Branson, Same Vacation Different Year, Part 1

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We spent another week in Branson, MO.  This was our fourth time going, and I almost feel like the locals should know us by now.  As we always do, we had a wonderful time.  I’d say maybe a bit more laid back then the last, but now that I am thinking of it, probably not.  We did a good amount of stuff.  And we had an extra companion this time, our recent travelling friend, the cousin.  The boy enjoyed the extra company, as we all did really, and Ethan had someone to daily go to the gym and swim with.  Stephen and I, we avoided the gym and the pool this time around and had ourselves some extra deck time.  It was a great week of no worries.  And here’s a little more about it, as told diary style:


Traveling day.  It takes us six hours to get to Branson, and we can usually get away with only one stop on the way.  Yuki is a good traveler and so were the boys.  Even though it is only six hours though, a day spent sitting in the car makes me tired.  We got to our home away from home and right away unloaded and got settled in.  The boys checked things out and it didn’t take long before we were all hungry for an early dinner.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, and you were following along last time we went to Branson, you might remember that we are creatures of habit when we come here.  So, of course, the first place we would eat would be the Irish pub over at Branson Landing: fish and chips, a game or two of darts for the boys, and a couple of drinks for the adults.  From here, it was off to Best Buy and Walmart.  We needed snacks for the room, and Ethan needed a new GoPro, you know the essentials. By the time we got home, I was tired.


No alarm clock!  This is one of the things I look most forward to on these types of trips.  Don’t worry, it’s not like I am sleeping until noon, I don’t think I actually could sleep that long, but waking up on my own is a wonderful thing.  And on my own, two of us woke up at about 8 am.  We have breakfast in the room and coffee on the back porch.  The boys get up a bit later and go to check out all the facilities.  Stephen and I plan our day.  And today’s plan, ax throwing!  This was on the top of Stephen’s list for this trip.

Me, the overly cautious one of the bunch wondered how hard and how dangerous this would be.  We got to the place and had a ninety minute, coached session.  We started with a warm up.  Find an ax, wait for the man to say go, and trow the ax at the target.  Okay.  Once I got the hang of it, and realized I wasn’t gonna end up throwing the ax too far down that it would chop my toes off, it was great fun!  In fact, a wonderful stress reliever.  I had a stiff neck for weeks before we left on our trip and even woke up with it that morning.  After throwing axes, it was gone!  I was very happy about this.  And, believe it not, I wasn’t too bad at throwing axes.

We were put into teams, two on each, and played several games of T-I-M-B-E-R.  It’s like HORSE but with an ax.  My team, Ethan and I, won the most rounds.  It was a surprise!  Then we played some rounds similar in style to darts.  And lastly, it was a point challenge.  I was out first.  It was down to Stephen and Ethan, and in the end, Stephen won!  It was great!  (Make sure you have the sound on for the video clip below.  The sound control is next to the play button, for those who need to know.  🙂 )

Finished off the day back at Branson Landing for dinner, Buffalo Wild Wings, and then walked around and shopped a bit.  The evening ended with the boys at the gym and the pool, while Stephen and I enjoyed drinks on the back porch.  Yuki by our sides, of course.


The nicest day, weather wise, and we zip lined.  Yes, we’ve done this before, but it was Caleb’s first time and he had a blast.

Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain we highly recommend.  Even though we had done this very same course last trip, 100 ft. free fall added, it was just as exciting as before.  And I was just as nervous stepping off that 100 ft. ledge as last time.  It was awesome!

After this we went back to the house before heading to dinner.  Branson Landing, again.  We ate and went to the arcade.  Another day done, and so far the time has been going at a great, slow pace.  More of the week to come…

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