Jumping in a black skirt

Back to school!  Why is this fun you may be wondering (and I may be now asking myself)?  Well, it is what I spend most of my year doing, teaching, and really, I love it!  There can be lots of stress and it is quite time consuming, but it is oh so rewarding.  I am definitely happy to have the name of teacher somewhere in my job description.

That being said, the week has started out well, nothing stressful just yet.  The first week of school is always the best, minimal homework, not many papers to grade, and all those summer memories still fresh in everyone’s heads.  And since I teach from home, for the most part, I still have time to keep up with everything else that I have going on, for right now anyway.

Another thing going on this week, my latest and greatest thrift store find.  Although, it wasn’t from a thrift store, and I didn’t find it, and perhaps it isn’t really my greatest thrifty item, but I found it blog worthy nonetheless.  I should rephrase that a bit then, this week’s thrifty find…

thrifted black skirt|Shirt – S4U (thrifted) | Skirt – thrifted (no tag) | Shoes – Doc Martens | necklace – handmade|

Some of you who are regular readers might just recognize the shirt, it is also thrifted, but this week my focus was on the skirt, another gifted, thrifty item from a dear friend – it is always nice to know people are thinking of you while they are out treasure hunting!  I have had the skirt for a little while but haven’t really worn it.  I thought I didn’t like the way it fit, but after wearing it this time, I have changed my mind.  Plus, I am a fan of the irregular cut and the scalloped hem.  Details, details, but really, I like the little details.  And I tried to get a picture of said details, but with a black skirt, it wasn’t that easy, thanks Photoshop.

So goes another week of The Thursday Thrift into the archives.  I still have a few new-to-me thrift items that have yet to be worn – and plenty that aren’t so new – so don’t forget to stop on by the Thursday after next – or sooner if you want to read about non-thrifted items…  😉

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!  And, yes, I know it technically isn’t Thursday where I am, but once in a while I get ahead of myself!

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