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Downtown Memphis by Trolley

I love public transportation, really, I do.  Maybe because I drive so much is why I think that this method of travel is something I would want to do always.  Or maybe it is because I don’t always travel this way, and what you can’t have you want […]

A Long Weekend In Chicago

It has been awhile since the family and I have gotten out of the state. In fact, it has been too long! Well, December wasn’t really that long ago, but I am ready for a weekend away. I was reminded this week about the last time we went […]

High Thrills Ahead

This trip was planned with every intention on being laid back, restful, and one day at a time, and it was every bit that. However, going to Silver Dollar City was one of the two things that we had planned in advance. I have found that buying tickets […]

Ready for Adventure

I wasn’t nervous one bit!  We had done this before, well two of us had.  I went into the Adventure Zipline in Branson, MO ready to go with whatever they had planned for us, but I was not planning for the kind man behind the counter to deny […]

Going to Branson

Seven days in Branson, Missouri. I have driven through Missouri once, that I remember, as a child, but this was the first trip here for my guy, and the boy, and really for me since I had only driven through before. We had every intention on leaving Tennessee […]

Riding in Cars With Dogs

The week we have been waiting three months for is getting close to being here. Finally a vacation is on the horizon! This will also be the first vacation EVER with the family dog. Well, we actually haven’t even had the dog for a whole year yet, so […]