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A Dress Named Matilda

Tell me there is nothing wrong with naming my dresses.  This one looked like a Matilda to me.  (I just so happen to really like the name Matilda.  My boy thinks I am crazy.) Craziness aside, I am on a dressmaking binge.  I have made a new dress […]

I Washed My Car for This

The main reason I haven’t gotten a proper blog post up for my Mini Cooper dress is because I have had a very dirty car.  How could I possibly take pictures of this dress without its inspiration in the background?  I couldn’t.  Finally this weekend I washed my […]

Emery: Love at Second Sight

I am sewing up a storm these days.  It sure seems that I am anyway.  Three dresses in one month’s time is pretty progressive for me, and I have another something on time for a Me Made Monday.  This is another Emery dress, and surprisingly it’s only the […]

The Lucy Dress

If this one looks strangely familiar to you all, it is because it is.  It’s the second version of my last make from Serendipity Studios and it’s another Madeline dress.  I made it a bit differently this time, with that exposed zip I oh so love, and I […]

Madeline’s Maze Dress

This was going to be my submission for the ‘One Pattern Two Ways’ contest of the week over on The Monthly Stitch; but alas, I made it as far as the number one make.  It’s been awhile since I’ve made two dresses in one week, and when traveling […]

It’s Camtastic

Hello, hello!  Finally, something that I’ve recently made is making it’s way up here on the blog.  It’s not Me-Made-Monday, I know, but I couldn’t wait to get this post published.  Also, you all will have to patiently wait for my last week of Me Made May until […]