Outfit Photos Gone Wrong

Blurry Motion

The sun is refusing to shine most of this month, and I am blaming that for my lack of Thursday Thrift posts.  I was going to have one for you all today, but the rain ruined my plans to get outside and take any pictures (same ole story, I know).  The weather has a way of messing things up for us wanna be fashion bloggers sometimes, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I suppose I could take photos indoors, but I really have no backdrops in here that make for a suitable shot.  These days my house seems to be nothing but clutter and I just about can’t take it anymore.  But that would be another story for another day.  (Don’t worry, I don’t really think I will be blogging about my cluttered house anytime soon… I hope not anyway.)

Apologies for a Thursday Thrift-less December, guys, but I do have a little something for today – a few of the photos that haven’t made the blog, also known as the outtakes.  I dug a little into the archives this morning and found some photos that represent a big chuck of my self photography fails.  It isn’t easy taking pictures of yourself, I know this very well.  You have some good days where more than a few of the photos that end up on the card are not too bad, but in my case, I am lucky to end up with three out of twenty plus that I don’t think make me look too weird.  And I get a lot of photo bombs.

Yuki dog is usually the main culprit.  I don’t know how many of her I have.  Either she’s there in the shot, most often with her backside showing, or she’s just out of sight and I am motioning to her to move – crazy facial expressions included.  I spared you the sight of those, my crazy facial expressions are not something I felt like posting on the inter-webs.  ;-)

Outfit outtakes


And then there is the boy.  It’s as if he waits in the shadows, listening to the self-timer beep, awaiting the perfect moment to spring in front of the camera.  I have way too many of these.  In fact, I started deleting some of them because I have more than enough.

Outfit Outtakes 2

photo bomb outtake 1

photo bomb outtake 2Sometimes I see him coming, and it’s funny, I’m noticing a similar reaction on my part when that happens.

Outfit Outtakes 3

Sorry again, no Thursday Thrift.  I will be back next year though with more tales of my thrifted clothes; so thrifters, don’t give up on my yet.

Should you have anything thrifted up on your blog, feel free to leave me a link in the comments.  I would like to see someone’s outfit posts on this dreary, wet, and rainy day.

An Insta-Week

A nice big, good afternoon to you all.  Or is it already evening?  It has been a LONG day!  In fact I could even say it has been a LONG week.  I’ve been up to my usual, only this week with extra added gym time.  I said I was really going to start a harder and more consistent work out routine, well I have.  More weights, more classes, and less carbs – I am all in.  The one thing I can’t get any more of, unfortunately, is time.  I notice the more I do, the less time I have.  There is nothing that can be done about that, I am afraid.  I really should be getting more sleep, but that is what the weekend is for.  Hooray, it is Friday!

Not a lot of time for some things, but plenty of time to be taking pictures.  I have continued in to another photo challenge via Instagram – I may have already mentioned that – therefore, I have a little bit of my week to show as seen by this photo challenge.  I just love taking pictures!


Last Saturday, my week ended with me being well rested and happy for the thought of sunshine.  The sun peeked out on Saturday and even a little bit on Sunday.  It was wonderful!  I finished photo challenge number two with this selfie.  It was supposed to be a self portrait, but selfies count these days, don’t they?


On to Sunday.  There was going to be a new dress for me that day, but it all changed when I found out that lovely little bird house fabric, there in the center, had a defect in the material right down the center.  My dress plan was ruined, and I didn’t feel like making anything else.  After that I went and tasted all that wine I mentioned earlier in the week.  (Photo theme of the day: inspire.)


Monday was my busiest gym day.  I not only took my regular dance class, but also before that I decided to take a HIIT class.  HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.  I have been reading about it some so when I realized there was one at the gym, I invited a friend and we tried it out.  It took days to get over the soreness!  (Photo theme of the day: hard work.  Let me tell ya, it was even hard work getting up after stretching out when I got home.)


Tuesday was my busiest away from home day.  I was very happy to have this view beside me while driving home that afternoon.  The sunshine and sunsets are very appreciated when days on end have been nothing but rain and clouds.  (Photo theme of the day: up.)


