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The 45th Friday of 2016

The 45th Friday of 2016!  How can this be?  I was supposed to have a post every Friday this year, and now the year is almost over and I am seriously lacking in the Friday post department.  I haven’t even been keeping up with a daily journal so […]

Happy at Home

A very big good morning to you all!  I am home today, the whole day, and couldn’t be happier about it.  (The whole day until gym time anyway, but that is way into this day’s future so I’ve got a good many hours here to catch up.)  The […]

Friday’s Five…

There is one thing you need to have to blog more, time.  I haven’t had enough of it this week, and when I was going to sit down and pre-write some posts last Sunday, I was instead cleaning, cleaning, and then cleaning some more.  It has been one […]