Week Four of Me-Made-May

My third year of Me-Made-May is now officially over, and can be filed into the archives.  Three years of dedicating a month to wearing things that I have made, and it was just as enjoyable as the last two.  I am very happy with myself this year since I mostly managed to wear something that I have made almost every single day.  I missed two days, and really that is not bad at all.  I got something out of this as well.  I am able to say good-bye to those few dresses that I just couldn’t make myself like.  It is hard to get rid of clothes sometimes, but it is much harder when you put the time and effort into making something yourself.  I had three dresses that I tried to like, but after this month, I realized there is no hope, I am just binning them.  Whether I give them away or salvage them for the material and zippers, I don’t know yet.

Another thing I got out of this month, being okay with not having any wardrobe essentials that I have made.  I know a lot of you sewists and Me-Made ladies make everything: t-shirts, pants, undergarments, your whole wardrobe basically, but me, I mostly make dresses and occasionally a skirt, and I am okay with this.  I thought after doing this last year, I would start on some essentials, but dresses are just too fun to make and since I like wearing them more than anything else, why bother.  I may come around to the me-made wardrobe only, but probably not anytime soon.

It was fun, and I will be adding to my collection as the months go on.  Next year, I should have plenty more dresses and skirts that repeats won’t even be a factor.  Now lets see the last of my outfits, along with a little bit about my week, shall we?


Monday, May 25th:  I spent a good part of the day home alone while my guys were out in the mud working.  There was no one to take my iphone photo so here is another bad mirror selfie.  I had no plans this particular day, just to stay inside and keep dry.  I ran a couple of miles on the treadmill after making something for dinner and slicing my fingers instead of the onions.  Ug!  Anyway, the day was not off to a good start.  I didn’t know what to wear, but found this skirt made from scraps in my pile of donation clothes.  It worked out alright for the day, and I might just hang on to it after all.

Tuesday, May 26th:  No picture for today because I went from house clothes to gym clothes, and didn’t think once about what me-made item I should wear.  I spent a good part of the day planted at the school table with my boy going over final school problems and doing the last of my grading.  I had no time for anything else this day, not even making dinner.  I came home from the boy’s piano lesson with pizza.

IMG_0600Wednesday, May 27th:  Wearing this wearable muslin dress with a shirt on top making it look like a skirt.  We spent the day practicing for our end of the school year program.  I was busy running errands after that and once again, didn’t have time for much else.  I skipped on the gym, but at least got dinner made.  The boy had gymnastics, so it was a very long and late day.


Thursday, May 28th:  I wore this skirt again, and forgot about the tear in the side seam from the last time I wore it on week 2.  Oh, well, it will get fixed when everything school related is over.  One more day to practice for our school program, and it was the final meeting day of the school year.  We had a pizza party at the park and all the children got to run around and play.  Another long day, but it was definitely more on the fun side.  I finally made it back to the gym, things are getting back to normal.


Friday, May 29th:  Nothing but running around today.  The boy needed a haircut, I needed some groceries, a few stops here and a few stops there, it was a busy one for sure.  I wore this skirt for the first time since I made it last April.  It is a hard one for me to wear, the main reason being the light pastel yellow.  I don’t have much that matches it but thought this worked out alright.


Saturday, May 29th:  A welcomed day of rest in my Winding Roads dress.  Once the evening came aroud though, it was back to work.  There was cooking, cleaning, and final preparations for our end of school program.

IMG_0707 Sunday, May 31st:  Finally, I can say the 2014-2015 school year is over.  We had our final program today, which was wonderful.  I wore this dress for the rainy occasion, and even wore it without a sweater for part of the day.  When I made it, I disliked the straps enough that I thought I never would wear it without a cover up.  I was wrong, and I was only bothered by the straps for a few minutes.

There you have it, Me-Made-May is now over, and my summer break has officially begun!  Thanks for reading and I will be looking forward to next year’s MMMay.

For a look back:  Week 1 ||  Week 2 || Week 3

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