I was not looking forward to this Monday.  Usually, I don’t mind Mondays at all, but this one is a little different.  It’s almost like the Monday after vacation when you still wish you were on vacation instead of going back to your regular everyday life.  Yeah, that […]

The Skipping Stones Dress

A good Monday morning to you all!  I’ve done it again: I’ve made another dress and I’ve managed to get it up on the blog just in time to call it a Me-Made-Monday.  The dress I am talking about today is this lovely grey colored Butterick 6168.  (My […]

A Completed McCall’s 7115

This is not my most favorite make.  In fact, I am trying really hard to like it at all.  It had potential, I thought.  When I got the bodice done I was feeling really good about it, and I was thinking I might change my mind yet, but […]