There is a reason the state of Tennessee is so pretty and green, it rains.  And sometimes it doesn’t just rain, it pours!  We have had some pouring rain lately and quite a bit of it for the middle of summer, in my nine years worth of Tennessee summertime experience that is.

Usually this time of the year, it is unbearably hot and horribly humid – I am from the dry Southwest, so humidity is not something I have adapted to, yet.  But I must say, this year summer has been pretty nice!  Lately, it has even been cool in the mornings.  Yes, the temperatures have dropped more than five degrees overnight, and it has been great!  But with all of this nice weather, there is not as much sun, and oh how I miss the blue, sun-shiny sky after days and days of nothing but cloud cover and rain!

And of course the sun barely peeked its head out this day, and I had plans for another outfit post this week, so there was not much good light by which to get a good picture.  The rain held back just long enough for me to take a couple of photos, and then the sprinkles started.  Had it started earlier, I might had to have used the garage as my backdrop.  It would have been fine though, my guy cleaned it on Sunday, and I don’t know why he has been wasting time having me clean it all of these years, it has never looked so good!  Maybe even good enough to take a picture in?  Well, maybe not, it is still a garage after all.

I am sure this time next week though, I won’t be talking about how much I am enjoying the cooler days, but will be complaining thinking about how hot and humid it is, again!  It seems the weather can affect so much.

So pardon the overly edited photos and have a look, once again, at something thrifty that I have made my own.  A thrifty gift, that after many years of being in the to-be-fixed-pile, had the chance to be worn.  A friend gave me this skirt that she had thrifted and I was very glad to have it, however, the elastic was a bit on the tight side so I threw it into the material tub which had since found its way into the attic.  I only recently discovered it and brought it down to get fixed, finally!  It has some great details and gathered drapes that give it a unique look, and I am pretty sure it was handmade, which is totally fine by me – and thrifty gifts are totally fine by me as well!

One last thing, I had the great idea last week to make my Thursday Thrift posts weekly opposed to biweekly, but I think I will leave them how they were.  A week just seems to go by way too fast sometimes!  So all you thrifters out there, stop back by in a couple weeks and see what my next new-to-me item will be.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  I will try and keep the weather out of the next conversation.  🙂


Thrifted2(8-8)this must have been the point at which the sprinkles started; the bangs never survive the rain

|| Shirt – Weavers Girl | Skirt – thrifted | Shoes – Doc Martens ||


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10 Replies to “Not Just About the Weather”

  1. Rain or sun it’s good to have it change from one to the other. I think the overcast light is perfect for your outfit post. Soft and nice light. And the result is nice pictures.


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