I have voiced my opinion before on a boring ol’ pair of jeans, but thought I’d speak out about them once again.  I have a love hate relationship with jeans, really.  I love the idea of them, but when it comes down to finding a pair I like, it hardly ever happens.  I know I am not alone in the Desperately Seeking a Pair of Jeans Club, but for today’s post, this outfit was appropriate.  (Apologies for any of you who stopped by to see this week’s photo for that 52 week challenge I am doing.  Life has gotten in the way, and I expect I will have something for that up in a few days.)

This post though, it’s about what I wore most in January – jeans!  Jeans and sweaters to be perfectly honest, and the kind of sweaters that you can’t take off, which isn’t my style at all.  It’s been cold, and the cozy over-sized side of my closet won for the month.

Besides jeans, something else I had on regular rotation through the month of January: these new-to-me Doc Marten canvas boots.  They are a size too big but with thick, wool socks they are a perfect fit and oh, so, comfy unlike those other Doc Marten boots I have that are more on the stiff side.  Yes, I expect jeans with sweaters will be getting worn just a bit longer over where I am.  It’s still cold!

How about you, how do you dress for comfort when it’s cold out?


Jeans – Levi’s || Sweater – George || Top – Faded Glory  || Shoes – Doc Martens

2 Replies to “Just Jeans”

  1. I am not that keen on jeans and have never actually owned a pair. I was a skirts only person until my mid 30 s but now wear trousers regularly especially in winter. When I have tried on a pair of jeans I have found them somewhat uncomfortable and a bit tight around my rear. I have heard that Levis like yours are better quality and more comfortable so might be worth exploring one day


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