Antique Store Browsing in Branson, Missouri

vintage market Branson MO

Hi, everyone!  It is Thursday and therefore time for me to tell you all about what it is that I am wearing that has been thrifted.  However, today, I am doing things a bit differently.  I am going back to our recent trip to Branson and writing about some of the vintage markets we browsed through.

vintage market 2

Vintage markets are something that I have to be in the mood for.  Even though they aren’t very hard to find, it is not everyday that I take a stroll through those Antique Malls.  To tell you the truth, when I do make my way into one, I really never find anything I just have to have.  In my experience, most items that I come across are either overpriced or not really antique/vintage.  One thing I noticed while we were in Branson was that there were plenty of stores fitting this description, and we just had to stop into a few of them.

vintage market hubcap

vintage market lanterns

vintage market locks

I would say the stores we visited had very similar items: lots of old stuff, plenty of handmade knick-knack crafts, and even a few real antiques.  Also, lots of replica sign art, tacky beer bottle creations, and useless decorations made out of wood.

Clearly, she needs to lay off of the coffee.

Clearly, she needs to lay off of the coffee.

Grumpy Bichon nightlight, anyone?

Grumpy Bichon nightlight, anyone?

What we came home with was not anything for me to wear, no new-to-me piece of jewelry, or even a beer can wind chime; but instead, a shiny new, made-to-look-old sign for my boy’s room.

vintage market car sign

Not that there weren’t things that I would have liked to have had, there were a few.  An old knitted cardigan caught my eye, and even a few wall decorations, but we have a small problem when we travel lately.  This small problem is a small car that can’t hold much more then what we left the house with.  And there was still more shopping to do…

Vintage market small car

Anyone else have luck finding treasures in Antique Malls?  Maybe one day I will find something fantastic, until then, I will keep thrifting, but probably mostly for clothes.

All Caught Up

TN state line photo

It sometimes takes me a little bit of time to get into the swing of everyday life after a week away.  This is especially true when there are two weeks worth of school work to do in addition to everything else that goes on in my everyday life.  I am happy to say as of this weekend, I am all caught up, and my blogging life can resume.

Last week was all about school books and school work.  There was also lots of laundry, but that never goes away and as I write this now, I am still in the middle of it.  Not a lot of excitement unless you would consider two dance aerobics classes exciting.  I actually do find things like that a lot of fun, so I guess you could say that was my bit of excitement for last week.

This weekend was great.  Of course besides the cold weather and the all day rain on Sunday.  We got to see everyone we missed from being away the last week, and on Sunday spent some time at the cabin bottling wine.  Well, this is what I did.  My guy and the boy were out in the rain moving deer stands and finding their next hunting locale.  After all of this was done, it was off to Jackson for a very late lunch or early dinner, and a little bit of shopping.  Nothing for me this time – I am making my own clothes lately – but both of the guys in my life were in serious need of some jeans.  I am very happy to say we found exactly what we were looking for and even a couple of extras.  My luck with shopping for them recently has not been good at all.

Now, it is time that I get ready for the week ahead.  I have big plans for this one.  Of course there is always school, but this is the week I am starting with a different gym routine.  I have been trying to get into more serious weight training, but with all that has been going on around here it has been hard to be consistent with my schedule.  I don’t have anything holding me back now, everything is caught up and it is time to start seriously working on some personal goals.  I see plenty of changes coming with that part of my life and I am really looking forward to it.

Also, I got that new camera I have been waiting for and it should be arriving at my doorstep any day now.  This will take a little time to learn, but there is always automatic mode until I get it figured out.  I am very, very excited about this!  I will probably even start taking that photo a day of my boy that I have been wanting to do.  Enough time has passed since I told him I wanted to do it, and he says he is up for it.  Oh, the photos I will get to take!  (Not that I haven’t been taking more than enough without a super-duper camera.)

Okay, that is enough from me for now.  I could probably go on and on, and on and on, but I will end it here.  Until next time…  I’ve got plenty of posts to come.

Daily Photo Challenge: Part 3

Hello, all you in blog land!  How is the week going thus far?  I know it is just barely getting started, but already I feel like I have done so much.  For any who didn’t already know (my friends and family already did), I have been out of town for the last week.  We spent a nice relaxing vacation week in Branson, and it was wonderful!  Even on vacation, I kept up with the last of my Instagram photo challenge though, and here I am today to post the rest of it.

I will have some to say about last week’s trip, no doubt, but not just yet.  I need to get all of those pictures off of my camera and onto the computer first.  Plus, we dove into schoolwork first thing this morning and that is all I have been doing today.  My vacation reminiscing will be a few days away still.

Back to the photo challenge for today.  I enjoyed this so much, I have already started another one.  It doesn’t take much to talk me into challenges that involve photography it would seem.  My niece was the one who gave me the idea for the first one, and when it was over, she decided to start another one the next day.  I was all in, of course, and a bit premature of having my new camera, but that is alright with me.

Here you go, the last of my first Instagram photo challenge, day 25-30, in no particular order:

Just like the other galleries I have posted like this, if you are not viewing from an email post, you can click the photos to get a better look. 

That is all I have for today.  Expect a nice, big photo post again soon all about our trip to Branson.  I am going to get started on it asap…

The Thursday Thrift // A Lovely Find

vintage black dress

vintage style dress

When my mom came across this dress while out estate shopping, she was right in thinking that I would like it.  I do!  It is beautiful and has such great, subtle details.  The sheer black over the light green; the princess seaming; plus the ruffled, full skirt – it’s a new favorite that will get worn plenty.  I have a little bit of work to do with it though before it becomes one of my regulars.  My mom mentioned when she sent it to me that the straps would probably be a little big.  She was right, they are a little on the loose side but mostly because they are very stretchy.  She had a great idea, stitch a strip of ribbon to the underside to stop the stretch.  I think that will do a fine job.

A lovely Find - dress

I have just added ribbon to my ever-growing shopping list.  And, unfortunately, another item to my to-be-fixed pile; however, I think I will place this one on the top of the pile, it’s too pretty not to.

I am happy that it matches this black sweater as well.  Not that I don’t have plenty of things that match a black sweater, but this is one of my nicer ones and it has some green detailing along the edges.  Thanks, mom!  You’ve got great taste, and you know just what I’d like when it comes to pretty black dresses.

Anything thrifted in your outfit posts today?  Leave me a link, I’d love to see what you have come across.  To become a regular Thursday Thrifter, check out the details here.  Until next time, happy thrifting!

sheer vintage dress

Details:  Dress – Elana Kattan (thrifted) || Sweater – Vera Wang (clearance) || Shoes – Doc Martens || Necklace – Gap

Daily Photo Challenge: Part Two

This month long photo challenge is probably going to be a three parter as far as blog posts go.  I started in the middle of last month so it will be running over into November some.  I also don’t want to do one big, overwhelming photo post, so a few more here, and a few more there should work out just fine for everyone.

This week’s photos are from day 18 to day 24.  Also, I noticed a couple that I didn’t add to the last post, so they are here as well.  I hope you all like them, even if they are only iPhone photos.  I am loving the new iPhone camera, still, and I really like this tiled gallery that WordPress has.

I’ll be back with one more post like this soon.  Until then, part two, in no particular order: