This Week I…

This week I cut my bangs too short.  Have you ever done this?  It is very annoying, and I haven’t made this mistake in quite a long time.  The weather is not making it any better because it has been so hot and humid that the second I walk out the door, I can feel my hair curling up and sticking to my forehead making it seem even worse.  Sorry, no pictures of this.

This week I got tired of cooking dinner, and instead of a home-cooked meal Wednesday night, we went to the local restaurant and had something out.  Usually our out to dinner days happen on the weekend, but I just couldn’t wait.  And again, no pictures.  I don’t take very good food photos.


This week I finally started my part of the baby quilt that my friends and I are all making.  It has probably been a couple of months since I have even seen the blanket, but I am happy to say that I am half way done with my portion of it.

This week I made it to the gym every single day and I’ve been sore every single day after.  I had to miss a couple times last week because of traveling and unexpected trips to nearby cities, but I more than made up for it this week.  (Not a single gym selfie for this one either.)


This week I got to see a real live drone.  In fact it showed up at my front door from Amazon.  My guy and the boy are still figuring it out.  I asked them if I could use it to take aerial outfit photos for my blog.  The boy laughed.


This week I moved on to stage two of my most recent batch of wine.  Also in the wine department, I added 29 more bottles to my wine closet and had to do a little bit of rearranging.  My wine racks are finally getting filled up.


This week I started this year’s blueberry harvest.  Finally those delicious little berries are ready to be picked.  I didn’t keep track of how much I ended up with last year, but I’m sure I will have as much as or even more than I did.  Possibly enough for more wine…

This week I am about as tired as I was last week.  I am ready to call it a day, and I’m sure an early night is in my future.  That being said, have a great weekend, everyone!

cropped pants FI

The Thursday Thrift // June

cropped pants

Hi, everyone!  It is the last Thursday of the month, again.  Let’s talk about my thrifted item of the month, shall we?

I woke up the other morning, got my guy off to work, then went back to bed where I had my usual cup of coffee and internet browsing session, until… “This week is my Thursday Thrift post!”  I might have exclaimed to no one but Yuki, who was snuggled up in bed with me.  “What ever shall I wear?”  I thought aloud.

Then, once my coffee was just about finished, I wandered into my closet – that little room with way too many articles of clothing all over the place – and I reached as high as I could into the bucket of stored clothes that I haven’t managed to go through yet this season.  “How about these?” 

Note: No, there is nothing wrong with the print on these pants above.  They are striped and only look like strange swirly things.  Really, they look more like this picture below.  (This was not the easiest outfit to photograph, by the way.)

cropped pants close up

I bought them at a yard sale several years ago, and they were cheap enough – probably less then a dollar – for me to go ahead and buy even though I knew there was a good chance that I wasn’t gonna wear them.  Cropped pants, you guys, do you know how I feel about cropped pants?  I haven’t yet gotten on board with that whole style, and after wearing them for a bit on this day, I am not sure I ever will.

I like the fabric and the tailored fit, but I just can’t see myself in any way but short when I wear a pair of cropped pants.  (I have no ill feelings towards myself in cropped leggings for working out, which is kind of the same, but without that bottom flare, I guess.  It must be that bottom flare that ruins the look for me.)  I tried to like a different pair last year, but decided that shorts they would become, one day.  These are probably in the same category:  soon to be a pair of shorts.

Now to you, what are your thoughts on this particular style?  I know it has faded out of fashion a little lately, but I am reading that culottes are making a comeback.  Still of the cropped pant variety…


Details:  pants – Star City (thrifted) || shirt – Mudd || shoes – Doc Martens (ebay) || necklace – made-by-me


FI Friday 19th

Last Week in My Life

As you all are well aware, it is not Friday anymore.  It came and went and all I did, blog wise, was title this post and edit a picture.  Then, the power flickered due to some really nice storms that came through Friday afternoon, I lost my internet connection, and my blogging time was no more.  Since I didn’t want to blog from my phone Friday, and I was away from home most of Saturday and Sunday, I have for you today, Monday, a nice little rundown of last week with added iphone photos.  It was a pretty busy week for me.  I felt like I was hardly home, and it all started on Monday.


