Velvet and Gray // The Thursday Thrift

grey velvet shirt with grey skirt

antique style necklace

Old Navy grey skirt

Doc Martens in the snow

Just when spring was so close to showing up, it went and got cold again.  And this weird white stuff has been on the ground for the last few days.  Snow, I think, but mostly it is just ice with a little bit of powder on top.

I haven’t left the house expect to start the car on Tuesday for my guy – some of us have to leave home once in a while.  Later in the day, I thought to venture out to get some snow photos and while I was at it, some photos of my thrifty outfit for the week.  I haven’t yet made a thrift shop stop, for myself anyway, since the year began.  I did stop by a local consignment store last week to pick up a dress for a friend.  There were some treasures in there, but it was really gonna be a hunt to find them.  That was the most crammed store I had ever been in.  You really couldn’t walk in any direction without worrying that you would knock something over, and someone did.  It was a relief to me when I found out it wasn’t my boy who had done the damage.  I didn’t have time to browse this particular day, so I will have another shopping trip for another day…

Back to today and what I have thrifted, this grey panne velvet shirt.  I have had it for a long while.  Since it is velvet, I usually only wear it in the winter, and I used to have a dress that I would always wear with it.  I got rid of the dress, so now it hardly gets worn.  It seemed to match this skirt all right, so outfit of the day it was.

When I first moved to Tennessee, I went to an Old Navy in Memphis and found so many of these types of skirts in many different colors and similar styles.  At the time I thought they were gonna be perfect for the new type of summer weather I was about to be experiencing.  I went a bit crazy and got a lot of them.  They were all between $5-&10, so I couldn’t resist.  These skirts I only wear in the summer, but with tights I suppose it passed for today.  It also made me think a little bit about the warmer weather that should be heading our way when I wore it today.

My necklace was a gift from my guy back before we were married.  He found it at an antique store, and I noticed it hanging up as I was going outside.  I don’t wear it often enough either, and it made for a great finishing touch.

I have an urge to get out and do some thrift shopping, but with this cold, staying home sounds much better.  Maybe come $.99 Goodwill Wednesday the sun will be shining and I will feel like leaving the house.

Outfit details:  Shirt – old and thrifted || Skirt – Old Navy || Sweater – Xhiliration || Shoes – Doc Martens || Necklace – vintage

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How about you, does the weather affect your shopping plans?  And what items have you recently thrifted?  Leave me a comment.

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3 Replies to “Velvet and Gray // The Thursday Thrift”

  1. Of course I admire the items you have got via thrift. Awesome. and …thank you for joining our Fashion item Friday, too. I really appreciate it so much. ♥


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