The Nineteenth Friday of 2016

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Good morning, everyone!  It’s Friday and I don’t know about everyone else’s week, but mine has flown by.  It was a great week though.  Lots got done and I managed to keep up with all my housework every single day.  That doesn’t always happen around here.  Usually I end most days with something that didn’t get done that needed to, but then just gets added on to the next day’s list, and so on and so on.  Not this week, though.  Well, wait, as I say that, I just realized that I didn’t get to any ironing yesterday and I had planned on it.  But ironing isn’t one of those has to be done right now things so I am still good.

spring fields copy

There was quite a bit more sunshine this week than the last and that is always a good thing this time of the year.  It did rain some, but the rain that we had wasn’t the all day kind of rain.  And the clouds didn’t stick around the whole day which made it nice.  I love this time of the year with everything greening up, but all that greening up comes with its own little bit of dreariness.  Days and days of rain and clouds sometimes get to me.

Me-Made-May is going well so far.  I was almost going to post about it today, but decided to wait since I didn’t have all those daily outfit pics off of my camera yet.  You might not know this, but editing pictures takes up the most time when it comes to getting blog posts put up.  Sitting down and writing is the easy part.  I didn’t feel like dealing with pics this morning, so as planned be on the look out for that post come Monday.

spring rose

What else about this week?  Oh, yes, after today, we’re down to three weeks left of school.  I can’t even believe how fast the year has gone by!  It has been a great one though, and I have to say the start of high school for my boy was way easier than I ever thought it would be.  He’s done very well, as have I teaching it.  I’m only worried the next three years are going to go by even faster and then what?  I don’t even want to think about it.  I’ll stay content just taking it day by day.

EJ tree copy

I guess that is it for me.  I only have a few things to do this morning before I get to the rest of my day, and getting a start at dinner is one of them.  Crock pot meals are the best aren’t they?  Also, it’s that time of the year that involves yard work.  I’m not much of a gardener when it comes to my place, but there’s this vineyard I have a part with and it is in need of some work.  And, I do kind of enjoy the yard work that goes with it.  I may even get a little bit of skin color out there; lots of sun today!

spring vineyard

Have a wonderful weekend, readers!


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