What to Wear

What to Wear 2

It isn’t everyday that I stand in my closet and ask myself, what should I wear?  But once in a while, and maybe even more often than I should, I do find myself not sure if this goes with that.  I do have way more black in my wardrobe than I would like and black does go with everything, but what about the clothes that have patterns and I don’t want to wear with black?

When I came across this cardigan at the Goodwill, I thought I had to have it.  (I have a thing for geometric designs.  Also, it is black, tan, and white – maybe the tan is darker than I would have liked, but I do like these colors and the pattern.)  My question now is, what should I wear it with?  I have not worn it yet, and I have even reconsidered why I bought it.  If I won’t be wearing it, I probably shouldn’t keep it around.  I am running out of closet space as it is.

The easiest outfit would be a solid black dress and then matching wouldn’t matter.

I could also go with back, tan, and white all over, but maybe that is too much of the same color scheme.

Perhaps I might be brave and try out the current trend of pattern clashing.  Although, I think one would have to have an eye for this, and I am not so sure that I do.

I think the best choice for today would be to not think too hard about it and go with what feels the most comfortable.

Is there something that you have found at a thrift store you thought you just had to have, until you got home and then maybe thought better of it?  The good thing is, at only a few dollars, bad thrifting decisions aren’t gonna set you back much at all!

|| Cardigan – Apostrophe (thrifted) || Shirt – Sonoma || Jeans – Mossimo Supply Co || Shoes – Doc Martens ||

6 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift: What to Wear”

  1. im the HUGEST fan of mismatching colors, patterns, textures and lengths. i shop local thrifts weekly and always find something to bring home. in fact id probably say my closet consists of mainly thrifted items. but black is not something often stumbled upon in my closet because im color crazy!
    id wear this with a peasant shortt cut skirt (similar to the one im wearing in my ‘thankful’ post) with a tucked in blouse in red or orange. and some cowboy boots. or you could do red leggings or pants. with a longer black tee or blouse and some booties. and definitely red lipstick (=
    fun blog you have!


    1. I am making an effort to pass on the black and go with more color in my wardrobe, thrift stores are a great place to find color! Thanks for the ideas, I will have another outfit off of this cardigan in no time! I am off to check out your page…


  2. If you were feeling like trying out the pattern clashing, you could belt it over something leopard! Keeping things in the same color scheme can help patterns from looking like ‘too much’. Since the sweater is pretty neutral you could also pair it with a colored blouse (maybe in yellow or red). Or I think the black dress idea is awesome too! I like how you toughed it up a bit with the doc martins here. Really cute!


    1. Ooh, leopard! I hadn’t even thought of that. It would be a great excuse to hit the stores as well. 😉 A yellow blouse is another great idea, I am really liking yellow these days. Thanks for stopping by to comment, and these are all wonderful suggestions that I will have to try out.


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