Week Three of Me-Made-May 2015

Good Monday morning to you all!  And specifically, a good Me-Made, Monday morning.  Nothing new is coming out of my sewing room just yet, but I am getting close.  I have a pattern cut out and the material is lying out waiting to be cut, and soon I should have something new up here.  But today, I am recapping my last week in outfits, so no need to worry about what I haven’t made recently.  I had a couple of repeats from the weeks before, and I realized that my homemade skirt collection is pretty scarce.  At one time that was almost all that I had in the homemade department, skirts.  I guess I have gotten rid of more than I thought.  Anyway, let me get on with the outfits…


Monday, May 18th:  The Marilyn Full of Marbles dress.  I wore this to spend the day in Nashville.  The boy had a dentist appointment and I had a little bit of shopping to do.  The dress is comfortable, and since I didn’t add the bottom hem band, maybe a little shorter than the dresses I have been making recently.  It has a very full skirt, but luckily it was only rainy and not so much windy this particular day.

IMG_0416Tuesday, May 19th:  This modified skirt that I found at a yard sale.  Not exactly me-made, but me-modified, it counts.  I had to seam rip it some when I got it, then take it in, and redo the waistband.  I put some work into it; therefore, it is perfectly acceptable for me to include it.


Wednesday, May 20th:  A necklace that I made.  This, I know, is not an outfit, but it was my me-made item for the day.  It was a very busy day of grading, testing, and studying for the boy and me.  I pretty much sat at the school table all day long, so I didn’t put any effort into picking out what to wear.  I wore house clothes for most the day and then changed into gym clothes for the evening.  It happens sometimes.  You know what else happens sometimes?  Really bad selfies.  All iPhone photos this week, once again, I am afraid.


Thursday, May 21st:  The blue velveteen skirt that is a repeat from week 1.  You know what happened for a couple of days this week?  It got cool.  I took the opportunity to wear this skirt again.  I could have even put on a pair of tights, but I didn’t spend much time outside so I didn’t bother.

IMG_0498 Friday, May 22nd:  I wore this skirt that was quite a bit longer when you saw it last for week 1.  I thought about it, and since I have several long black skirts, I took the scissors to it and chopped it off.  I like it much better like this.  I have a feeling I will be wearing it a lot more now.

IMG_0510 Saturday, May 23rd:  The Firecracker dress.  I have been looking forward to wearing this dress without long sleeves underneath, or a sweater over it.  Today was the day.  I think it is a fine warmer weather dress, even with the darker colors.  This pattern is the same as the one I wore on Monday; a favorite of mine that is for sure.

IMG_0540 Sunday, May 24th: Lastly for this week, the skirt you see that I am wearing here.  I spent the first part of the day in a tank top and shorts, then after getting cleaned up from yard work, it was this outfit for a trip into town and out to the family cabin.  I love the way this skirt looks.  The material too is a little different than my usual.  It must be some type of polyester, and the way the hem hangs is just lovely.  It is easy to dress it up with a nicer shirt, but I was going for a casual look here.

There you have it, week three documented into the Me-Made-May archives.  Thank you all for following along with this monthly challenge, and I will be back once more for the last of my home-made fashion show.

For a look back:  Week One || Week Two


4 Replies to “ Week Three of Me-Made-May 2015”

  1. i’m so impressed – you’re really talented!! you look beautiful in everything 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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