Week Three of Me-Made-May 2015

Good Monday morning to you all!  And specifically, a good Me-Made, Monday morning.  Nothing new is coming out of my sewing room just yet, but I am getting close.  I have a pattern cut out and the material is lying out waiting to be cut, and soon I should have something new up here.  But today, I am recapping my last week in outfits, so no need to worry about what I haven’t made recently.  I had a couple of repeats from the weeks before, and I realized that my homemade skirt collection is pretty scarce.  At one time that was almost all that I had in the homemade department, skirts.  I guess I have gotten rid of more than I thought.  Anyway, let me get on with the outfits…


Monday, May 18th:  The Marilyn Full of Marbles dress.  I wore this to spend the day in Nashville.  The boy had a dentist appointment and I had a little bit of shopping to do.  The dress is comfortable, and since I didn’t add the bottom hem band, maybe a little shorter than the dresses I have been making recently.  It has a very full skirt, but luckily it was only rainy and not so much windy this particular day.

IMG_0416Tuesday, May 19th:  This modified skirt that I found at a yard sale.  Not exactly me-made, but me-modified, it counts.  I had to seam rip it some when I got it, then take it in, and redo the waistband.  I put some work into it; therefore, it is perfectly acceptable for me to include it.


Wednesday, May 20th:  A necklace that I made.  This, I know, is not an outfit, but it was my me-made item for the day.  It was a very busy day of grading, testing, and studying for the boy and me.  I pretty much sat at the school table all day long, so I didn’t put any effort into picking out what to wear.  I wore house clothes for most the day and then changed into gym clothes for the evening.  It happens sometimes.  You know what else happens sometimes?  Really bad selfies.  All iPhone photos this week, once again, I am afraid.


Thursday, May 21st:  The blue velveteen skirt that is a repeat from week 1.  You know what happened for a couple of days this week?  It got cool.  I took the opportunity to wear this skirt again.  I could have even put on a pair of tights, but I didn’t spend much time outside so I didn’t bother.

IMG_0498 Friday, May 22nd:  I wore this skirt that was quite a bit longer when you saw it last for week 1.  I thought about it, and since I have several long black skirts, I took the scissors to it and chopped it off.  I like it much better like this.  I have a feeling I will be wearing it a lot more now.

IMG_0510 Saturday, May 23rd:  The Firecracker dress.  I have been looking forward to wearing this dress without long sleeves underneath, or a sweater over it.  Today was the day.  I think it is a fine warmer weather dress, even with the darker colors.  This pattern is the same as the one I wore on Monday; a favorite of mine that is for sure.

IMG_0540 Sunday, May 24th: Lastly for this week, the skirt you see that I am wearing here.  I spent the first part of the day in a tank top and shorts, then after getting cleaned up from yard work, it was this outfit for a trip into town and out to the family cabin.  I love the way this skirt looks.  The material too is a little different than my usual.  It must be some type of polyester, and the way the hem hangs is just lovely.  It is easy to dress it up with a nicer shirt, but I was going for a casual look here.

There you have it, week three documented into the Me-Made-May archives.  Thank you all for following along with this monthly challenge, and I will be back once more for the last of my home-made fashion show.

For a look back:  Week One || Week Two


Since It’s Friday

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have time to spend on the blog today.  In fact, I started this post last night then decided adding pictures was going to take me longer than I wanted since it was late and I was ready to call it a night.  I made some time now, and happily got it finished.

So, how was everybody’s week?  Mine was pretty hectic, and I spent a good part of today thinking it was Thursday, so that messed me up some.  My regular schedule this week was a little disorganized, and that I am sure had something to do with how I felt about today.  It is in fact Friday, so I will just have to take care of the things that didn’t get done today, this weekend.  I can deal with that.

