So much for Me-Made-Monday, as it is already Wednesday.  Oh, well, there was nothing that could have been done about it.  How is Me Made May going for those of you participating so far?  Pretty good over here.  I am only short one day of wearing a me-made outfit, however I did wear a necklace that I made that day, but didn’t take a pic, so no one will ever know, and it doesn’t count.  Sigh! My only troubles so far have been with my computer and Photoshop.  I’ve gotten my pics off the camera, but while trying to make them into a nice little collage, my computer keeps crashing.  I’ve already had two failed attempts this morning and since I want to get on with my day, I gave up on the collage, and so you all get to see the individual style photos.  I will probably be the only one complaining.

mmmay16 wk1

Day 1 – I wore this dress out for a rainy day in Jackson.  We had lunch and went grocery shopping.  Day 3 – this is a dress that I made into a skirt.  Probably the easiest thing I’ve ‘made’ recently.


Day 4’s skirt was made from dress scraps, and day 5 was a skirt that came to be from a failed dress.


Day 7 my Springtime in Paris dress, and day 9 the only maxi skirt that I’ve made.


Day 10 – another skirt.  I’m keeping it very casual this week, and I’m getting some wear out of this neglected white t-shirt.  I’ve worn it already twice.


Day 2 this panne velvet skirt and my worst pic of the week.  My apologies.  I almost didn’t want to post it.  It’s a timer selfie, with the forward facing iphone camera, on a cloudy day.  Oh, and with added Instagram edits.  It’s awful, I know.


Lastly, Day 8, and this pic isn’t much better than day 2.  It was late in the day when I finally took it.  We spent the whole day out in Nashville and this was the best that I got. It’s my Red Pineapple dress and it’s also a bad mirror selfie.  I made a hashtag for it over on Instagram: #theredpineappledress and I also tagged it #badmirrorselfie.  Ha ha!

Well, that is all from me for my first week of Me Made May.  It’s fun, yes, and this little challenge always reminds me how I still don’t have any me-made basics like shirts and such.  There is just gonna be more skirts and a lot of dresses that I will be wearing for the next couple of weeks.  I must deal with it.  (Which is fine by me.)  Until next time…

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