Last week was a long week for me, especially now that I am looking back at it and the next week has already begun.  Stephen was sick and I was sick so it was also not a fun week and not much happened.  Here are all the boring details:

Sunday, February 18th – I woke up feeling kind of bad.  I was expecting it, but I didn’t feel it coming.  We had work to do this day out in the vineyard, which I already wrote about, so I won’t go into too much detail about that.  The bright side of today was it was bright, and sunny, and warm.  That kind of made everything feel a little bit better.  After we got done working, the boy went to tumble for a couple of hours and I resorted to the couch for the rest of the day.  I read some blogs and tried to muster up the energy to work on my own but didn’t.  No, not the best day for me.

Monday, February 19th – Felt much better today, whew maybe that was all I was gonna get.  Took the boy to photography and got to spend more time out in the sunshine while he was taking pictures for class.  On our way home, I stopped at the lake and walked the track for half and hour.  Got some much needed steps in and some more outdoor time.  It felt good, but the wind was a little annoying.  Stephen and I skipped out on the gym this evening.  I felt like the extra rest would do me some good.  Oh, also today I shipped out a box of muscadines to someone in East TN.  I was pretty happy about that.

Tuesday, February 20th – Was I ever even feeling bad?  Didn’t seem like it at all today.  In fact I felt wonderful!  That liquid iron I started taking again is working well I think.  I’ve got all kinds of energy and feel great.  The boy and I headed out early today to Collierville to see a play for a school field trip.  We watched The Diary of Anne Frank and it was really good.  The day out was nice also and it didn’t even rain.  We had lunch with some friends that made the trip too, and then browsed a few shops at the mall where we ate.  The boy and I had to head home a little earlier than the rest, as he worked this evening and I got home in time to make it to the gym for a couple of classes.  About mid-day, Stephen texted me to tell me that he didn’t feel well at all.  Ugh, this cold season has been a bad one!

Wednesday, February 20th –  Today there was school and not much else.  Stephen was home sick and after school got done, I cleaned up and then spent the rest of the day not doing much at all.  I was starting to feel bad again.

Thursday, February 21st – Got up to my normal morning routine then went back to bed and slept for several hours.  I felt awful.  I’m pretty sure it’s a head cold.  I spent most of the whole day in my room under the blankets doing nothing.  It’s been years since I’ve felt like this.  Good news is that Stephen felt better today.  I hope the worst of it only lasts me a day.

Friday, February 22nd – I’m making it through the day today.  Not feeling 100% but I can’t really spend another day in bed.  Moms really don’t get sick days after all.  I told my guy this and he disagreed.  I sure fell like it’s the case though.  The boy and I had to go out to the property briefly this morning then on our way home we stopped and took a few pictures in the park.  I was feeling a little better so all was well.  Came home and did as much as I could around the house before making my regular Friday Walmart run.  I needed groceries, but just went for the weekend essentials.  Came home and made something easy for dinner and then once the day was over, I was done.  I did end up feeling better as the day went on so that was good.

Saturday, February 23rd – Feel back to normal only with a cough and a stuffy head.  I can handle that.  The day was good but hot and humid and there was severe weather in the evening.  I broke down and turned the AC on a couple of days this week and when the AC is on in February, crazy weather has a tendency to happen.  There were apparently a few tornadoes that touched down but nothing too close to where I am.  We just got lots of rain and some wind, and I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

I am going to stop there and keep yesterday for the next week’s recap.  It’s Monday now and I am happy to say I am feeling all better.  The sun is shining again and I may head out for a walk with the dog once I am done here on the computer.  Hope everyone is happy and healthy and I hope you all have a great week.  I’ll be back with some more regular content soon.

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