The First Week of Summer Break

Queen Anne's Lace edit

A very good Friday morning to you all!  How was everyone’s week?  I have nothing to complain about here; it was wonderful.  There was nothing school related to think about, and I even spent the day Monday putting everything from the school year into tubs and storage until next August.  Not only do I not have to think about school, but I also have nothing school related to even look at.  It is truly summer break.

The first week of break was perfect weatherwise.  Monday was still pretty wet from all that rain over the weekend, but it was nice and cool.  My guy and I got the fire pit out that evening and set it up in a new location in the yard.  We spent three relaxing nights sitting out by the fire.  Our chairs were only sinking into the ground Monday night, and by Tuesday, things were drying up a bit more, but the weather was just as fresh once the sun went down.


Wednesday, the boy and I made a trip to the family vineyard to do a little work.  It was nice and cloudy, and not really that hot.  A perfect day for yard work if you ask me.



We had one of the boy’s cousins over for a few days so that left me with some time to myself.  I spent it mostly in front of the computer researching a new diet plan.  I am dedicating a good part of this summer to some of my fitness and exercise goals, and eating to coincide with what I am aiming for has to do with the big picture.  It’s gonna take more meal planning on my part, but it is summer so I have the time to get the hang of it and figure it all out.  Three days in, and I’d say things are going great, so far.

We made our first trip to the swimming pool, but not our regular swimming pool.  The only thing on my boy’s summer to do list was swim.  After last summer’s life by the pool, he and his friends had big plans for a repeat this year.  Unfortunately, these plans took a big turn when we saw that our neighborhood pool was starting to be demolished the week before school was done.  A very big disappointment, even to me.  It is not tights season anymore and I have some pretty white legs that need a lot of color!  Anyway, leave it to a dear friend to find an alternative.  There are other pools around, but this one particular pool that we went to isn’t three minutes away, it is much smaller and therefore seems more crowded.  Plus, it just wasn’t the same.  The day at the pool kind of ended up as a big disappointment.  We can do something about this though.  We happen to live very close to several lakes with some okay swim beaches.  These places will do just fine I think, so all is not lost as far as summer swimming plans go.


Now for today.  I think I will finally get to that dress that I have had on the back burner of my life lately.  I just realized that there are two more weeks on the calendar left of ‘spring’.  I haven’t made one of my spring projects, so I best be getting at it.  And I have a nicely organized sewing area – formerly known as the school room.  I completely expect to have something new up on the blog by Monday.  Let’s see if my expectations come through…

How was your first week of summer break?

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