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Flowering Greens

I ended last week finding out that something was wrong with my car, so this week was pretty much all about that.  Any type of car trouble is stressful for me, and especially when waiting is involved.  Also, dealing with insurance companies takes the stress level up just a notch.  I am happy to say, I survived it all and so did my car.  It is back home, parked nicely in the garage, and this week ended up better than it began.

It all started on Monday after the tow truck took my car away.  I have watched it leave here on the back of a tow truck once before and both times have made me sad.  This time in addition to sadness, I was a little bit worried.  We had no clue what was wrong with it only that it might possibly be a big deal.  And on top of that, I was a little concerned that perhaps I had paid a bit much to have it towed to Memphis.  “We have road side,” I told the guy, “the insurance company is supposed to pay me back,” he said nothing as he called my credit card number in.  I was pretty much talking to myself.  And now I waited.

Tuesday I got the call with the list of things that were wrong with my car.  I told them to fix the most obvious since that was the main reason it was there after all.  It would be a couple of days, and let me just say getting someone on the phone about any of this was annoying enough.  By the end of the week, the operator at the shop knew who I was immediately.  Okay, so several things need to be fixed, yup, I figured.  It is always that way, isn’t it?

Wednesday, I found out that the insurance was not going to cover the full price of the tow.  I was annoyed but not as annoyed as my guy.  This was when my tear ducts got cleaned out, but this is also a very common reaction for me.  (I cried when I couldn’t find the fruit pectin that time I made jelly.  I also cry every time I watch the Price is Right.  Yeah, I can get emotional.)  Anyway, because of my heightened emotional state, I told my guy I wasn’t going to be able to argue any more money out of the insurance company.  He was gonna have to do it, but this meant we might be looking for a new provider.  I was worried.

Thursday morning, I got a call from my guy telling me that he nicely spoke to the Insurance company, and after telling them that they needed to do better than they had done, he informed me that I could go down and pick up our check for the full amount of the tow.  Yay!  Things were looking up.  My car was ready that day also, and it was just a bit less than I thought is would be.  And since we were going to Memphis, we might as well turn it into a nice night out with dinner and drinks.  It all ended just fine.  Except, I still have a few things to get taken car of with my car, but it is diving and I have some time to find a mechanic and work the repairs out.

Today, so far has been great.  I slept in, woke up to coffee, and started grading papers – I am close to being done.  Then I made it to the gym for perhaps my best lower body work-out yet.  And I don’t really have much else to do the rest of today except finish grading papers and make dinner.  See, it all ended up just fine.  I pretty much knew that it would, I just tend to over think things more than I should.

So that was my week in car trouble, 650 words plus, how was yours?  To those of you who made it the whole way to the end, thanks for reading.

The Thursday Thrift // March

Thrifted fashion

thrifted style

I thought today I would give this sweater a second chance.  I really like it – the colors, the design, and the button-up front – but I am not too keen on the fit.  I have featured this item before, way back when I first started with my Thursday Thrift posts, and that was the last time that it got worn.

As far as sweaters go, for this style, I like them a little more fitted.  I find this one to be a bit on the boxy side, but for some reason I just can’t part with it.  It is also hard for me to match this up with any of my dresses, which is what I most often wear sweaters with.  Obviously it goes well with black, but I just can’t quite get over the fit.

I guess I am still on the fence about it.  Since I like this print so much maybe an upcycle is in order.  I have come across some neat pins over on Pinterest about turning old sweaters into something new.  Perhaps a pair of boot socks… Something to think about.

And now for you, thrifters.  Any outfits you’ve come up with based around thrifty finds?  Let me know.

Field Trips Aplenty

Science Museum fun

This school year has been full of field trips!  Here we are getting close to the end of it all, 8 1/2 more weeks to go, and we have already been on four.  This is a big thing for our little school group.  We put it up there on the priorities list this year compared to years past, and it has been great getting to spend the days out and about with such a wonderful group of children and friends.

Last month was trip number four, and we once again this school year found ourselves in Nashville for the day.  This time we went to the Adventure Science Center.  These kinds of places are lots of fun, plenty of hands on things to do, and even though we’ve all been before, it never disappoints to go again.

Science Museum planets

It is time for us to start thinking of our next group outing and this one is on me.  We set up a nice rotation this year so that every teacher would get her pick at a field trip and it is finally my turn.  When we planned all of this out last July, April seemed so far away, but here we are heading into it like July was only yesterday.  I am not very creative when it comes to deciding things like this, and I want to do something that everyone will enjoy, so I am going with the indoor trampoline park, even though we have done this one before.  Word is that it was the funnest field trip in a long time, and I have no problems making a small group of children very happy once again.

