Wardrobe Wear Out // Week 29

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It’s gonna be a good day today.  I already know this.  The sun is shining and my house is clean, what else could make it better?  Currently, my coffee mug is almost empty, and so that means my day is close to getting started.  But first, I wanted to take a minute and get a few of these outfits up and out of the wear before this wardrobe Wednesday gets away from me.  I am on time with this post for the first time in, what, five weeks?  I love it when my blog plans go as intended!

But before I get to those outfit photos, I am trying to decide how to go about my Me Made May posts – the unimportant questions of my life, I know.  For this month, I think I will just stick to one kind of outfit round up a week.  If I wear anything that hasn’t been worn before in regards to this little challenge of mine, I will make note of it.  So after this post, what I am wearing in May is only going to be about what I’ve made.

Okay, good!  That little unnecessary part is out of the way.  What I wore last week are these, I only have two and one you’ve recently seen.  It’s okay though, cause it’s a favorite of mine and I don’t mind posting one more picture of it, even if that picture has me appearing to be standing in a strangely leaning way.


Dress 38 || Milly brand from Kohl’s


Dress 39 || My Own Map dress

That’s it for outfits this week.  At least it should be.  I will have week one of Me Made May up on Monday and if you can’t wait until then, you can follow me on Instagram to get the daily updates.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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