Time to Unwind

2015 Mustang

To say I have been busy, is an understatement.  Whew, it has been non-stop the last several days.  I’ve been traveling, schooling, cooking, cleaning, working out, you name it!  I had to leave the kitchen a mess this evening though, so that I could sit down and relax a little while typing away here on the blog.  It’s wonderful stress relief for me!  If only I had a little more time, I’d start a new dress or something – also a nice way to unwind.  But, no, I have just enough time to check in here, and then back to that mess in the kitchen from dinner.

I am happy to report that we have had a couple of days of warmer weather lately.  Unfortunately, several of these days were filled with rain.  Sunday and today in particular.  One more day and then we’ll be back to cold again.  They are even calling for snow and ice on Thursday.  Oh, wonderful!  (In the most sarcastic tone possible.)  The day I start seeing spring is going to be a wonderful one.  I will make sure and take a picture of it.  I am going to take a picture of spring, hm?  I am sure I will know it when I see it.

Aside from all of the boring everyday stuff that sometimes keeps me busier that I would like, we are car shopping.  This is actually really exciting!  We went Sunday to Nashville to test drive vehicles.  It would have been better had it NOT been raining, but now we also know how well those windshield wipers will handle, and you gotta know all about those around here.  We narrowed it down to the car – well not the actual specific car that we will be driving home, but the make and model of it at least.  The picture above is of a Mustang, don’t be fooled by it, because it will not be the car we are getting.  I just thought it was pretty there in the showroom, and those wheels were so shiny, plus it was convenient for my photo-a-day requirement.  :-)

Hopefully, soon there will be a new addition to the family – an addition of the four-wheeled type.  Until then, my guy is researching all he can in his free time, as I’m catching up on the day’s work while daydreaming about making dresses, blogging, and driving a soon to be new car in my free time.

That is all from me for now.  Have a great night everyone!


The Thursday Thrift // February

thrifted fashion

Let’s just pretend it is Thursday, alright?  I had the busiest day that I have had in the last couple of weeks yesterday.  There was so much going on and my time at home was very scarce; therefore, I have a belated Thursday Thrift post for you all today, Friday.

So how is everyone doing?  Has it gotten any warmer where you are?  Not really over here.  Today is very windy and cold, but sunny.  I think I would take a cloudy, warmer day at this point though.  So yesterday, Thursday, when I wore my thrifty item of the month, it was cold too.  I picked the brown velvet skirt that you see because: (1) It is velvet, and what better time to wear velvet than on a cold winter day, and (2) I didn’t think that it had been on the blog before, except for maybe a Skirtember round-up post.

I kept warm with layers on top, and thick warm tights.  I threw on my warmest pair of boots and I was all set to make my way out and about.  I don’t wear this skirt very much at all.  In fact, lately, I haven’t even been wearing skirts!  My outfits have mostly been dresses these days – or an occasional pair of jeans when I have something outside to do – so it was a nice change to be wearing something a little different.  I did notice a few spots on the skirt that will need a quick repair after having worn it.  Some of the back lace stitching has come off and one of the front sequined threads pulled as I was leaving the house.  But still, it is a pretty skirt and I will get more wear out of it yet.  It was one that remained after my closet clean out last week.  Not sure when it will get worn again, but it’s sticking around.

How about you, do you have any particular, thrifted outfit post on your blog from the month?  Leave me a comment or a link, and I will gladly check it out.  Now, on with March!  Hopefully I will have something more spring-like to show next time.  Until then, happy thrifting!


Back to Normal… Mostly

icy birdhouse

Last week was cold and way too icy for me.  I didn’t leave the house until Thursday and then more weather struck again on Friday.  After all of that ice on top of ice, the temperature raised just enough, and we got buckets of rain come Saturday.  Fields got flooded, mud was everywhere, and I have had enough of this winter as of Friday afternoon around 4:15 p.m.  Spring, where are you?  I am anxiously awaiting those beautiful soft petals of yellow and white to start showing themselves through the landscape of leaves and brown.  I am tired of this cold!

As I write this now, there is even more weather on its way from the south.  It is dry as can be here at my house, but a little more than 25 miles away, my friends are eating snow-cream and possibly contemplating how many snowballs they can make once the day breaks.  I am hoping nothing comes of it where I am, because then it would just be another reminder of how cold this winter has been.

