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Midori Springs matcha

Who is a tea drinker?  Next question, who has heard of matcha tea?  I have, and more specifically I came across it once while looking up pre-workout supplements.  Tea as a pre-workout?  Not what I had expected to find that one day a couple of months ago.

But what I am talking about today, Midori Spring Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea, has nothing to do with working out or supplementation.  It is just green tea, pure and simple.  Recently, I was asked if I might be interested in trying this tea out for the purpose of a review.  I gladly said yes.  I sometimes debate on trying new things, and teas happen to cross my mind once in awhile especially when I am online browsing my regular health food sites or out shopping the health food stores.  You should see the tea shelf in my kitchen, full of teas that I try a couple of times, before moving on to sample the next flavor that I come across.  If I were more of a regular tea drinker, I might be moving through that stash of mine more regularly.  I do like tea though, so I was happy for the chance to give this one a try.

Midori Spring Matcha tea 1

First off, I had never drank matcha tea before this.  Green tea yes, but not matcha.  Like I mentioned, I have read enough about matcha tea to know it is good for you.  It has lots of antioxidants, and it’s a natural metabolism and immune booster.  It is also supposed to help reduce stress, improve mental alertness, and increase energy levels without any jittery effects.  Basically it is like a drinkable super food.

So since I had never tried this before, I had nothing to compare it with.  Compared to green tea, however, this was nowhere near what I had drank before.  I followed the directions on how to make it, except I didn’t have a bamboo whisk so I improvised there. It stirred up to be a beautiful green color, and I was happy to say it stirred up well. No grainy bits of tea or clumpiness at all. It was very smooth and frothy. It had a nice strong taste, and not in a bad way. It tasted like tea leaves, and it was really good.  I have never drank a tea that had this much actual flavor, and it was also pretty refreshing. I didn’t feel the need to sweeten it in any way, it was very good just how it was.  For those of you who prefer your hot drinks sweet though, my suggestion would be to add a little honey.

Midori Spring tea

The only negative I can say about this product is that the canister is a little on the small side.  I do love that it is organic and I believe that it is of a very high quality, the proof is in the taste, and it also says so on the label. After I drank my first hot cup, I had a noticeable amount of energy, and it didn’t leave me jittery like coffee sometimes does.

Matcha pre-workout

And because I had read about this before in regards to being used as a pre-workout, I had to try it as such. I had myself a cup one day before a very long workout session instead of my usual pre-workout drink mix, and I felt great. I looked it up and it can also be prepared with cold water, so I tried it one more time in my shaker cup and sipped on it during class.  It was a nice change from my usual workout drink.

Midori Spring Matcha tea

I am one happy matcha tea, taste tester.  Thanks to Midori Spring and Tomoson.com for the chance to try out this little canister of goodness.  I will be drinking tea on a more regular basis thanks to this.

Edited to add:  Using a whisk is not necessary, but the tea powder must be vigorously stirred in order to mix the powder completely.  I drank some after this review without vigorously stirring and there was some unmixed residue left in my cup of tea.  I use my shaker cup and ball with a little bit of water and powder, then add this to the hot water in a mug.  It works until I get a proper tea whisk.

*I was sent this product at little or no cost in exchange for an honest review.  Opinions are all my own, and are 100% truthful.

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