Instead of telling you all about our last official week of school (it wasn’t real exciting, and I doubt you all wanna hear about how many papers I had to grade, and how many tests I had to remind my boy to study for), I am gonna do a nice little high five for Friday post, since it’s been awhile since I have.  In no particular order, five things that made me happy this week:


1.  Traveling.  I got a bit of a break from school this week in the form of driving.  I wouldn’t have always thought of driving as a break, but lately my traveling days are far fewer than they used to be.  The boy and I went to Nashville for the afternoon on Monday, and it was nice not having to be surrounded by school books and papers.  Which is how we pretty much spent the rest of the week.


2.  Rain.  Finding this on my list of favorites will not always happen, especially when it sometimes rains enough here to make me depressed.  But, it had been three weeks, if not more, since it last rained at my place, and everything was starting to need it.  There is a reason the saying goes, when it rains it pours, because that is literally what happened.  About four days of rain, including several downpours, and now everything needs to be mowed and weeded again.  But that’s fine by me.  It was getting pretty dry.

3.  Friends and family.  This makes its way up here pretty often, I know, but it is always a wonderful thing to get to spend time with those that I love.  In fact, I spent a good part of today with some friends.  It was about time for me to get to see that little baby that I mentioned several weeks back.  Spending time around a sleeping newborn isn’t a bad way to spend a day, I will say.

4.  Finding a deal.  This week I found myself a new wine label provider.  Actually, they found me.  I might write more about this another time, possibly on that wine blog that is currently under construction, but for now, all I will say is that the cost was cheaper than the site I usually use, the quality is as good as if not better than, and the ordering options where wonderful.  Here is a little preview for my most recently bottled wine.  And they even threw in a couple extra, not that that will do any good since we are already down a couple bottles.  Quality control is a must, you know.


5.  And lastly for today, it is not Thursday, it is Friday, and the weekend can soon begin, I mean the three-day weekend can soon begin.  The boy and I are oh so very close to being done with the last of work and grading, so all that will be left are the things that we need to have for our end of the school year party.  How can that even be considered work?  Looks like it will mostly be fun from here on.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to come back on Monday and see week 3 of Me Made May.


Week Two of Me-Made-May 2015

Another Monday, another half of another month gone.  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was great.  I stayed close to home, and we finally got some much needed rain around here.  I was almost about to complain about our recent lack thereof, but decided against it.

Week two of Me-Made-May has gone very well.  In fact, the whole half of the month has gone great for me.  I was a little nervous that wearing something me-made everyday would be a harder task than I thought.  Not that I don’t have enough things in my closet that I have made, but that I don’t have enough everyday articles of clothing that I have made, such as shirts and more casual items.  It’s turned out to not be a problem at all because I don’t usually wear everyday, casual items to begin with.  I am mostly a dress wearer, regardless of the activities at hand.

Despite this wardrobe gap, I managed to keep it casual.  And here’s what I wore for week two:


Monday, May 11th: I wore this skirt that I made from one of my most used patterns.  I used to wear it a lot, but lately, it only gets worn this time of the year.  It is one of those things that has a sentimental meaning to me, so I don’t think I will ever get rid of it, regardless of how often I don’t wear it.  (Am I the only one with emotional attachments to pieces of clothing?)


Tuesday, May 12th: I wore this skirt that was a failed dress attempt.  I just love it as a skirt, so I am really happy the dress never turned out the way I wanted it to.  I did notice while I was wearing the skirt this day, that the material had ripped away from the side seam.  Noting that a quick run through the sewing machine won’t fix.  The necklace I am wearing is also something that I have made, as are all the necklaces that I am wearing this week.


Wednesday, May 13th: I have a repeat today.  This skirt is just so comfortable and since I only wore it for half the day last week, I decided to get a little more wear out of it before it made its way into the laundry room.  Plus, I was a having a ‘I don’t know what to wear’ moment this morning and it was there hanging up nicely next to a black t-shirt – outfit problem solved.


Thursday, May 14th:  This is one of my newer made dresses and I have only worn it once before.  It came out a little on the shorter side, and what you cannot see are the black cropped leggings that I am wearing with it.  But you can see one of my rose bushes, and it makes for a nice background.


