Layer it on Me

I love fall!  Although, I much prefer slowly easing into winter, which hasn’t been the case this year, but still it is fall and I am happy about that.  Fall means cooler weather, much less bothersome humidity, and layers.  You guessed it, I am talking about clothes today, folks.  Specifically, my fall layering essentials.

I was recently contacted by a ModCloth stylist and asked about my autumn layered style.  This is a topic I happen to know something about because this time of the year is all about layering for me.  I wear summer dresses year round and making my outfits weather appropriate is something I am very familiar with.

I am sure if I lived somewhere other than West Tennessee, my cooler weather apparel would include puffer jackets, wooly boots, and hats.  But since I do live where I do, and we have very mild fall weather, my layering is easy and doesn’t add much bulk.  I do love fall in Tennessee!

My Autumn Layered Style



My essentials are these:  a form fitting under shirt or tank-top, a pair of thick tights, and a nice looking cardigan.  Oh, and one added little extra, a pair of socks over, or even under, my tights depending on my shoe choice, because my feet are always cold and most boots are too big for me.  Add a fabulous looking dress, a nice pair of boots, and an awesome necklace, I’m all set.

I like a fancier look to my everyday wear, but still casual enough for hanging around the house or running to Walmart.  Plus fit is super important to me because I am not into the baggy style.  You know what?  Even layers that aren’t oversized do a great job of keeping one warm!

How about you, what is your number one layering essential?  Are you a fan of cardigans as much as I am?  When I think of ModCloth the first thing that usually comes to mind is all of their dresses, but what I did find out after making this style board is that they have quite a nice collection of cardigans.   Anyone interested should check them out here - especially if you are a sweater fan like me.

A big thank you to ModCloth for inviting me to participate in this little styling challenge.  I love everything I see on that site, and browsing their virtual closet made for a fun evening of ‘window’ shopping.

The Second Biennial Branson Trip

Table Rock Lake

When your parents have a time share in Branson, MO and nobody is planning on using it, one might as well take advantage of the available room for the week, right?  Well that is exactly what we did.  We spent another week at the ‘home away from home’ and it was just as enjoyable as the week we were there two years ago.

There is plenty to do in Branson, Missouri; even if you are under the age of retirement.  We may have been some of the youngest visitors of the week, but that was fine with us.  There are plenty of shows and attractions that people of every age can enjoy, and there is an advantage to being young in this city – NO lines for the rides at the amusement park, and NOBODY waiting to do Extreme Go-Karting.  Plus, the shopping centers are pretty quiet after dinnertime and the main strip isn’t too busy after 6 o’clock.  Now, going to the Cracker Barrel for Sunday morning breakfast is a different story, but we were on vacation so we had the time wait.

Extreme Go-Karts

Extreme Go-Karts 2

I know that this city is probably seeing a different crowd of visitors during the summer, which would make sense.  School is out and it is a great place to take the family.  The Go Kart operator told us it is crazy busy during that time of the year.  And there are even plenty of outdoor activities that I am sure get more attention when the weather is nicer.  For us, we were happy to get away, and it was nice not being stuck in any lines or traffic for a whole week.

Scenic Railway

Scenic Railroad 2

We didn’t see any shows.  We did, however, make a few Imax/movie trips which is not something we get to do all of time – our nearest Imax theater being about an hour and a half away.  We went to the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum.  Places like that are always fun!  We spent an afternoon on a scenic train, and got to ride roller coasters – one of which, the Outlaw Run, being the second fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, and the second steepest.  It also happens to be the first wooden roller coaster with a double barrel roll.  I don’t remember much, my eyes were closed the whole time, but my guy still insists the front of the roller coaster is the place to be.

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City coaster

There was also a pretty neat cave tour we took right when we got to Silver Dollar City.  We walked right passed it last time and I am really glad we stopped to see what it was about.  It was an hour walking tour, over 700 stairs and going down over 500 feet.  It was awesome, and the highlight of my afternoon at the amusement park.

Family feet

Branson Overlook

No doubt we had a wonderful time.  The week was a nice relaxing one, and we can’t help but wonder now, where will we be going next…

My guy likes to make little videos from the photos and clips of our trips and he made one for this week.  Here is a link should you want to see more of our Branson Vacation.  Thanks for reading.

Friday’s Post

Pajama Day

A Friday for me without a blog post doesn’t usually happen.  (Never mind the last two Friday’s that were post-less.  I am on top of things today though.)  It was a wonderful week!  The weather was closer to our normal November temperatures the last couple of days, and the sun even shined a day or two.  There was plenty to be happy for and I am going to tell you all a little about it.

Everything was back to normal this week.  That alone is enough to be happy about.  School was exactly how it should be.  No more doubled up work because my boy is completely caught up from our trip and his wrist injury.  All of our teachers were present and accounted for, and there were no unnecessary absences.  Plus it was my boy’s first day back to gymnastics after he hurt himself last month.  He had to hold back a little bit and it was to be expected, but we can now say that we are back to our regularly scheduled life.

Speaking of school, we had a pizza pajama party on Wednesday which made the day that much more fun.  Plus it saved some time getting ready in the morning.  No need picking out what to wear, and a few less outfits in the dirty clothes pile for this week.  Oh, yeah and there was pizza.  And cupcakes.  Both of which I very much enjoyed.  One less meal to make as well.  ;-)

Then there was the gym.  I love the gym, I really do.  I don’t always get in the workout that I would like – too tired, not enough time, things come up – but this week was not that kind of week.  Getting a little more weight training in would have made me happier, but two dance classes and a pretty good weight session was a good start for getting back into it from the sporadic three weeks before.

