This weekend went by way too fast!  Come to think of it, weekends always go by too fast.  Here we are though, another Monday, and another start to another week.  But it’s Me Made May and I have week two to show you all as far as what I’ve been wearing.


I am happy to say that Photoshop didn’t crash on me last night while I was working on these pictures, so finally I am getting something up here on time.  Who else is getting tired of the daily outfit photos?  I guess they aren’t bothering me too much.  My tripod is always out, and as long as I get my pictures taken at the right time of the day, I don’t have too much editing to do.  If I’m too late though, you will know because I will have that afternoon, red-face glow.  High noon photos on the red deck never come out well!

Anyway, you will notice four outfits.  I did wear five, but one day was a repeat of the red pineapple dress and I figured that one has shown up enough.  A few things about this week in my me mades: my tastes have changed some and I no longer really like long skirts.  That one you see in the center is probably going to be made short before I wear it again.  I did that to the black skirt on the left last May, and it has gotten more wear because of it.  Also, black and white dresses will probably always be one of my favorites.  As I write this, I have another one in the making which will hopefully be done and blogged very soon.

In other life news, the boy and I are down to our last two weeks of school and they can’t come fast enough for either of us.  Grape growing season is getting on, and I’m looking forward to spending time in the vineyard this summer.  Also, it’s that time of the year when I switch up my diet some.  I’ve been loosely counting my macros for almost a year while actively working on gaining muscle.  I have been very happy with the progress that I have made, but I think it’s time to switch my numbers up a bit.  If I’m ever going to have six pack abs – my ultimate goal – I need to start being a bit more strict with myself.  As much as my boy thinks otherwise, I will get there.  (He doesn’t think ‘moms’ can have that much muscle, but I am enjoying proving him wrong.)

Well, that is all from me.  I have food to make and a day to tackle.  It’s going to be a long one!  I will be back soon.

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