Friday, May 15th:  This was another ‘I don’t know what to wear’ kind of a day.  I had something else in mind, but couldn’t find a shirt that I liked to go with it.  Then I remembered this very full, blue skirt that doesn’t get worn enough.  It matched the gray shirt I already had on, so outfit complete.


Saturday, May 16th:  For this day, I had already picked out my dress the night before.  I ironed it and hung it up, ready to wear when it was time.  Then, when it was time to get ready Saturday morning, the dress didn’t look that good on me.  The sleeves were baggier than I had remembered, and it just had an overall loose looking fit to it.  I was kind of bummed because there I was all ready to go, but now not really.  I picked the best looking black top that I had, and this skirt you see here.  I do love this skirt, and was happy with what I ended up wearing after all.


Sunday, May 17th: Lastly for this week’s round-up, this shift dress that I also like to wear this time of the year.  I ended up wearing it without the sweater and instead a matching t-shirt underneath.  It was hot and muggy Sunday, so longer sleeves weren’t very comfortable.

My pics this week were straight from my phone, so I know the quality is a little less than my usual for outfit photos.  Most days this week I was rushing out the door, so I left the picture taking to my boy and didn’t bother setting up the tripod or the camera.  He did alright, and I only found a couple of silly pics of him on there that he was able to sneak in when I wasn’t paying attention.

Well, that is all from me for this post.  Two more weeks left to go, and I am in the process of making another dress, plus finishing one that I started a couple of months back.  Hopefully I can get them added in on week three.  See you back here next Monday for more of my Me-Made-May.

It’s All Coming to an End…


…the school year that is.  One more week!  My boy was reminding me yesterday how he thought this time last year was way busier than this year.  I don’t agree.  For me it seems one day blends into the next, and there is just so much to do every second of every day.  I am exhausted, and I will be so very happy for this time next week when it will all be done with for several months.

All of that aside, it wasn’t a bad week.  The one I had last week was worse.  We made a nice trip up to Nashville on Sunday, as I mentioned briefly in my last post.  We went to the IMAX theater and then downtown to eat pizza.  It was fun!  And even though we were about 100 miles from home for half of the day, we still found the time to do yard work and bottle wine that evening.


Fourteen more, wait twelve more bottles have been added to the collection of homemade wine.  It was fourteen, but then we opened up a bottle to try it out and ended up liking it so much, we had to have one more.  Last night, my guy was asking if we should open another one, but I reminded him of a different kind that we had in the closet we could try.  So twelve will be the amount we end up labeling.  Nine, or eight, of which will probably end up at home in the closet.  It seems like three gallons of wine doesn’t stick around that long.

Since the school year is almost over, I am starting to think about what I want to do this summer.  Spending days at the pool is the only thing on my boy’s list as of right now, but I am trying to think of some things that I want to do.  No doubt, there will be our annual zoo trip, and then I am hoping for lots of extra time to exercise.


I’m contemplating another go at P90X, or even running a couple of days at the lake.  The only thing I dislike about running outdoors is the fact that it will just be another reason to have to wear sunscreen.  I don’t like sunscreen.  I burn, and I don’t use the chemical stuff, so what I do use is mostly mineral based.  It is thick, and white, and a pain to put on.  Once I get a little bit of a tan going though, I should be fine to start substituting with coconut oil.  But that pretty much makes everything about me look greasy.  It is great for my skin though, so I should stop complaining.  And I should get back on topic, which is what to do this summer…

One other thing that I need to do, maybe not want to do, is some organizing.  We’ve been in our house for almost 8 years, and in that time we have accumulated some stuff.  Lot’s of things have filled up empty spaces and I have more clutter than I would like.  I need to do something about this.  I am thinking to tackle a room a week.  It is doable, and is definitely past needing to be done.


Those couple of things on my list aren’t really in the category of fun – are exercising and cleaning ever fun? – but they are necessary.  I need to spend a little time thinking about some fun things that I want to do.  Making wine and sewing of course are on that list.  I’ve got gardening on there too, which some days is more fun than others.  I guess there’s more things that I still need to come up with.