There is no way I can forget about my camera.  This was the week I got it and it is wonderful.  I want to take it with me everywhere I go.  It even came with an instructional DVD.  I never watch those things, but this might be one that I actually do watch.  There are so many buttons and settings on that thing.  It even takes video, like most cameras these days do, right?  Why, there is no need at all for a separate video camera anymore.  Ours is just taking up space at this point.

Lastly, on the unofficial Friday Five list that I have come up with for today, my beautiful new material that I got from Branson.  There were quilt shops galore in that place and we made it into one.  I wasn’t there so much for the quilts, although they were quite impressive, I was there to drool over all of the fabrics.  I came home with 8 yards of soon to be dresses, and the quality of this stuff is wonderful.  Even after washing it out, it looks great and that is even without a proper ironing.  Yesterday while at my local Walmart, I bought a couple of zippers and such so if time permits today, I will be getting started on something new.  I can’t wait!

New Material Happiness

There you have it, a small run down of the best parts of my week.  As my photo above shows, Yuki may have enjoyed the extra fleece material that was around the house on pajama day the most.  What was the highlight of your week?

Antique Store Browsing in Branson, Missouri

vintage market Branson MO

Hi, everyone!  It is Thursday and therefore time for me to tell you all about what it is that I am wearing that has been thrifted.  However, today, I am doing things a bit differently.  I am going back to our recent trip to Branson and writing about some of the vintage markets we browsed through.

vintage market 2

Vintage markets are something that I have to be in the mood for.  Even though they aren’t very hard to find, it is not everyday that I take a stroll through those Antique Malls.  To tell you the truth, when I do make my way into one, I really never find anything I just have to have.  In my experience, most items that I come across are either overpriced or not really antique/vintage.  One thing I noticed while we were in Branson was that there were plenty of stores fitting this description, and we just had to stop into a few of them.

vintage market hubcap

vintage market lanterns

vintage market locks

I would say the stores we visited had very similar items: lots of old stuff, plenty of handmade knick-knack crafts, and even a few real antiques.  Also, lots of replica sign art, tacky beer bottle creations, and useless decorations made out of wood.

Clearly, she needs to lay off of the coffee.

Clearly, she needs to lay off of the coffee.

Grumpy Bichon nightlight, anyone?

Grumpy Bichon nightlight, anyone?

What we came home with was not anything for me to wear, no new-to-me piece of jewelry, or even a beer can wind chime; but instead, a shiny new, made-to-look-old sign for my boy’s room.

vintage market car sign

Not that there weren’t things that I would have liked to have had, there were a few.  An old knitted cardigan caught my eye, and even a few wall decorations, but we have a small problem when we travel lately.  This small problem is a small car that can’t hold much more then what we left the house with.  And there was still more shopping to do…

Vintage market small car

Anyone else have luck finding treasures in Antique Malls?  Maybe one day I will find something fantastic, until then, I will keep thrifting, but probably mostly for clothes.

All Caught Up

TN state line photo

It sometimes takes me a little bit of time to get into the swing of everyday life after a week away.  This is especially true when there are two weeks worth of school work to do in addition to everything else that goes on in my everyday life.  I am happy to say as of this weekend, I am all caught up, and my blogging life can resume.

Last week was all about school books and school work.  There was also lots of laundry, but that never goes away and as I write this now, I am still in the middle of it.  Not a lot of excitement unless you would consider two dance aerobics classes exciting.  I actually do find things like that a lot of fun, so I guess you could say that was my bit of excitement for last week.

This weekend was great.  Of course besides the cold weather and the all day rain on Sunday.  We got to see everyone we missed from being away the last week, and on Sunday spent some time at the cabin bottling wine.  Well, this is what I did.  My guy and the boy were out in the rain moving deer stands and finding their next hunting locale.  After all of this was done, it was off to Jackson for a very late lunch or early dinner, and a little bit of shopping.  Nothing for me this time – I am making my own clothes lately – but both of the guys in my life were in serious need of some jeans.  I am very happy to say we found exactly what we were looking for and even a couple of extras.  My luck with shopping for them recently has not been good at all.

Now, it is time that I get ready for the week ahead.  I have big plans for this one.  Of course there is always school, but this is the week I am starting with a different gym routine.  I have been trying to get into more serious weight training, but with all that has been going on around here it has been hard to be consistent with my schedule.  I don’t have anything holding me back now, everything is caught up and it is time to start seriously working on some personal goals.  I see plenty of changes coming with that part of my life and I am really looking forward to it.

Also, I got that new camera I have been waiting for and it should be arriving at my doorstep any day now.  This will take a little time to learn, but there is always automatic mode until I get it figured out.  I am very, very excited about this!  I will probably even start taking that photo a day of my boy that I have been wanting to do.  Enough time has passed since I told him I wanted to do it, and he says he is up for it.  Oh, the photos I will get to take!  (Not that I haven’t been taking more than enough without a super-duper camera.)

Okay, that is enough from me for now.  I could probably go on and on, and on and on, but I will end it here.  Until next time…  I’ve got plenty of posts to come.