About Last Week…

Winter drive

snow face

Icy windows

As I mentioned before, last week was our spring break.  It would have been nice if it had been more spring-like, but it was a break so it was good.  It started out with snow and ice that lasted for days, and leaving the house Monday was not gonna happen.  My guy ended up home and so it felt like another Sunday.  This just threw the whole week off and made it seem shorter, thus making it go by way too fast.

The weather didn’t cooperate.  It was cold and cloudy almost the whole week.  I spent a good part of it indoors mostly doing some spring cleaning.  The sun came out finally on Friday, and it warmed up from the freezing point to a nice 60-something degrees.  What a jump!  Instead of spending this only warm day out in my yard clearing leaves and looking for bulbs, I headed east to Nashville for a day of shopping and fun at the Adventure Science Center.  So the week wasn’t all spent shivering at home.

I have an easy school week ahead of me for this one, which is a great way to start the last quarter, and we have only nine weeks left before our summer break – the summer countdown has begun!  Since this week will be an easy one, I have plans to finish up what I didn’t get done in the last one.  Another batch of wine and some yard work are already planned.  But now, I have to get ready for an eye doctor appointment… Not my favorite way to start the day, but I am out of contact lenses and I need to upgrade my glasses.  So off I go.

I will leave with a few more photos of shoe saves for the Shoperwoman Shoe Challenge.  Luckily, the sun happened to be shining the two days I had to save some shoes.  And winter weather last week, was right in the middle of the two saves.  It was truly spring-like this weekend, and I hope it stays that way from here on out.

Nine West Suede Boots
Boots – Nine West || Dress – Lily Rose || Sweater – Chaps
Skechers Sandals and a polka dotted dress
Dress – Bisou Bisou || Shirt – Express || Shoes – Skechers

2 Replies to “About Last Week…”

    1. Layering my shirts under dresses is something I might be guilty of doing too much of, but it makes the spring/summer dresses wearable year round, so why not! 😉


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