Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks Three and Four

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When I left you last, I was wearing dresses and talking about how I didn’t get very many good family photos from our Sunday outing to the state park.  Since then, I have worn four more dresses, and I spent a week in Florida (well six days minus the driving time).  The break was wonderful, and I will no doubt be telling you all about it very shortly.  But today, it is just going to be about those dresses.

Weeks three and four consist of the dresses I wore Sunday Oct 25th to Saturday November 7th.  I thought being a week ahead of myself was gonna make things easier, but it was getting me a little confused as to what was worn when, so I am closing the gap with this post, and I am going to be posting after the week ends rather than being a whole week ahead – which actually was more like a week and a half ahead.

Week three was that wet and dreary one I mentioned last time.  It started on Friday the 23rd and pretty much continued on until Thursday the 29th.  I wasn’t ready for all that cloud cover and spent a good amount of time at home, not really getting that dressed up at all.  By midweek, I started to really miss the sunshine.  I didn’t wear a single dress this week, and if I dare say so on the internet, I even spent at least one day in fleece house pants.  Let me tell you, those cloudy days really get to me.  It is bad when I don’t bother getting dressed in normal clothes at all.

Week four was quite a bit different, the sun was shining in Florida.  I had high hopes of getting several dresses worn, but it turned out I only over packed, because two didn’t even get worn, and then two others got worn twice.  Ah, well, at least these are keepers, and I have plenty of time left to wear those others.  And here they are:

Old Navy summer dress

7/111 (Old Navy)  The traveling dress.  I wore this one twice, once on the way to Florida, and then again one evening out for dinner.  This is the picture after having been driving all day – we started at 430 AM –  I am tired.

Red Pineapple dress 8/111 (The Red Pineapple dress – made by me)  I wore this one twice as well.  Once for dinner and a ferris wheel ride, and then again the next day for shopping.  It is also known as my Florida dress because I have taken it with me on vacation twice.


One more pic because it is just a little bit better than the sunglasses store, mirror selfie.


9/111 (Apt 9) This was what I wore as my ‘fancy dress’ for the trip.  You’ve got to love polyester when traveling – no need to iron!  Worn for a night out to the theater.  If only my hair would have stayed curled just a little bit longer… Florida is humid in November!


10/111 (The Tangled Green dress – made by me)  I am obviously not in Florida anymore here.  This is the day after we got back – high 50’s in Tennessee with plenty of cloud cover.  I even had to get the tights out.

There you have it, the last two weeks of my dresses.  I will be back, yet again, this time next week.  Hopefully with some better photos, and preferably some that don’t just come from my guy’s iPhone.


3 Replies to “Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks Three and Four”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 It would have been nice to have gotten a couple others worn, especially with the nice weather. It’s sometimes hard to even bother getting any pictures taken when the weather is so gray and drab. That was what I came home too.


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