Because Everybody Loves Photos…

… and this month is already about over, here’s a little bit of my daily life as seen in photos.  Also because, I had no outfit posts to write about this week, or tales from anywhere, except for this one tale from the gym on Monday night.

My Zumba gym class has recently been cancelled, I am very sad about this because I have really taken a liking to it.  The nice people at the gym, however, have replaced it with a circuit training class that I took the week before last.  It was a great workout evidenced by the fact that I was sore for almost the whole week!  So this Monday, I talked myself out of the gym, being a bit lazy really, and then when I glanced at the clock to see that I still had enough time to change and go, I talked myself back into it.  In the end, I was glad I got myself out of the house and made class because I was the only one there, was this really a good thing?  It was, because the teacher is a personal trainer – my new personal fitness inspiration – and she was more than happy to have a one on one training session with me.  I was quite happy about this, even despite my lack of arm mobility for the next several days, because I had been wondering what a personal trainer workout might consist of.  It was a nice trial, and I just know my muscles are a little bit stronger for it!  Now, to quit trying to talk myself out of the gym…  (I do usually manage to make at least three days, but that fourth visit is the one I find so easy to get out of.)

Now on to the rest of my life lately:

20131128-103552.jpgNot too much traveling, which is really nice.

20131128-103624.jpgThis boy finally got a haircut.  (This photo is pre-hair cut, and pre-brushing by the way. :-))

20131128-103707.jpgA few nice walks.

20131128-110152.jpgMore than a few nice nights.

20131128-110203.jpgThere was bowling.

Quilt resizeAnd, there has been more going on than just sewing dresses.

IMG_1403(resize)Also, there will soon be more wine.

Some of these photos are from my photo a day challenge, or Project 365 as the app is called.  Currently, I am on day 308 of 365, I hadn’t even realized that I have made it into the 300’s.  I can’t quit now!

Until next week…

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