Branson, Same Vacation Different Year, Part 2

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Continuing on from where I last left off (you can find Part 1 here)…


This morning we got up to an alarm.  We had an early morning planned.  First thing, breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, because a vacation just isn’t a vacation without at least one breakfast at the Cracker Barrel.  It was good, I had my regular – the only thing I ever have at the Cracker Barrel – an egg sandwich with hash brown casserole, extra casserole this morning.

From here, it was time for the amusement park.  We’ve done Silver Dollar City every time we’ve come and even though I’ve ridden the roller coasters many times before, I always go in with a bit of anxiety about riding said roller coasters.  There was a new one this time, the Time Traveler.  We did it first and did it two times in a row.  Once the ride was done, it was awesome.  In fact the best ride of the day!  It’s a rotating roller coaster; the world’s fastest, tallest, spinning roller coaster.  Does it go upside down?  I asked my guy.  No, I don’t think so, he says.  So I feel like I am a little bit more at ease before nervously getting on the ride.  Then it takes off and drops us while spinning, and does in fact go upside down.  I didn’t open my eyes the first time, and then did briefly the second time around.  Like I said, I like the rides much more after they are over and I know I survived.  My nervousness doesn’t keep me from riding the the others though.  Bad idea today.

We walked around after the first ride and did some other, smaller ones.  We ate amusement park food and made it to the train.  We even caught a show at the park.  Then, we made our way to the other roller coasters.  I forgot about the wooden one.  I hate wooden roller coasters, but for some reason I remembered the Outlaw Run not being an awful one.  It was this time.  My head got banged more than once and left me with a pounding headache right after.  I then went on one more roller coaster after this, and as I was lifting my hand to my head to protect my sunglasses mid-ride, my head got banged once again.  Good thing the day at the amusement park was about over, cause I was done.  The young ones did the last roller coaster several more times, while Stephen and I sat and watched and I wondered how a roller coaster could leave me in such pain.

Pain and anxiety aside, we all really did have a good time.  This evening though, I didn’t feel well.  Nobody really wanted to go out.  The boys went to the gym and to swim, Stephen and I tried to find something to eat.  We ended up doing with what we had in the room, and I couldn’t remember ever having that bad of a headache.


Woke up this morning after tossing and turning most of the night sill with a headache.  It was rainy and cold and I made the mistake of asking google about my headache.  For a little bit that morning I thought I could possibly have a concussion, or a serious brain injury, thanks Dr. Google!  Stephen went and got me tylenol and after a bit I was feeling a lot better.  We decided to go shopping.  We were off to the outlet mall and then to the fabric store.  I was feeling better, plus buying fabric makes me happy.

This evening we did an escape room.  We had so much fun last time, how could we not do one again.  Guess, what?  Today we escaped!  The story of our room was that a tornado was approaching and we had to find a way to the shelter to call for help.  In a real life scenario, in that one hour we would have been blown away, but in escape room time, an hour was perfect.  We had five minutes to spare when we cracked the code and made it out of the room.  It was so fun and we all got a sticker!  It was still early enough in the day so we went to Branson Landing.  We had an early dinner and watched a fountain light show.


Still a dreary and cold day.  No rain though so that was good.  The boys wanted to do go-karts.  I was not ready to shake myself up again, still having a slightly dull headache, so I was the picture taker.  Plus, I am not really an extreme go-karter.  I get lapped often by my guys and always worry that Ethan is gonna bump me out of his way.  Ha ha!  Plus it was cold so I was fine being a spectator this time around.

After this we did a little more shopping and went to Walmart for some snacks and such for the room.  We had a late lunch/early dinner out before going back to the room.  It wasn’t too cold for us not to sit out on the back porch and drink wine while the boys went out to take GoPro tumbling videos in the grass on their way to the resort’s gym.  And now, the vacation is starting to feel like it is coming to an end.


Last day without an alarm to wake us up.  We had a long and restful day.  The sun was shining and the weather was back to the 70’s.  This afternoon we went to Table Rock Lake and walked the walking trail.  I think we walked maybe two plus miles.  There were lots of people out walking and bike riding, and plenty of dogs for Yuki to meet and greet.

This evening we went out to a steakhouse for dinner.  Guess where?  At Branson Landing.  It was an hour wait but the patio was heated and the arcade was next door.  We had a wonderful dinner, and a nice last evening on vacation.  After dinner we all went to the arcade and finished the night up there.  We were even home late enough that the boys didn’t get to go swim.  I guess that will be waiting for them next time.


The alarm woke us up and we got packed up and headed out.  Not before one more trip to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  We were early enough to miss the Sunday morning crowds, and from there made the six hour trip back to TN.  It was uneventful, and I was very happy to come home to a clean house.  🙂

And that was this year’s trip to Branson.  Kind of similar to the last, but just as much fun.  I am sure we will be going again.

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