A Cold Weekend

20131124-160233.jpgMaybe we just skipped fall and went straight to winter?  I sure hope not, and I really am sure that in a few days’ time the weather will be back to its normal self of, actually, I don’t even know what is normal for this time of the year.  In all of my nine years of living in Tennessee,  I think November has been different every single year.  But one thing I do know is that I was waiting for the cold, and it finally showed up (the thermometer was at a chilly 33* in the middle of the afternoon).  Wool socks won’t be leaving my feet for a few months now, and layers are my new best friend.  I even got a glance of the weather channel yesterday afternoon while out for lunch, and I saw snow clouds headed this way, I doubt that the snow will make it here, but you never know.  How crazy would it be if it did snow?!

So yes, this weekend was cold for me and also this weekend for me was free from dressmaking.  I didn’t do any such thing involving a sewing machine for once since September.  However, somewhat sewing related, I did start to cut out the dress pattern that I want to make for December, but now I am having second thoughts about it.  I found a different dress online and I think I want to make it instead.  Oh, so many choices!

New Look6143

My original plan for December’s dress.  I am thinking option C because I really want more short sleeved dresses, but D is kind of nice also, I would just need to get something sheer for the top.

Sim2444What I am thinking I want to make now, because I just saw a blogger’s post about this one and it looked really nice.  I will probably stick with what I originally planned though.

Speaking of dresses, it is getting close to the wonderful month of Dressember!  There was never any doubt that I would be doing this again, but my only doubt was whether or not to blog about it, and if so, do I do a post a day, or a round-up post a week like for Skirtember?  More decisions!  (I still have last year’s Dressember post’s sitting in my drafts folder that never got published.)  I have never attempted to do a blog post a day, and I am worried I will not have enough to say, because sometimes not a lot happens in my neck of the woods.  As far as Dressember goes, it is a little more of an internet sensation than I was initially aware of.  This will be my third year of wearing a dress a day for a whole month just for the fun of it, but apparently, there is an organization dedicated to this for a greater good.  Dressember.net is a real website where people can go to sign up and then once sponsored, wear a dress a day for a good cause.  Sounds like a neat idea.  I follow this group on Instagram so I am looking forward to seeing how the month goes for them.

Well, that is about all for my thoughts today.  We spent most of our weekend at the family cabin, so I must now get back to what I didn’t do here at my house.  It was a nice, relaxing, and cold one, and now there is finally no reason NOT to put some of the summer stuff away, so I have plenty to do.  (Except for the summer dresses, of course, I won’t put them up because I’ll need them all out come this time next week.)

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4 Replies to “A Cold Weekend”

  1. Ooh, I like the original choice! (Although both are pretty!) I’m not usually a long-sleeve-on-dresses sort of gal, but I actually really like the sheer 3/4 length sleeves on it! Festive. 🙂 Whichever you make, it’ll be beautiful!


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