Fall at the lake

It was a wet and dreary week for pretty much the whole of last week, but that wasn’t the case the for the weekend before; it was beautiful!  I really do love fall, and my favorite fall days are those that have plenty of sunshine.  I am particularly fond of the ones that find us out and about as a family.


I have been wanting to take family photos for a while now, but we were just waiting on the weather.  It is way too hot during the summer, we’d all be sweating before the tripod even got set up, and it still hadn’t cooled completely, that is until about the middle of last month.

Sunday in Photos 2 copy

One Sunday afternoon, we all got dressed up in something a little nicer than our usual Sunday attire (that just means my guys weren’t wearing their hunting clothes), and we headed down the road to the state park.  I had been searching Pinterest for a few days before this, trying to get some good posing ideas, but what I should have been searching for were tips on lighting and camera positioning.  I thought we had picked a good time of the day, but there were more shadows around than I would have liked.  Yeah, that is what was wrong with most of those pictures that we took, the shadows.  It couldn’t have possibly been my photo skills, or lack thereof.  I am trying, really I am, to get the hang of my camera.  It is quite a task I am finding, but I am not giving up, I love taking pictures way too much.  I will have it down one of these days.  And my guy, the real photo taker, is content to stand by and wait for however long it takes me to figure it all out.

Sunday of pictures

These are mostly random snaps from the day, nothing really spectacular.  I would have liked to have gotten a few more to chose from with the three of us, but no need to worry my guy says, he is up for another day of going out to take pictures.  Plus it gives us time to fly the drone.

This one may be a little spectacular, actually.  Drone photography is pretty neat!  PS – my guy did take this one.

Happy place

A nice thing about going again will be that the leaves are gonna look even better.  I can’t wait.

Sunday in Photos copy

But how do you get a fourteen year old to smile?  Maybe tickling him will work, it did when he was two… Or maybe saying something funny will work…

EJ smile copy

It sometimes does.  Have a great week everyone!

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