It’s almost all over; all school related activities that is.  The school work was over last week, the grading was pretty much over last week as well, but our end of the year program will be over this weekend.  Then, really, I won’t have to think about anything school related for a few months, and I will have time to edit those wedding photos and blog about all the little details of late.

A school party isn’t a party without pizza. Nine pizzas! Our most yet.

We had our school party this week, and this weekend will be our school program.  This year it is a little more special than usual – we have a graduate, my niece.  Yeah, my oldest niece got married at the beginning of the month, and my second oldest niece will be graduating at the end of the month.  It’s been an emotional month for me, for sure.  And even more so because I have spent a good part of this week sitting in front of the computer working on a slide show for the graduation.  I looked at every single picture that I had taken digitally last Sunday, and of those almost 3oo were set aside for the slide show.  I then got many many emails with pictures from friends, and had to narrow everything down to just over 200 photos for an 11 minute slide show.  A little long, I know, Stephen, but how do you condense 12 years of photos into a small presentation?  Whoa, that was hard!  And, I was totally learning Power Point as I went, so I was more than a little frustrated, and there may have been a few tears when my music didn’t sync up as I wanted it too those couple of times.  It is done now, and I am very happy with the results.  Also, I love Power Point!

There was a lot going on in my life this week.  Next on the list, the vineyard.  I made three trips out.  Once to walk through the vines and watch the elderberries grow, they are huge this year by the way.  The next time was to start a batch of wine, but my juice wasn’t defrosted so the next trip was a bit more productive.  The juice was ready today and I made my last batch from the 2016 growing season, really, with the very last bit of what was in the deep freeze.  It is now empty and ready for this upcoming year’s harvest, which is looking very good as of right now!


This week I won something.  I’ve been entering all sorts of giveaways on Instagram lately for workout leggings, then I went to the new gym dance class I’ve been taking on Thursday and won a pair.  Woo hoo!  I love giveaways, and it helps that I’ve actually won several.

LuLa Roe leggings!

Back to my creative side, this week I finally got to see what my very own garment labels would look like.  A couple of weeks back I uploaded a design that I had made to Dutch Label Shop to finally get some labels made for my me-mades.  I have been anxiously awaiting an email telling me that they weren’t going to come out right, but I never got that email.  Instead I got a small package with these inside:

Look familiar?

I LOVE THEM!  I did a sample order because I really wasn’t sure what to expect and it would be better to spend a little bit of money on a few than to spend a lot of money on too many that would never get used.  No doubt I will be placing my big order soon.

One more thing about being creative, I made a center piece for this weekend’s graduation.  All the school families were to make one and I decided on glitter dipped feathers.  The color scheme is gold and black, and this is how mine came out.  I was really happy with it, and still am, but compared to my much more crafty friends, it’s a little on the dull side.  Tis fine though, really, I had fun with the glitter spray paint, and even more fun browsing Hobby Lobby for the supplies.

I’m not done yet with this post, so hopefully someone is still reading along…

*Big sigh… Next on my list of things I did this week, I waited until the last possible moment to try on the dress that I wanted to wear to the graduation party, which was decided to be a somewhat formal event.  (Hey, my friends and I will make any reason to get all dressed up, and not only that we did just buy my boy a suit.)  Since my sewing time has been nonexistent these days, I was going to wear what I wore to the Gold Room Affair several years back.  Turns out, I didn’t like the look this morning.  So, off to Jackson I went with very high hopes of finding a dress that I would like at the last moment.  I found two.  I bought them both.  They were from Ross so the price combined wasn’t even as much as one fancy dress would be – score!

I haven’t decided on which I will wear, but at least this time I already have the shoes.

Anything else that I need to remember about this week?  Oh, one more, the day lilies bloomed out at the property.  Summer is definitely here!

I will leave you all with that.  923 words, not a bad Friday post.

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