The Wee Hours of the Night


How many times have you had to call the state troopers to report a random wandering horse late at night? Me, twice. Actually, the only two reasons I have ever had to call the police was to report horses! Maybe they need to time their escapes a bit better cause I keep showing up to report them. I wonder if it happens often, people reporting horses on the road that is. And the first time it ever happened, I had just programmed the phone number for the state trooper into my phone, it has come in handy twice now. We even got to seem official this time as we waited for the horse to walk off of the main road because my guy had his company vehicle, complete with flashing top lights. Maybe not a major emergency, but definitely the potential for one; those horses don’t run like the deer do when they see lights!

This was only a small slow down to what would be a very long night visiting random telecommunication offices. I wrote a few weeks back about my boy’s night adventure watching his daddy work, well this night, it was my turn. Four locations, all almost an hour away from each other, and all with about 45 minutes worth of work in each one. It has been a long time since I have pulled an all-nighter and other than animals, there wasn’t really anything else to report on. Going to bed at 630 in the morning is not something I am used to though, so I am functioning now on three hours of sleep and strong coffee, hopefully nothing mathematically challenging is headed my way!

It was kind of neat to stroll through the rows and rows of wires, blinking lights, and cables with the rolling sound of fans filling the background. It was definitely old school, not much modern looking equipment (how does that saying go, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…). Rotary phones, very old computers, and probably the same desk chairs in ugly green, yellow, and orange from when the building was first built, circa before my time! I enjoyed it, and helping my guy pass the time made it kind of fun. Although, I didn’t get a late night stop at the convenience store like my boy did, but it was probably for the better. There are way too many chip choices at gas stations!




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