The boy and I joined my dear friend and the cousins for a trip to Memphis.  It was a hot afternoon, and still my boy chose to wear his flannel shirt and his hat with a pair of jeans.  But what he wore is beside the point.  We went to Memphis specifically to see the National Civil Rights Museum, with a quick trip to the mall and Costco before, because of course we would go to the mall and Costco before.  We don’t live close enough to places such as these, and a proper trip to the city involves a couple of necessary stops.

The museum was great, and bonus it is free to residents on Monday afternoons.  There were quite a few people and it took us a good two hours to make it through the place, and that was at a pretty reasonable pace.  We got a good run through, but could definitely make another trip to catch those things that we walked by or overlooked this time around.

IMG_1056Tuesday, it was another hot one, but this day I spent a good part of it at the lake – once again with my dear friend and some of the cousins.  Since the local pool is closed, we are making due with what we can, and let me tell you this isn’t that bad.  Except for the occasional local color, this place is pretty laid back with not many people around.  My friend does seem to know how to draw a crowd of the younger sort though, with her collection of water toys and jumping things.  :-)

We were out for a good several hours and I came home with my first sunburn of the season.  I used sunscreen and everything, but spending all that time in the water must have washed it off enough to leave me with some pink arms.  Notice I said pink, not red.  I guess that time I have been spending outside has done me some good.  My usual shade at this time of the year is red.


Wednesday, I spent some time in my yard propping up a blueberry bush and fretting over the cicada damage to my bushes.  There wasn’t that much, but I lost several limbs that were full of berries.  Those bugs are gone now, but I am not happy with what they left behind.

That afternoon my guy texted me about his company dinner that he was feeling obliged to attend, but perhaps afterwards we could do something ourselves.  I am always eager to answer in the affirmative when not cooking dinner is involved.  I killed some time while I waited window shopping, or more appropriately ‘mirror’ shopping.  I am wanting to replace what I have in my bathroom and hadn’t had the time to check around to see what I could find.  This was one that caught my eye, but I have a few other places to look before I make the final decision.

Dinner was great, the window shopping was fun, and the unexpected evening out was nice.

Thursday, it was time to do some work at the vineyard.  This day, I fretted over the damage that the Japanese beetles were starting to do.  Oh, how I dislike bugs!  They are awful!  For the most part the vines look fine, but those beetles have got to go.  I found a source for some natural, clay-based spray that is supposed to work.  It got ordered and now we are just waiting for it to show up.  The rest of this afternoon was spent hanging out with friends while they were having a yard sale.


Friday, my dad was out at the family property from New Mexico and he brought me cherries.  Fresh from the tree cherries.  You know what I like to do with sackfuls of fruit these days?  I like to crush them, press them, and make wine from them.  And that is just what happened.


Then, came the weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it.  We made a family trip to Nashville for a nice day out, and I even found some time to bottle 6 gallons of wine.  I am always sad that the time has to go so fast, but it is Monday now, so time for this week to progress on.  I have more plans to be at the lake, more plans to be working in the yard, and more to do with all that wine.  No doubt, it will be another busy one.

How was your week/weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?

featured image

As Pretty as a Weed Can Be

retro style dress

Who says weeds aren’t pretty though?  Not me.  Some of my favorite flowers are actually considered weeds to others:  Queen Anne’s Lace, passion flower, and thistles, just to name a few.  Today’s post isn’t about weeds though, it’s about this dress that has this wonderful weed-like print all over it.  I could say flower print, I know, because isn’t that another name for weeds, wildflowers?

Simplicity 2444

I fell in love with the fabric when I first saw it.  The print reminds me of dandelions or even a variety of Queen Anne’s Lace.   I bought a couple of yards and it made for a nice summer version of a Simplicity 2444.  I just can’t get enough dresses from this pattern in my wardrobe, and I’ve finally got this one down so I was able to make it without any instructions.  I did have to glance at the part pertaining to the pleats once, because I wanted to make sure I got the folds on the correct side of the fabric.  I have messed that part up on previous dresses not once, but twice.  I didn’t want to add a third mess up to my collection.

