The Thursday Thrift // Accessories

thrifted accessories

Here I am, finally with something thrifted to write about for this week’s Thursday Thrift.  And guess what?  Not one, but two thrifted items – one of which I just bought today.  It is currently Wednesday as I write this little post up, and for those of you who don’t know, Goodwill has .99 day on Wednesdays.  I thought I might drop on in and see what I could find as far as accessories go.

I am in the middle of making another dress, and I was thinking that I needed a nice, new to me belt to go with this almost finished dress.  Actually, I have been thinking that I need some belts for many of my newly made dresses lately, and since I don’t really want to spend that much on items such as these, the Goodwill was a great place to look.  I don’t wear belts much at all, but I really like the way they look with certain styles of dresses, and I keep thinking that since I am making these styles of dresses, a couple of belts might be a good thing to buy.

I was looking for a yellowish orange color, but when I saw this yellow one, I knew I had a dress it would go pretty well with – the last one that I made (details here).

dress with a yellow belt

It’s a pretty good match if you ask me.  And I even found a grey one that should match a number of other dresses of mine, even including this one.

retro style dress

Now for this necklace.  Once in a while I do browse the jewelry that I see on display in thrift stores and yard sales, and a couple of months ago while stopping by one of the annual yard sales in my area, I found this neat looking necklace.  I almost didn’t buy it, but then thought why not.  I am sure I could find something to wear it with.  And how about that, it went well with the last dress I made also.  I did wear this necklace last weekend with this dress but had a hard time getting a good picture as it was starting to get dark out, so I thought to put it on once again as I was trying on my new belt today.

thrifted jewelry

What do you think?  Have any of you found any jewelry treasures at a local thrift store or yard sale?  Now that I think of it, my most favorite pieces of jewelry have been second hand.  They are treasures for sure!

I know I am speaking of accessories, but one more thing.  How about the shoes?  These I wore this weekend, so they are one less to save by my September 1st deadline in the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge.

Shoe Save 28. Brand: Lower East Side (payless)

Shoe Save 28. Brand: Lower East Side (payless).  Photobombed, once again, by Yuki.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any thrifty finds on your blog today.  I’d love to stop by and check them out.

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It’s Friday and Here is My Post

A Friday is almost not really a Friday for me without sitting down to write up a blog post.  And so, before any more time gets away today, I am sitting down to write up a blog post.

When this week began, I had planned to get ahead with some of my blog stuff.  Maybe make sure to wear something thrifted and get photos of it that way my next Thursday Thrift post would not be waiting on me until the last minute.  Also, I wanted to get a start on something me-made for a post come Monday, but neither of these blogging goals happened.  Instead, I have been once again mostly wearing swimming attire – messy hair included – and using any free moments to make sure there is enough clean laundry put away for hubby’s next day of work.  It’s been a busy one for sure, and I have hardly been home.

It’s also fruit season around here, so any free moments left after my days of swimming, driving, auntie duty, and dealing with laundry have involved me, google and all of those articles that I keep coming across about how to make wine, jelly, and about tree identification.  I am waiting on the last of my blueberries to ripen and in the mean time, I am getting ready to make my first of many homemade jams or jellies (what’s the difference, anyway?  Another question for google, I guess).  The elderberries are almost ripe, and what we thought were elderberries growing in a tree, were in fact wild cherries, so I am needing to do something with them, I guess it could still be made into syrup but I am thinking of jelly instead.  I turned down my neighbors offer at half of his last row of purple hulled peas which  was probably a good thing cause doing anything with them this week probably wouldn’t have happened.  And just before I sat down at the computer to begin with this, I finished up the beginning part of my next batch of wine.  My first attempt at fresh fruit wine was a failure, and I need to figure this wine making thing out.  We are going to need to know what we are doing before long.  I am so glad I don’t also have a vegetable garden to be tending to right now.

Surely by next week I will have some free time at the house, but then again maybe not.  I must not forget about by duties as a temporary farm hand.  There will be goat milking in my not too distant future – starting Sunday.  And with only one week left of the public swimming pool, I reckon a good part of my days will be spent there for a little bit longer yet.

Well, there you have it, my Friday post, and whew, I am tired just writing about this little part of what I have been doing.  I wonder if I have time for a nap before I tackle the house cleaning…

20140725-142241-51761109.jpgAnd I guess one more week at the pool doesn’t sound that bad.  It is summer and it does beat house work.  ;-)

Yes, I Now Have Three of These Dresses

Simplicity 1803

retro style

Retro style dress

Because, why wouldn’t I have three of the same dress?  Wouldn’t you if you were trying to perfect a pattern and thought maybe just maybe the third time would be the best one yet?  Well, after making this dress THREE times, I think I finally have it down so that my next one will be perfect.  Yup, I said next one, because at this point a fourth one is inevitable, only not for a little while yet.  I have finally tired myself out with this pattern for the time being.

I can’t believe it but after sizing down completely, this dress still ended up a little looser than I would have liked.  You maybe cannot tell from the pictures, but about half an inch from each shoulder should do the trick, and maybe about just as much from the bodice will give me what I am looking for – the perfect Simplicity 1803.

