Another week to file away into the Diary archives, and you want to know what?  I spent almost all my time this week over here on the computer messing with the blog.  I was previewing themes every chance I got Monday thru Wednesday and it wasn’t until Wednesday that I finally settled on something.  I touched on this already, but my final Square Space conclusion is that I think I will still go with it, only not for this blog.  If I have to import a pre-existing website, I’d rather not; so instead, I will set up another blog over there from scratch.  I’ve had a domain for my vineyard for a few years, and it’s a good time to do something with it.

So Monday is covered, here’s the rest of my week:

Tuesday, March 6th – Since I was in front of the computer a lot this week, it’s no wonder I didn’t get many pictures.  But this day, I actually went somewhere and did something significant and I can’t believe I left my camera at home.  Me and several friends got together for an afternoon of quilting.  There’s this thing me and my friends like to do when we know someone who is about to have a baby, we make a baby quilt.  My niece is due in a month (what!?) and the newest addition to her family was next in line for a baby quilt.  As a group effort, we actually cut, pieced, and sewed the whole top together.  It was a group quilting milestone!!!  And I didn’t even take a picture!  I’m going to do the next best thing, take one that my friend posted on our group thread.  I have to document such an occasion after all!

Wednesday, March 7th – School, cleaning, and messing with the blog.  Also, I made it to the gym and had every intention on taking a couple of classes, but my guy worked late and was headed straight home.  He didn’t have a house key so I had to skip out on class number two to meet him so he could get inside.  On another note, we have gone back on the low-carb bandwagon and as I write this now on a Sunday night, we’ve done the best I can remember for a whole week.  I am proud of us!

Thursday, March 8th – Still spending my mornings over here on the blog.  The boy did some school and all that is left for him for this week is a couple of tests then it’s spring break.  I can’t believe the year’s 3/4 done!  He helped as a student teacher in an earlier photography class today because they were doing a shutter speed project, so he and I went to lunch in town once he got done.  It was a long morning for him.  After this, I finally took myself to the doctor to request some blood work.  I have a few health complaints and I want to know for sure what it is, if anything, so I can address it.  I’ll be back there first thing in the morning to get my blood drawn.

Friday, March 9th – Started the day bright and early.  I got that blood work taken care of, and then the boy and I headed to Franklin to the trampoline park once again.  It’s such a cool place!  If only it was closer.  It was a quick trip today because Ethan had to be back for his piano lesson this afternoon and I had a few things to do around the house before dinner.

One other thing about this week, the boy is a year older.  We did our regular picture thing that we do and I remembered a picture we had taken similar years back.  He wishes he was taller, but I keep telling him he’s got some more time to grow still.  Why does he have to grow up anyway?

I’ll be back, gotta go find some tissues for my suddenly runny nose and watery eyes.  Allergies, I’m sure…

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