I will end my thoughts there.  I’ve got this day to get to.  School work, grocery shopping, cooking, etc.  I better get started.  But before I go, what kind of summer activities do you all have planned?  Give me some ideas.


Week One of Me-Made-May 2015

It is Monday, once again, and instead of showing you all my latest and greatest sewing project, I am showing you some of my sewing projects from days past.  (And telling you all way more than you wanted to know about what I did last week.)  There’s this little thing called Me Made May going on in the interweb world this month, and I just so happen to be taking part in it.  Week one has come and gone, and so it’s time to see what I’ve been wearing.

Like I recently said, I have been wanting to do more outfit posts, well, here’s one.  Actually, it’s more than just one, it’s seven days worth of outfits all in a nice little round-up style post.  Plus almost 900 words to go with it.  Enjoy!

You all got a glimpse of day 1, 2, and 3 over here, so next on the list:


Monday, May 4th:  I spent the day close to home and besides school work, I ran a couple of errands.  I wore this outfit for about half of the day because after I did my running around, I made a lunchtime stop at the gym so that I could start the week off with some weights.  After that, there was more school to do, and then the regular around the house stuff, but I was pretty much in gym clothes for the rest of the day.  Once dinner was ready, I made my way back to the gym for a couple of evening classes and called it a night.


Tuesday, May 5th.  It was my traveling school day and I wore my Nothing But Time dress.  Tuesdays are by far my busiest days of the week.  After school it’s home briefly before taking my boy to his piano lesson and then off to the gym for a couple of hours.  Then home for dinner and cleaning up.  Sometimes, I don’t really like Tuesdays, and this Tuesday was not the best.


Wednesday, May 6th.  Today started bright and early for me, and I wore this brightly colored skirt that I made a few years back.  The boy and I left the house before my guy did for work.  We, and our school group, met in the state park for our yearly school pictures before we got started with our regular day.  It was nice to get a little bit of outside time before sitting down to book work and such.  I changed briefly for the gym then back into this for the boy’s gymnastics class.  Another long day, but way better than yesterday.


Thursday, May 7th.  I wore my least favorite outfit of the week and had my least favorite day.  I was not comfortable in this skirt, I don’t really like long skirts as much as I used to.  I am thinking this one will be headed to the sewing room for a bit of a make-over.  About the day, I had shopping to do and when I got to pay, realized my wallet was missing.  Then, the boy and I butted heads for a bit.  I was stuffy from allergies and when we finally got home and my wallet was found, I lay down for about 45 minutes hoping to wake up with the both of us having a better attitude.  It was only slightly better.  I made it to the gym, met my guy there, and worked out some of my stress.  The day did finally end alright.


Friday, May 8th:  I wore my shortened, velvet skirt that I had made years back for breakfast with my dad, and then back to town to get the rest of the stuff I didn’t get yesterday because my wallet was missing.  (By the way, it was found under the seat of my car that was at home, cause I was driving the truck the day before.)  Anyway, I never like going to Walmart, and it’s even worse when you have to go two days in a row.  While I was there, I got my hair trimmed.  This trim of ‘two inches’ ended up being way more than two when it was all said and done.  I am glad I had the lady style it, because I walked out of the salon actually feeling good about how it looked.  I was ready for a bit of a change in the hair department anyway.


Saturday, May 9th: Meet for fellowship and Bible study.  It was nice, relaxing, and wonderful to see and spend the day with great friends.  I can’t complain about anything of this day!  Wore my first make of Simplicity 2444.


Sunday, May 10:  The Red Pineapple dress worn for the day in Nashville.  The three of us had a great time and it was a very relaxing, fun-filled day.  This evening I bottled wine and worked on another 6 gallons that I have going.  As is always the case, I was not ready for Sunday to be over and Monday to begin.  I don’t mind Mondays once they start, but it does always seem they show up too soon.

There you go, what I wore, and a whole week of what I did.  I’ll be back next Monday for week two of Me Made May.