Since It’s Friday

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have time to spend on the blog today.  In fact, I started this post last night then decided adding pictures was going to take me longer than I wanted since it was late and I was ready to call it a night.  I made some time now, and happily got it finished.

So, how was everybody’s week?  Mine was pretty hectic, and I spent a good part of today thinking it was Thursday, so that messed me up some.  My regular schedule this week was a little disorganized, and that I am sure had something to do with how I felt about today.  It is in fact Friday, so I will just have to take care of the things that didn’t get done today, this weekend.  I can deal with that.

Instead of telling you all about our last official week of school (it wasn’t real exciting, and I doubt you all wanna hear about how many papers I had to grade, and how many tests I had to remind my boy to study for), I am gonna do a nice little high five for Friday post, since it’s been awhile since I have.  In no particular order, five things that made me happy this week:


1.  Traveling.  I got a bit of a break from school this week in the form of driving.  I wouldn’t have always thought of driving as a break, but lately my traveling days are far fewer than they used to be.  The boy and I went to Nashville for the afternoon on Monday, and it was nice not having to be surrounded by school books and papers.  Which is how we pretty much spent the rest of the week.


2.  Rain.  Finding this on my list of favorites will not always happen, especially when it sometimes rains enough here to make me depressed.  But, it had been three weeks, if not more, since it last rained at my place, and everything was starting to need it.  There is a reason the saying goes, when it rains it pours, because that is literally what happened.  About four days of rain, including several downpours, and now everything needs to be mowed and weeded again.  But that’s fine by me.  It was getting pretty dry.

3.  Friends and family.  This makes its way up here pretty often, I know, but it is always a wonderful thing to get to spend time with those that I love.  In fact, I spent a good part of today with some friends.  It was about time for me to get to see that little baby that I mentioned several weeks back.  Spending time around a sleeping newborn isn’t a bad way to spend a day, I will say.

4.  Finding a deal.  This week I found myself a new wine label provider.  Actually, they found me.  I might write more about this another time, possibly on that wine blog that is currently under construction, but for now, all I will say is that the cost was cheaper than the site I usually use, the quality is as good as if not better than, and the ordering options where wonderful.  Here is a little preview for my most recently bottled wine.  And they even threw in a couple extra, not that that will do any good since we are already down a couple bottles.  Quality control is a must, you know.


5.  And lastly for today, it is not Thursday, it is Friday, and the weekend can soon begin, I mean the three-day weekend can soon begin.  The boy and I are oh so very close to being done with the last of work and grading, so all that will be left are the things that we need to have for our end of the school year party.  How can that even be considered work?  Looks like it will mostly be fun from here on.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to come back on Monday and see week 3 of Me Made May.


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