It has been more than two weeks for me of wearing my closet, but since I am a little ahead of myself in real life, here I am today showing you all in blog life week two of what I wore, and so far things are going great.  We had a nice bit of rain show up at the end of this particular week, which continued for days, so what I am wearing now for next week’s post may be pretty limited.  But on the blog, let’s talk about what I wore the week of Sunday October 18th to Saturday the 24th.  I have three more for you all, and since I didn’t have my tripod set up at home like I usually do, and we were out and about all three days that I took outfit photos, iPhone photos they are.

4/111 Dress - made by me
4/111 Dress – made by me; picture –  taken from my guy’s phone

Sunday the 18th, this was the day we went to the state park to take some family photos.  I told you all about this already, but here’s a better pic of the dress that got worn on that day.  We haven’t made another trip out yet to get some better photos, but I’m now thinking a beach scene would be nice.  We can all wear white and be barefooted… Well, that may be asking too much from my boy – the barefooted part – but I am taking my tripod with us on our upcoming vacation just in case the leaves fall off the trees in TN before we get round two of our family photos taken.

5/111 made by me
5/111 made by me

The next dress I have to show you all, I wore to the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center for a field trip our school group took to see a dance performance by the Thodos Dance Company out of Chicago.  Like my friend said, we were dressing for a theater performance, but it was during the early part of the day, and the majority of the crowd were children.  It was a dress appropriate occasion for me, but I did not want to be too dressy.  I think I did alright choosing what I wore, maybe not as well with getting a photo of it, but this dress of the day selfie worked out okay.  This was also the day that the clouds showed up, and it ended up being mostly grey for a whole week.

6/111 tagless

Lastly for this week, my green geometric printed, polyester dress.  It was a yard sale find a few years back, and I just realized now that it could have been a Thursday Thrift dress all of this time.  It got worn with that brown sweater you see.  For the brown sweater, it was it’s first outing.  I never know with what to match it, but I think it went alright with the dress.

That is all I have for this week.  Like I said, with the weather as wet and dreary as it’s been, I don’t know how many I will get worn for the next week.  Feel free to stop back by and see though.  I am thinking I am going to show two weeks worth on the next one, that way I will be in real time with my posts.  Being a little over a week ahead of myself with these, is ending up being more of a chore to write about than a help.  So until then I’ll be wearing dresses every chance I get.

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