A Summer Sunday

UmbrellaLooks like time at the lake is gonna be happening a lot more than usual this year.  We had our first ‘lake day’ this last weekend and there are two more already being planned.  Lake days are great, but then it usually takes us a few days to recover.  So much sun and way too much food, plus water sports galore!  I can’t remember the last time the boy willingly took a two hour nap in the middle of the day.

I guess with so much summer days at the lake ahead of me, I decided for once to stay out of the water a good part of the day.  Another first, going to the lake on the last day of June and being somewhat chilly by the cool breeze, and also, 79 degrees for the last day of June, what? (Probably part of the reason for staying out of the water most of the day.)  Actually, I think I could get used to days like that; lounging around on the beach, under cover from the sun, watching the children splashing in the water and even playing a volleyball game, or two.  Plus, not being so hot from the humidity that you can actually spend time out of the water.

I am not too sure if the next ‘lake day’ will have the same weather, probably not, and I am pretty sure I will spend a good part of the next one in the water.  However, I know of a couple things that will be the same, plenty of food and plenty of fun!

JetSkiA momentary break

volleyballWho has the rule book?

WatermelonJetSkiMy friends are so creative, I would have never come up with a jetski watermelon!

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