It’s Not Just the End of the Month

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It’s not just the end of the month, for me it is also the end of our first quarter of this school year.  It went by pretty fast, and I have been keeping very busy with all things school this week.  There is no doubt I am more than ready for the break week ahead, and it will be a break week for sure.


School wasn’t the only thing that kept me busy though, I’ve had a couple of unexpected harvest days out in the vineyard as well.  I went out last week to drop off hunting stuff for my guy, and was very surprised to find almost a gallon’s worth of grapes ready on the vines.


This week was kind of the same, because the first non-rainy, partly sunny day that we had, my boy and I headed out again to see what we could find – another gallon!  I may be able to make a three gallon batch of Carlos wine yet, or not because I decided to give my pickings of this day to my neighbor.  He has so generously supplied me with fresh veggies every summer for the last few years, it was the least I could do.  Plus he is a winemaker himself, and has been talking to me lately about his efforts to try and perfect his muscadine recipe.


This particular day was not all smiles, however.  Shortly after this, I had the power steering in my truck go out while on my way home – at least I think that is what happened.  I at first thought it was overheating and about to shut down – that happened to me once before in a different vehicle and the steering froze up – but since I was on the freeway and still able to slowly drive, if only in a straight line, I made it off and barely managed to turn into the gas station.  So, my afternoon plans for this day were shot, and I had another vehicle issue to deal with.  This truck was just in the shop last week.  I really don’t think it is anything major though, and even so, I am not too worried about it.  I’ve come a long way in regards to stressing out over vehicles.  There isn’t really much to stress about, it’s just part of life if you drive.  My smile came back a little bit after this.  But I was bummed about missing my gym class.


Speaking of the gym, I was trying really hard to get in all that I could these last few days.  It’s good to just unwind and take it easy every now and again, and since we will be off from school, I’m liking the idea of a break in every area of my day to day life.  I even see some eating out in my future, I am very much looking forward to that!  Some days it seems I spend more time in my kitchen than any other room in the house – I cook a lot, and wash a lot of dishes.  Breaks are good!  (I know this apple has nothing to do with anything.  It’s just another one of my daily photos that I couldn’t help but post.)


And speaking of breaks, I had a preview of one last weekend.  On Sunday, I started my next sewing project.  I got phase one done, cutting out the pattern and the material.  I have a vision of this dress finished and being worn with my soon-to-be new shoes (my wish list is in the process of being fulfilled).  I don’t know if the dress will be done before I get my newest pair of shoes, but I am working on it.


That is about all that has been up with me lately.  Even with a vehicle out of commission, I reckon there will be some driving in my future.  I may get a break from school, the gym, and cooking, but one thing I don’t rarely ever get a break from is driving.  That’s okay, because usually the drives take me to somewhere I want to be.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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