I was really worried going into this after sizing down though, because according to the finished pattern measurements, I would be cutting it pretty close – about 1/2  inch less than my actual measurements, but I had nothing to worry about.  I am even willing to say that I would probably be alright sizing down one more time.  Ah, this pattern ease thing can be a bit of a pain!  I guess I’ll just keep making wearable muslins until I get it right.  In the mean time, all three of the versions I have made in my quest for perfection all seem to fit fine considering I am not completely satisfied with any of them.  I am probably the only one noticing these fitting issues, but I am aiming for the perfect dress here.

Simplicity 1803 pattern

One other thing about this pattern, I do not recommend the cut out neckline version.  That is what this one was supposed to be, but that was a big mistake.  I had to unpick and redo the bodice completely after trying it on and feeling like I was about to choke myself with the ridiculously high neckline.  To me it sure didn’t seem that high up in the picture, and I had read some other opinions about this version so I did lower it some to begin with, but it wasn’t enough to make it wearable for me.  I really wanted to just scrap the whole thing altogether after this, but I liked the material enough to persevere.  I might have spent more time seam ripping than sewing on this one, but I guess that is how it goes sometimes.

Now, I am ready to move on to the Simplicity 2444 pattern using my nice and new, non-clearance material.  I will probably go smaller than I think I should just because if past experience is anything, I don’t think it will be a bad idea.

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Nothing Thrifted to See Here…

Good morning, all you blog readers.  How is today finding you where you are?  Me, it’s gonna be another wonderful day, I can already tell.  Another wonderful day, weather wise with low humidity, a cool breeze, and temps in the low 80’s.  Wonderful I say!

Who’s been thrifting lately?  Unfortunately, not I.  I am afraid I have nothing blog worthy to show for this week’s Thursday Thrift.  My current outfits consist of mostly a black and white striped t-shirt and whatever cargo skirt that isn’t lost in the overflowing mess that is my closet, my swimwear, or my gym clothes.  It’s just been one of those weeks where I have worn nothing blog worthy (if you could call everything else I’ve put up here blog worthy, I don’t know…).

Anyway, nothing thrifted to see here, as my title already indicated, so instead, how about some shoes?  I saved a couple more pairs this week.  It’s time to do the final count, but like I already mentioned, my closet, well, it is a mess.  I need to clean it up before taking on a shoe count cause I have a feeling there are some shoes I might miss otherwise.  Just to clarify, I am trying to clear out the stuff I don’t wear and I had started a neat little pile on top of some folded comforters.  My boy needed one of these folded comforters so pulled it out from underneath all the neatly placed clothes and that was just the beginning.  Then we went out of town and had to drag out the suitcases so this pile of clothes became less of a pile and more like many piles, now not just confined to one area of the closet.  Plus, the summer clothes finally came out and nothing else got put back to take its place.  What a mess really!  But this week we are swimming and not cleaning closets.

Okay, shoes, here they are.  All two pairs of them, saved and ready to wear next year.  (Hopefully they will get worn sooner than that though.)

Shoe Save 27 - Xhiliration brand

Shoe Save 27 – Xhiliration brand

Shoe Save 28 - Candies brand

Shoe Save 28 – Candies brand

I didn’t have anything thrifted today, but maybe you did.  Leave me a comment, or if I find your #ThursdayThrift post, I’ll add a link here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Between the Grass and the Grapes

July grapes

Two Mondays in a row and I have no new clothes in my closet (except that black and white striped shirt that I bought last week. It was only three dollars, how could I pass it by?). Well, no new clothes of the homemade sort anyway. Sorry for any of you who stopped by to see something like that. I did get started on something, but only got as far as a few seams then realized that I didn’t have any more interfacing. It’ll be sitting on my sewing table, as is, for a couple of days until I make it to the store, but it’s a start at least.  I’m making the Simplicity 1803 again.  Only this time, one of the different versions – the one without sleeves and with the neck yoke.  I hope it comes out alright because rather than fine tune my last version, I am going with a size smaller.  It should fit…  I hope it fits…

Sewing was just one of the things I finally got to this weekend.  The family also did yard work.  Yes, it’s a group effort now.  The boy mows, my guy uses the weed eater, and I get to spend the time behind the push mower.  Hey, how is it not the other way around with my boy behind the push mower while I am sitting comfortably on the riding mower, working on my tan?  Oh, yeah, I know why.  If I left the push mower up to him, he just might mow over the few things in the yard that I actually have growing besides grass and weeds.  Anyway, the group effort makes it really nice.  A little less for each of us to do.

EJ mowing

The day wasn’t over with just our yard either.  We headed out the the family property, the vineyard portion, and worked on the vines.  I did the vine part while the boy found his place seated comfortably, once again, on the riding mower; however, not before helping me with a little pest control.  If you saw these disgusting things on my Instagram or Facebook feed, I apologize for showing them once again.  As gross as they are though, they kind of photograph well.


That was about the sum of my weekend.  I also did a little bit of ebay browsing, and managed once again to put off my ironing for the week.  Hope casual Monday will be alright for my guy…  Oh, that’s right, he does have a shirt or two left in the closet that’s freshly pressed, my ironing procrastination should be good for one more day.  Now for this week, a lot of time is going to be spent in the sun:  swimming, some more vine tending, and the blueberry picking is getting close to being done.  Here’s hoping I don’t come across anymore caterpillars.