Another End of Another Week


This week was wonderful compared to the last.  One advantage of having a small school, co-op group is that we can pretty much set our schedule, and we do.  So when things come up, this schedule is very easily modified, which is what we did this week.  We gave ourselves one more week of break and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  I was really stressing last week about how and what we were going to do with this one, my boy having no way to hold his pencil and me having no extra time to be teaching and writing his work out for him.  Thankfully, that issue was a non-issue.  By the time we get back  to work, his writing should be back to normal; although, probably just a bit more sloppy than I would like.  I think I can live with that for a few weeks.

In the morning we’re off to the city to get his stitches out.  I am happy they are coming out, but I am not happy with the potentially long morning this may end up being.  In fact, it just may end up being a long day.  I have plenty of running around and about half of a day’s work to get done at home.  But, let me not get to ahead of myself, for now.  I am just gonna sit here typing away on the computer, while leisurely sipping on a drink.  It is late Thursday night as I write this, so my frantic Friday is not here yet.  I am planning on enjoying every last bit of this evening.

I am going to say it again, this week was a great one.  I can’t remember the last time I slept in while on break.  I didn’t even do that during the summer, what was wrong with me?  I am finally caught up on rest, for the time being anyway.  And with an upcoming vacation, I should be wide eyed even longer.  It is a great feeling not to be so tired or overwhelmed.

Besides sleeping in a couple of days, I did do a few other things.  I got that dress made just like I wanted, and I even got to the final stages of my quilt.  I am working on the binding now and once I finish up with a few of the mistakes I came across, it will finally be all done.  I know this should have been done months ago, and probably would have but my group of friends gets visitors form time to time, and we have had several lately.  We have been spending our weekly designated quilting time on crafting of different sorts.  I have a nice new handmade bracelet, and almost have a couple of new potholders.  (I can sew dresses just fine, but when it comes to the easy stuff, I don’t always do so well.  How is that?)


Anyway, that is all that I have to write about for now.  I know it wasn’t much of anything, but I am happy that the week was slow and I still have a bit of time before tomorrow.  Before the relaxing can begin though, I have a little bit more laundry to put away.  Responsibilities first, right?

I’ll be back next week, and I am already working on my Thursday thrift post, so no excuses this time.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

A Completed Simplicity 1418

geometric Simplicity 1418

A nice, big, mid-week good morning to you all!  I am happy today, things are finally getting back to normal over here in my neck of the woods.  The boy’s hand is starting to become more moveable, the week back to school was put on hold, and I have a new dress completed that was ready to wear for last evening’s night out with my guy.  The dress I am taking about is this simple looking Simplicity 1418.  I say simple because I went with the easiest option of the bunch.  The other choices had these great looking back details – that I know I will eventually get around to making – but for this specific project, I wanted something that wouldn’t take that long.

Simplicity 1418

The dress did take three days to make, but three days with a little bit here and a little bit there.  Had I done it all in one sitting, I don’t think it would have taken more than three hours, maybe close to four.  It also helps to make things go a little faster once the tissue pattern has been cut out.  Cutting out all the paper pieces, for me, takes longer than assembling the bodice sometimes.  So next dress will be much quicker.

Simplicity 1418 dress

Everything about this dress is wonderful, except for the straps.  I am starting to notice a pattern with straps such as these, and I now think it has everything to do with me and the shape of my shoulders.  I am guessing here, but so far I can never get straps like this to lie flat.  They always look like they are gaping where the bodice and the strap meet; and try, try, try as I did, I just couldn’t get these to be flat.  This was the only unpicking that I did with this dress, and I did it several times with no luck.  I almost thought that I might have overlooked something, but nope all my dots were lined up exactly, and there was no extra step that I had skipped.  I even tried flipping the straps, just in case, but that was obviously the wrong way, so I did in fact put these things in correctly.  My final thoughts on the matter were to just leave them as they were because, more than likely, I will be wearing a sweater over the dress and if I am not, my hair is long enough to cover those unsightly imperfections.  It’s those little details that sometimes give me the biggest headache.

In the end, I am sure I am the only one noticing this little issue, so it’s all good.  Now, had I put just a bit more thought into cutting the fabric out, I could have done a bit better with the pattern matching.  I am slightly off, but it doesn’t look too bad considering I took no thought for pattern matching at all.  I do absolutely love geometric prints, but they can occasionally make for some hard lining up.  Oh, well, I am not gonna complain about that little detail.  I really like this dress!  I am even about to start another one, but one without those annoying little straps.

You can see my pattern review over here, and my material was from the Michael Miller Graphyx Collection over on  Getting some good pictures of this dress was hard enough, I find white clothing hard to photograph, so my apologies for no photos of the back.  It is a basic straight neck line, and the zipper is nicely concealed on the side.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Has anyone else made this dress?  Let me know what you think.

retro style geometric dress


Daily Photo Challenge – Part One

I have been doing this Instagram daily photo challenge for the last couple of weeks and I have been having a lot of fun with it.  It’s similar to that photo a day challenge I did last year, only this time, it is for one month compared to 365 days, and there is a prompted photo for each day.  I am taking these only with my iPhone so I know the quality and editing could be much better if I were using a regular camera, but it is giving me a nice chance to mess around with the new iPhone’s camera and editing features/favorite apps.