Well, enough of that.  My mood was partly what has kept me away from the blog longer than usual.  I was worried I would spend the whole post complaining about the weather, so I haven’t been around.  Guess I didn’t stay away long enough, because that is what this post turned into; a nice big complaint.  Sorry, guys.  But my birdhouse looked pretty cool with icicles hanging off of it.  Hopefully soon there will be a mama bird and some eggs inside.

Well, I am off for the night.  I must go sort out my thrifted item for tomorrow’s post.  I had the whole month of February to come up with an outfit, and here I am waiting until the last minute.  I have a few things in mind, let’s just hope I am able to make it outside in the morning to get a couple of pictures.  Until then, stay warm, everyone.


There’s Ice Out There…


How many posts about the weather have you read this week?  Well, here is mine.  It got cold on Sunday, and with that cold could have come snow, but instead there was freezing rain and ice.  I woke up Monday morning to a nice white covered yard, but once I stepped outside into it and felt that stinging feeling of rainy ice, I knew it was not gonna be a snowy, winter wonderland, but instead an icy dangerous mess.  It was a sleety day most of Monday and as pretty as it looks now, the icy landscape doesn’t make me happy one bit.

The only nice thing that has come of it is how neat everything looks glistening in the sun – which did come out yesterday.  The temperatures weren’t enough to make any difference as getting out of the house goes.  I am pretty much trapped.  I could leave, but I would rather not.  The driveway and road all look like a sheet of ice and honestly, I don’t know how my guy has made it out the last two days.  He just called me and I guess he almost didn’t make it out of the neighborhood today.  I would roll into the kudzu, I am sure.  My driving in inclement weather has come to an end thanks to a wreck on ice many years back.  I would just rather not risk it.  This  cabin fever is just gonna have to linger a few more days.  The thought of not being able to leave makes it much worse than it really is.


School goes on as normal for us despite everything outside.  We may not be meeting up with our school group, but there is nothing stopping us from doing it here.  No snow days for homeschoolers!  But we have taken more breaks than normal so the boy can go outside to eat ice, slide down the hill, and walk the dog.  We’ve had a couple of very long school days this week.

I wish I had some motivation to be crafty.  It would be a nice way to pass the time.  There has also been no working out this week, and I am not taking it well.  I settled on doing some pull ups here at the house yesterday and somehow managed to pull something in my neck.  I’ve never been able to do pull ups (until that one time I was doing P90X, but that was years ago), so imagine my surprise when I did one on the first try yesterday.  I only did one without help, and it was enough to strain something in my neck.  I feel it today.  I am thinking I should get the weights out and do something here at the house, but I am lacking motivation for that as well.  I haven’t gone more than a couple of days without working out since last November.  I need to do something, but nothing sounds good.

Ah, winter, you’ve got me.  My bad mood and I are ready for spring now.  Guess I will just keep myself busy online window shopping and doing laundry.  Maybe all of that clothes to put away will help give me an idea of something else to do…  Stay warm, everyone!

Nothing but Time

retro style clock dress

clock dress

Sew Serendipity Monique dress

But really, time is sometimes the one thing I have the least of.  As far as this dress goes though, it has plenty of it; even if all of the clocks have no hands whatsoever to even indicated what time it would be.  I still like it just fine.  Don’t ask me what time it is when I am wearing it, because I will never know if I leave it up to my dress.

A little bit of time is something that I did have last weekend.  I cut this one out on Saturday night and sewed it up pretty quickly Sunday evening.  The only thing I had left to do was attach the hem band and insert the zipper and I did those Monday after school got done, before I headed to the gym.

It was very easy to pick this contrasting fabric.  I never had it in mind to make something with the two together until I washed the material.  When I folded them and stacked them on top of each other, it was an instant match.  I very much like how the contrast came out, and I have plenty of the band fabric left to make myself a different dress.  (I already have one in mind.)

I have stepped away from my usual geometric printed material the last couple of makes, and I quite like what I am coming across.  Balloons and clocks have made a couple of nice additions to my dress collection.  And this color combination just happens to be one of my favorites.  I even have my eye on a few more non-geometric, patterned pieces of fabric.  Now, to just find a little more time to make something else…

homemade retro style dress

Details:  dress pattern – Sew Serendipity || clock fabric – Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements || band material – a gift || shoes – Jacobies (zulily.com)

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I’d love to hear what you think.  And since I have already made this dress many times before, I left out any details about the actual making of it.  If you are interested to see any of the others, click on the Sew Serendipity tag below for a list of the archives.