Snow Surprise

This morning we woke up to snow.  I had high hopes that it would snow overnight, but thought that really all I had were hopes, and it would more than likely end up only raining all night long and we would just wake up to another cold and wet day.  I was wrong!  Although it still is very cold and wet – the wind has been blowing and that just makes everything feel much colder – I was happy that we got a dusting of snow.

Why am I happy that it snowed?  Usually when it snows I get to stay home, but I was already staying home so that didn’t make any difference.  My guy still had to drive to work this morning because there wasn’t enough snow to keep him home, so that didn’t make me any happier.  I have more of a mess to clean from the boy and the dog coming in and going out.  I don’t really want to go outside in it, because it is mostly wet snow and since there isn’t very much of it, the yard still has plenty of mud.  It also seems much colder today.  Hm, maybe I am not as happy as I thought I was about it snowing.  I think I just ended up with more to clean!

Oh well, it’s okay because it is pretty, there isn’t enough of it to be dangerous to drive in, and the boy has been eating snowballs all morning long.  Plus Yuki the dog has tired herself out from running and digging in what little snow we have.  Also, I had an excuse to clean out spider webs from another pair of garaged shoes (putting me at save #34), and I didn’t have to worry about them already being covered with dried mud from the last time I wore them.

So, I am still happy it snowed and next time it does, my hopes are for a lot more of it!


A bit about the shoes: Skechers brand.  These are a replacement of a pair I had just like them years ago.  I literally walked the sole to pieces – maybe my one complaint about Skechers.  Several from this brand, in my experience, have ended up split on the sole at the ball of the foot.  This pair is holding up pretty well and they are great for days like today.  Since they were muddy, this also was the best pic I ended up with for my Shoeper Shoe Challenge.

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