High Five for Friday!

Another long week, and another week that I am happy it’s Friday.  I was out and about more than my usual this week, and I am not done yet.  There are still a few more trips to be made, but at least it’s almost the weekend and I will soon be able to catch up on sleep and have a laid back pace for a few days.

So about this week, I am gonna do something a little differently and post about the five highs of my week; five things that made me happy and that I enjoyed about these last several days.

Boys at the zoo

1.  Getting to see my family was definitely high five worthy.  I haven’t seen some of them for over a year and my nephews and niece aren’t getting any younger, so it was nice to spend a little time with them as they passed through.

2.  A block party hosted by my husband’s work place.  This is turning into something of a yearly event, and even though it isn’t the biggest of parties, a few hours out mingling (if that is what you can call it, I’m anti-social, remember) with friends while enjoying music, free food, and drinks is a fun way to spend a Tuesday night.  And there is always the chance of maybe showing up in next month’s VIP magazine, but probably not this time… We were in there last year and it was kind of funny to find a picture of ourselves in the publication.


3.  My quilt.  Last week it got pinned to the backing, and this week the quilting began.  Two squares complete and I don’t think it will take long at all to finish.  I am only working on it once a week with a group of friends, but now that summer break is almost here, I think weekly meet-ups are gonna be happening more consistently.  I may have it done before the summer is over; that’s my goal at least.

4.  Nashville.  I hadn’t planned on a Nashville trip, and it was very last minute, but sometimes spur of the moment plans end up working out pretty well.

5.  Lastly, this one hasn’t happened yet, but it will be the final high five for my Friday, dinner out with my guy and the boy.  A welcome end to a busy week!  So today, my weekend starts early and I am very much looking forward to it.

And those were the highs of my week.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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2 Replies to “High Five for Friday!”

  1. I love the color scheme of your quilt!! I think maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to attempt a quilt…but today is not that day.


    1. The whole quilting thing was very intimidating to me at first, but once I got going with it, it wasn’t near as hard as I thought it would be. Time consuming though, that’s a big yes!


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