For today, this post is all about the photos I have taken so far.  I know, depending on what social media outlet you follow me, a few you have already seen some of these, but I am making a post about them anyway.  Not everyone is on Instagram.

I take way too many photos every day as it is, but having an assigned one each day makes it that much more fun.  Has anyone else done anything like this?  This one is a breeze compared to that project 365 – which I am actually considering to do once again…

*With this image gallery style post, you can click on an images to get a better look at each one.  You can also follow me on Instagram to see what other everyday photos that I take. 


Fall Break

TN Cotton Field

Friday, already?  I do wish that the week would have gone by a little slower, but I am happy with the break that I had and even happier with the lack of school-related thoughts.  I did for a few minutes today think about what is to come next school week, but then quickly went back to the happy thoughts of today – driving around looking for cotton fields and making a dress.  I thought I had missed out on a cotton field photo op, but there were a few off of the freeway that still hadn’t been harvested.  And as for the dress, it is half way done.  I don’t keep the correct color of zippers on hand and a Friday afternoon trip to Walmart is not worth it.  I can wait until Sunday to have it finished.

I’ve been a little preoccupied with the boy this week, and a little sleep deprived.  Late, restless nights, early mornings, and I never really did get caught up from last Sunday night’s emergency room visit.  Having other things to keep me busy this week has caused me to stay off of the computer, which is a little strange.  I usually spend a good several hours a week online.  I am out of the blog loop and my inbox has more than 300 messages.  I know I could deal with emails on my phone, but I’ve been out of it, like I said.

As for my phone, I am so happy with it.  The camera is great, and I am having a lot of fun messing around with it. In fact my phone camera has been getting more use than my regular camera.  Especially since I am doing that Instagram photo challenge.  I am just over half way done with the 30 day photo challenge, and I am starting to think about doing another one.  My next photo challenge though will have to be with my soon-to-be new camera.  I almost, almost made the drive to Memphis’s Costco this morning to get one, but then thought better of it when I saw that it was available online for the same sale price until the end of November.  Why drive an hour and a half when you can just get one delivered for free?  So soon, hopefully in another month, I will have that nice new camera I have been patiently waiting for.  I am getting excited!

And now, I do need to spend a little bit of time online and do a quick search of  recipes to see what I can come up with for dinner.  I am thinking potato soup, but I don’t even know where to start.  That’s it from me for now, but I’ll be back next week – hopefully with a new dress to write about.  Until then… hooray for Friday, and pretty white cotton fields!

After Sunset


I have a few of these blonde gray hairs showing up here and there, but after Sunday night, I may even have a few more.  First off, Sun-day was wonderful.  We have several friends visiting the area from back in New Mexico, and as is always the case, a big ole cook out was in order.  And big ole cook out it was!  Lots and lots of food, and then the usual after dinner game of volleyball.  The weather was perfect, a beautiful fall day, and there was not a single bead of sweat to be found on my forehead, even in the thick of the game – it was perfect I say!

The children spent most of their time running and tumbling on the front lawn, throwing the football, and playing games.  There were no complaints that I was aware of.  Evening came, a nice fire was lit, and the guitars came out.  All the while the children were still happily enjoying their time hiding and seeking, running and jumping – you know, all those fun things that children do.  It finally got dark enough that outside time was over for the younger of the group, so into the house the children went, leaving the strumming guitars and singing voices to fill the night air without them.  Very soon after this, it all came to a halt.  It was immediately brought to my attention that my boy had just crushed a glass in his hand and stitches were pretty much inevitable.

So, the day was absolutely wonderful, but once the sun went down, my guy, the boy, and I were in for a really long night.  I won’t go into any of the yucky details, but it was my boy’s first emergency experience and mine as well – with my boy that is.  I always knew this day would come, I just figured it would be a broken bone or something like that – he has always been a running motor of a child.  Funny thing is that it wasn’t the football game that got him, it happened while he was sitting down drinking a glass of lemonade, go figure.  He is fine, he’s a tough one.  The gash just missed everything major, but it was right on the fold of his wrist so doing anything with his left hand is not happening for at least a week, he has to keep it braced and immobile.  My boy, unfortunately in this circumstance, is a lefty.  He’s looking at two weeks with stitches.

So his fall break is ruined, and so far mine hasn’t been going that well either.  I have been in no mood to sew up any dresses, everything seems a day behind, and all of those super fun outings that were planned for this week we have had to cancel.  (I sure hope those pelicans come back by Tennessee this time next year.  Maybe one day I’ll get to see them because Friday’s canoe trip is definitely a no go.)

We did get a chance to hang out with a bunch of friends today, so it’s not all that bad.  And, with these friends visiting, there is bound to be a few more days that won’t be boring and dull for my boy.  He is feeling much better pain wise, and I have a feeling we may make something of the week yet.

That  is the 411 with me as of right now.  Only a minor blip in my mothering life.  I told Ethan he can’t go breaking any bones for at least 6 months – I need some time to recover.  I also asked him if I could go ahead and get him that bubble that I have always wished existed, he wasn’t amused.  :-)