Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 5 Through 7

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I am tripling up this week.  I’ve been vacation blogging lately, and didn’t want to interrupt the roll I was on last Wednesday.  Also, I have only worn four dresses in the last three weeks, so I didn’t think combining them all would be a problem.  The weather has been a little on the warm side, but very rainy and I haven’t really felt like getting dressed up. I have also re-discovered all those pants that have been sitting in the deep, dark depths of my closet lately.  It’s been years since I have worn most of the pants that I own, and I am actually enjoying wearing them again.  Weird, I know.  Maybe the fact that they all fit now is part of the reason for my recent change of my regular style.

It’s back to my dresses though now that my vacation posts have all been published.  For weeks 5 through 7, which consist of Sunday, November 8th – Saturday, November 28th, I have four that have been worn, and will live to see another year of life in my wardrobe.


First, the Take me to the Beach dress.  Worn with an unfortunate choice of sun wear.  Oops, I should have put on my good pair of sunglasses.  Also, that’s what the deck looks like in the sunlight, I was starting to forget.  (Dress 11/111)


Next, my Hip to be Square dress.  No need for sunglasses this day, or practically any other day thereafter.  (Dress 12/111)


And of course, I had to have some bad iPhone photos in here.  Here is my Tulips and Dots dress.  It has only been worn once, and I didn’t like the fit of the arms.  I recently took care of that little problem, and finally got a second, more comfortable wear out of it. (Dress 13/111)


And lastly for this round up, my newest dress, the Kaleidoscope Dress.  I just made it last week and already wore it on Saturday.  A very big apology for the awful picture.  My mirror most definitely needs to be cleaned, and this weather most definitely needs to clear up so that I can get it properly photographed and blogged.  (Dress 14/112)

I am going to promise that I will have better pictures up next week (they really can’t get any worse), that is if the sun decides to come out…  I’m blaming the weather.

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