The Last Friday of 2014

Park Bench

It just seems weird to write that, the last Friday of 2014.  Where, oh where, has the year gone?  This time last year I was bottling wine, finishing my quilt top, and wearing dresses.  Now, I am also about to bottle wine, I am about done with the whole quilt, and instead of wearing dresses I am making them.  It has been a wonderful last, full week of the month/year, and I find that I am looking forward to the year and weeks ahead.  Specifically, I am looking forward to nicer weather with more sunshine.  It was sunny yesterday and I should have spent some time outdoors.  I even started thinking about yard work.  The stuff I need to do that I didn’t before it got wet and cold…  All of those weeds that turned to tall straw…  They will be there when I am ready to get to them so I really shouldn’t worry about it.

So never mind about the yard work, it is winter after all, how about a little more of my week?  Since it is the last Friday of the year, and since I have taken to occasionally writing a favorite five list up on Friday, I will end this year with another.  Even though this list may be a little on the not so exciting side, I am happy to remember the highs, as I saw them, from my week.

Number one:

Wonderful friends and the happy times we get to spend together.  We are working on another group quilting project – even though mine is not quite done yet.  There is a good reason for this one, so it is fine to have mine be on the back burner for a bit longer.  (Note to self:  Since your quilt is only inches away from being finished, please take the time to get it done before the year is over.  Thanks.)  I don’t want to show any specifics on the project just yet, I never know who is really reading my blog.  But everything is coming along nicely.

Number two:

More wine.  That is right, I have wine on my list a lot, I know.  As I write this I am soaking and getting wine bottles cleaned for next week’s bottling.  I even have my labels made and ready to order, I’m just waiting on a final count once everything has been filled up.  It was a nice, productive wine making year.  It is still just getting started, but what I have been making has pretty much been a success.  So far, no complaints, that I know of anyway.  😉

Number three:

Meat.  From someone who once was a vegetarian (only briefly might I add), and always prefers salads to steak, I am very, very happy about this.  Lo-carb dieting is also much easier when there is a whole freezer stocked with protein.  Plus, I have extra money in my wallet left over from my grocery budget.  (Ikea stash or more fabric, I can’t decide.)  My guys have had a very successful hunting season; they are more than making up for last year’s slow one.  Five deer so far and they have three more days in which they are planning to hunt.  I thought we had no more room in the freezer, but I am finding space.  Venison jerky is also very good.

Number four:

Work-out results.  This was my fourth week of serious exercise and I am starting to see some changes.  It has been hard work, but it is worth it.  I have to admit to a slightly relaxed schedule this week, but that part was not my fault.  This time of the year causes classes to be cancelled, and extra days off for my guy make sleeping in seem a little bit nicer than working out.  All is good though, I am just as motivated to keep up with it regardless of a couple extra days off.

Number five:

Lastly, and this is a bit premature, football.  Not that I am a super fan, but we have tickets to Sunday’s Titans game and at least the Colt’s will be worth watching, I think.  Plus a family trip to Nashville almost always makes for a good day.  You don’t have to tell me about the 60% rain forecast for Sunday, I already know about it.  I will be taking rain gear and probably extra clothes.  I am going to put my Rock Bottom Brewery reward card in my purse also.  It’ll probably be happy hour after the game, and the restaurant will be warm and dry.  Weekends are for restaurant meals lately, and I am so very much looking forward to this one.

That is about all I have to say for my last Friday Five of 2014.  I am sure there will be plenty of things to be happy about come 2015, so you’ve not seen the last of these posts…

Have a wonderful weekend, readers!

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