Science Museum boys

If I look into it, I can maybe even find a little something else to go with this day out.  I still have time, so let’s see what I can do…

And That Was Spring Break…

spring break bowling

Already, the week is gone.  Where this break of mine went, I don’t know.  I didn’t have time to do all that I wanted to, and I even still have some papers left to grade.  (I know what I will be doing this weekend… Who am I fooling?  Those won’t get done until first thing Monday.)  But even though it went by way too fast, I did have a wonderful week.  There was no sleeping in though, in fact I was up earlier than normal almost every single day, but not having all that school work made for several nice, leisurely mornings.  There were a couple of naps here and there so I can probably say I got a little more sleep than normal.

I ended up with a more relaxed gym schedule than I originally would have liked, but after a few days I was okay with this.  I had originally meant for the week to be all about extra workouts and more weights, but there were other things that ended up happening.  Such things as bowling, spending time with the boy’s cousins, and having little ones over.  Family and friends beat working out any day so I can’t complain one bit.  Plus, it was supposed to be a break after all.  I did get to sew and there is a new dress in my life.  Maybe I will even have one more finished before the rest of the weekend is over.

And lastly of the things that got done this week, we got rid of our old family car.  But not before letting the boy take her out for a drive.  It was his first time behind the wheel of a car, and I actually wasn’t nervous about this one bit.  It was even my idea.  Luckily, he has had some vehicle experience driving around our family property in a four wheeler so there was that to keep me at ease.  He did well, but now that Bonnie is gone, it will be a while before he gets to drive the new car.  And I haven’t decided yet if he will ever get a go at mine.  I’m kidding of course, because I think I would rather him learn to drive a stick shift in my Mini than in the old truck.

EJ driving

That is all from me for this week.  I’m off to town in a bit.  I have a little more free time before all that school work resumes next week, so maybe I can finish the week off with a little bit of shopping.  I’m once again gonna make a pattern sale at my local Joanne’s and I have a nice sized pattern list; I best be getting it in order because I can’t buy all of the patterns.

That was my week, how was yours?


Spring is in the Air

Simplicity 2373

Finally, it looks like winter is behind us.  I have enjoyed a whole three days of wonderful sunshine and warmth and it doesn’t seem like the cold is coming back around anytime soon.  The rain on the other hand, I know it will be here eventually, but until it does, I am going to enjoy every warm sun ray that I can.

In the mood of spring, I made something ‘springy’.  Well, the style maybe is more spring-like than the actual fabric, but it was a spring style make, nonetheless.  What I have to show you today is from Simplicity 2373.  I chose to make it without the trim details, which at the time seemed fine by me, but now that it is done, I kind of wished that I would have put off making it until I had some thinner ribbon in my stash.

click to see more pattern reviews

click to see more pattern reviews

There was nothing hard about this dress, it was just as it said, easy chic.  I only have one complaint about the pattern, and maybe this was due to personal error, but I read and reread the instructions and still didn’t understand how I was supposed to attach the band facing as described.  I mean I knew how to do it, but by going with the directions, it got sewn on the opposite side of what it should have been.  Like I said, this may have been my mistake of not completely understanding pattern-speak, but I did make a note that this was supposed to be opposite of what was written: attach at the LEFT side instead of the called for RIGHT.  It works fine for me to have it that way instead.  Those very few stitches were my only seam ripping mistake of the entire make.  Not too bad for the first time with this dress.  I also ended up being happy with the zipper and I contemplated doing an invisible one instead of a lapped one, but changed my mind when all of my invisible zippers were the wrong size.  It is a side inserted zipper and those are always my favorite.

Simplicity 2373 for spring

As for appearance, it looks alright, but like I said I wished that I would have added the trim details.  This won’t be a problem to add at a later time, and I am going to plan on doing that as soon as I find the perfect sized lace for it.  I am not 100% in love with this dress though.  I think it would have been better to have used a different type of fabric; a better choice would have been something more flowy.  I pressed the gathered skirt stitches down and I think it helped with the overall look at the front and the back, but it needs a better drape.  I will not be making this dress again out of 100% cotton, I know that for sure.  There is a chance I will make it again though, the straps were the best I’d ever done, so that alone is worth another go.  Plus when a dress fits this well, how can you not make another one, right?

geometric printed dress

Any words of advice from any of you?  Opinions on the perfect colors for spring dresses?  Leave me a comment, I’d love the hear your thoughts.

*Fabric details: Robert Kaufman Night and Day || Pattern – Simplicity 2373

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