Wednesday was the day that went by the fastest.  School, errands, and no gym.  There was a steak dinner though, and a nice evening reading with the family.  A fast day, but plenty of nice family time.  Extra bonus that my guy did the grilling.  (Photo theme of the day: exercise – mine was of the mental sort.)


Thursday was almost a blur.  So much going on mentally and physically, and after everything of the day an afternoon HIIT class and weight workout.  By last night I was ready to call it quits for the week, but still Friday was left.  There was coffee though, and this yummy stuff was something new to try.  A generous client from my guy’s work gave a few out, and happy day Stephen came home with one.  (Photo theme of the day: empty.)


And today, Friday, one of the busiest days of my week.  No working out, as much as I wanted to go to the gym.  I spent the day finishing up school with the boy, grading papers, cleaning, and cooking.  Then there was a trip to Walmart on a Friday afternoon.  I dislike going to Walmart enough as it us, but much less on a Friday.  We survived it though, and even took a detour through the auto car wash.  It didn’t really clean the car, so looks like I am gonna have to do it myself.  Really, there is a white car under all of that dirt… somewhere.  (Photo theme of the day: circles.)

And now, I am just about ready to call it quits for the day.  I love the busy days but even more I am looking forward to the relaxing weekend.  Maybe I will make a dress, but for sure I have a few things left from today to finish.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


The Sun is Going to Shine, It’s Already a Good Day


Good morning!  I missed out on my mostly regular Friday post, and didn’t want to just leave you all only with posts about dresses, so here is a little catch up on my life last week.  I was a very busy gal these last seven days, and most of my time was spent between teaching school, putting food away, and cooking.  I had several days where all I wanted to do was just sit down and not get up again.  I was literally on my feet the whole day more than I usually am, and boy was I tired come Friday.  I didn’t even find my way to the computer until well into the evening and blogging was not on my mind by then.

I was productive, yes, but a little down just the same.  The reason for this was the awful weather we had last week.  Hardly any sunshine at all and lots and lots of rain.  I can take about two days of that and then it really starts to affect how I feel.  But the sun came out this weekend for a fair amount of time and I am all better mood wise.


My time in the kitchen produced lots of jerky, lots of dinners (in fact, I think we have leftovers for several days into this week), and lots of labeled bottles of wine.  I even found a few minutes between teaching math lessons and slicing meat to get to one item on my mending pile.  There were lots more I did, but these were the major ones.  It was a long week that is for sure.  Now, for the start of this one.  So far, it is going at a much slower pace than the last.  My guys’ hunting Sunday was unsuccessful, which I am kind of happy about because their successful hunts from the week before is part of what kept me so busy.  I am happy to spend a little less time in the kitchen this week.


I got lots of new material and lots of new patterns towards the end of the week, so I got to work on some sewing plans yesterday.  I even started a muslin (practice dress) despite how much I dislike making something for nothing.  I have some nice material that I don’t want to ruin, so I figured it would be a good idea to practice first.  I didn’t get too far into the project though, I guess I wasn’t as motivated to sew as I thought I was.  So instead, I went off to clean my kitchen and taste wine.  I have 9 gallons waiting to be bottled and it was time to see how they are doing.  They are tasting pretty good, much better than when I last sampled them.  My plan is to have them bottled by the end of the year, only a few weeks away, so collecting and cleaning bottles is on my to do list for now.  Forty five bottles is what I am looking at.  FORTY FIVE bottles, that is a lot of wine!

I will finish up today with this.  I’ve got some things to do and unfortunately they are not on the computer.  I am working on learning all about my new camera so I think I will start doing some photo challenge posts up here on the blog, expect to see some of those.  Oh, and speaking of which, I have just completed my second, thirty day photo challenge on Instagram and have already started another – I can’t stop!  Please follow me there if you would like to see my iphone shots throughout the week.  Until next time, have a great one, everybody!

The Tangled Green Dress

retro style dress

First off, I know it is the first Thursday of the month and my post should be all about the wonderful thrifted things that I wear.  Sorry, this post is not about anything like that this week.  I am blaming the weather.  It’s been rainy and dreary FOR DAYS and I haven’t had a chance to get any outfit photos.  So a new Me-Made dress post will have to do for today.