simplicity 2444

My last couple of makes from this pattern were both with the back part of the bodice from a different dress, but for this one, I wanted to have another try at the original back.  I measured it up to the Blown Away dress that I had made several months ago, and cut off about half an inch from the back center seam.  It matched up perfectly with the other one so I was pretty sure it would fit just fine when it was all done.  I was right.  (Please excuse the back wrinkles. I almost didn’t use this photo; it is so hard to take a back picture of the dresses that I make without them looking like the fit is off.  I can assure you, the fit is fine, I am just standing weird.)  I also took out the center front seam on the skirt, and cut the front skirt part out on the fold.  I like it much better without that seam running down the middle.

retro style fit and flare dress

That is all I have to say about this dress.  I would have loved to have worn it somewhere out for the day and have had more of a story to tell, but I am afraid it’s just dress details for this post.  It was so hot outside while taking these pictures that once I was done I came in, changed, and got ready to go to the lake.  I feel much better now after spending the last couple of hours lounging in the water.  The story of the day out in my new dress will have to wait for another time.

Details:  Dress – Simplicity 2444 || Fabric – Art Gallery, Cleta Riding Diary Burst from || Shoes – Candies || Belt- thrifted

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When You Are Your Own Photographer

I may not be the best photographer, but I am my own photographer, and considering, I would say I’m not doing too bad of a job.  This didn’t happen over night, let me tell you.  I have had a big hand in filling up the hard drive with my photos, many of which are almost too embarrassing to even have kept.  But I keep them for posts such as these when I need to look back and see how far I have come as far as my so-called, self-photography skills go. I’ve recently come across some helpful tips while browsing Pinterest that immediately struck a chord with me.  Many of these helpful hints, I have already figured out myself due to trial and error, but I thought today I would give you all some helpful hints in case you, like me, are a struggling artist of the self-photographic type. camera remote Tip 1:  Get yourself a camera remote.  This was one of the first things I got when I started taking outfit photos of myself.  I found mine on ebay, and it was an import from China.  Maybe not the best quality, but it only cost me a couple of dollars, and at the time it was a great place to start.  If you are going to continue taking outfit photos of yourself, might I suggest spending a few dollars more and getting one that isn’t the cheapest you can find, because in my experience you get what you pay for. my best sideTip 2:  Learn which side is your good side.  Girls most always have this already figured out.  I know I did.  I learned this years ago because my guy was a photography student, and it didn’t take me long before I realized which side of mine looked the worst in his pictures.  The tricky part is trying not to have all of your pictures look like you are standing exactly the same way.  I have encountered this problem a time, or twenty, myself. thrifted fashion Tip 3:  A smile goes a long way.  This may or may not be relevant to you.  I gave up going for that mysterious look long ago.  Photography student boyfriend, remember?  There are very few photos of me that look okay without a smile.  Once I started smiling in the photos that people would take, I started liking more of my pictures.  Problem solved.  I will most always be smiling in my pictures.  Me and smile-less photos just don’t work. the camera adds ten pounds Tip 4:  Sometimes the camera does add ten pounds, or more.  It is all about the posing.  This will take some practice to get the hang of, but once you get a couple of poses that work for you, you can try and vary them up a little.  And it wouldn’t hurt to practice while in front of a mirror.  I admit, I am not really a posing kind of girl, so this is definitely one of  my self-photography obstacles.  I should take my own advice and get some practice with a mirror in front of me. Whites of the eyes Tip 5:  Don’t let them see the whites of your eyes.  A photo looking off to the side can give a nice feeling to a photo; however, once the whites of the eyes are all you see, it looses that serene, tranquil feeling.  Now, you just look crazy.  I sometimes remedy this with a pair of sunglasses.  They help when it is really hot out, or when I am feeling that I look less than my best.  An added bonus to the sunglasses, no worry of any eye movements or squinting that may end up ruining the picture. have fun edit Tip 6:  Have fun.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.  I feel kind of silly standing in front of a tripod with no one around, taking pictures of myself, but when I think about it, it makes me laugh, which produces a smile, which can make for a pretty nice, almost candid picture. Should you find yourself in front of a tripod with no one around, maybe some of these tips will help you to get that perfect picture for your blog outfit post, or whatever the case may be.  I by all means am no where near where I want to be as a photographer, but I have learned a few things by trial and error, and sure enough, they go with some of what I have read pertaining to the subject at hand.  If you have any tips of your own, please let me know.  I would love your feedback on this one.