Shoe Save Five


I am moving right along in my second Shoe Challenge. It is pretty easy to wear different shoes with the weather being so nice! These are one of my ‘cheap’ shoes. I got them at a box store because they were my size and I tend to only go for wedges. They are comfortable, but since they are also cheap, they probably won’t last too long – the cheap shoes never last long!

Last night we went to a company dinner for my guy’s work. An opportunity to get somewhat dressed up (if a cotton v-neck tee-shirt is dressed up) and enjoy a nice dinner. I didn’t want to over do it with the dressing up part, obviously! It was very short notice, so luckily we were able to get a sitter for the boy and we planned to make a night of it. We had a nice time and the food wasn’t bad. We just happened to have eaten at the only bearable Mexican restaurant in West Tennessee – my opinion, of course, because the locals seem to like all of the Mexican restaurants.

It was a fun night!


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