I couldn’t decide whether to call this one Tangled in Green or Scribbled in Green.  I guess since the material was called tangled mosaic, the tangled title would be fine.  (Who names their dresses anyway?  I guess if you are blogging about them, it makes distinguishing them from the others a little easier.  Plus, it’s just fun to give them all a name.)

The Tangled Green Dress bodice view

The Tangled Green dress was an easy make for me.  I only had two yards of this fabric and I had been putting off making anything with it for a while because I already have a dress that is almost this same color exactly.  I bought the material because I liked the look of it, but mostly because it was on sale.  Last week, while browsing fabric, again, I found some more material that I just had to have, but there was only 2 yards available.  What kind of dress could I make with just two yards I thought.  Then I remembered I had this stuff, and it became my two yard trial dress so I will have an idea of what to do with the other two yards of material that I am anxiously awaiting…

Two yards was perfect for what I made.  I didn’t have enough for the arm or neck binding though, but I did have some scraps that did a fine job.  In fact, I just love the way the contrast of the binding looks.  Maybe next time I will be bold and go with a reversed binding and have the contrast on the outside.

The Tangled Green Dress back view

The Tangled Green Dress binding

Now the details about the dress.  I used my modified neck, Simplicity 2444 for the front bodice; my Butterick 5748, modified back bodice; and the skirt portion from Simplicity 1418.  So basically, a version of my first pattern hack here, with a different skirt.  I took away the back seam in the bodice to make it one piece front and back and still went with a side inserted zipper.  When I make my next, I am going to go with an invisible zipper just because I think it will give it a cleaner look.

As far as the fabric and fit go, I had some mixed feelings about these.  The design of the material, I love, but the fabric itself was a little flimsier than I am used to working with for dresses.  It is a little on the thin side.  I could have lined this bodice and not have ended up with much bulk, but there was that little issue of not having a lot of material.  It will do fine as a summer dress.  I think the fit is a bit snugger than my last version and I couldn’t figure out how that happened.  I sewed my seam allowances the same as last time, so I am blaming the fabric, because I know I may be a few pounds over my normal weight, but I also know that my other version of this dress fits just fine.  It isn’t me is what I am saying, so it has to be the material.  ;-)

The Tangled Green Dress 2

Final thoughts, I am very happy with the dress.  The bodice pleats from this pattern are one of my favorites, and the pleats on the skirt are a wonderful finishing touch.  You will see another one of these very soon I am sure, because as soon as I get my next two yards of fabric, I am off to the sewing room.

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Birds of a Feather

retro style dress

feather print dress

retro style

Another dress to show for my occasional Me-Made-Monday, and another Sew Serendipity dress.  This one I am calling the Birds of a Feather dress because that is what the material was called.  The name suits it perfectly.  If you can’t tell, the print looks like colorful feathers, but from afar, it looks kind of like a confetti mess.  I got it in a quilt shop while we were in Branson and the quality of this fabric is wonderful.  I can’t say it enough.  The orange banding, however, is from a fat quarter I found at Walmart.  It is very cheap and flimsy compared to the rest of the dress.  I would not recommend it for anything other than a contrasting strip, if even that.  I was a little disappointed with that part of this creation, but overall, I am highly satisfied with how everything else turned out.

This being dress number four of this pattern for me, I have gotten to where I don’t even need to read the directions.  No mistakes, and no unpicking of the zipper or readjusting of the zipper.  I could almost make this one up with my eyes closed.  Well almost.

Sew Serendipity

a close-up view of this wonderful, printed material – please excuse the wrinkles in the band

I decided to take the side seams in just a bit after it was done to give it a little closer fit, and that made my side band alignment a little off.  Not a mistake, but the band is not lined up now.  Oh, well, I know it was perfect before I messed with it so that is fine by me.

I have already worn the dress and it wasn’t hard to winterize this style.  In fact almost all of my dresses are summery that get worn year round.  All I had to do was add a nice pair of tights, a warm sweater, and some great boots.  Perfect for the day walking downtown in Nashville – in the wind.  Yes, this dress stood up to last week’s very gusty Monday.  It’s a winner for sure!

Details:  Dress – Sew Serendipity, the Monique Dress || Sweater – Arizona Jean Co. || Boots – Simple || Necklace – the Gap || Fabric – from a Branson, MO quilt shop

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