Summer 2014

summer crepe myrtle

Even though our summer breaks are usually around 14 weeks long, the time just goes by way too fast.  It never feels like fourteen whole weeks when it’s all done and we are getting ready to go back to school.

This summer was no exception, the fourteen week break went by way too fast!  I know we are not quite at week 14, there is one more week left, but we have truly enjoyed every minute of our break, and it was in every way well deserved.  And, I think it was the nicest summer I can remember, weather wise, in the ten years that we have lived in Tennessee.  July was one of the mildest on record, and days with nice breezes, cool nights, and not mood inducing humidity are wonderful in my book.

I can’t remember the last time I swam so much.  This summer it seemed we practically lived at the pool – many times going three days a week.  That is what buying a summer pass will do to you I suppose – If felt like it was practically free.  The pool was only eight weeks of the fourteen, but when I think of this summer it is one of the things that definitely stands out to me.  The break wasn’t all spent at the pool, however, but a good part of it was spent outside.

What else did we do this summer?  Pictures work well for these types of posts.  So here you go, my summer as told by photos:

Stormy Sky

     cooler weather, and no lack of rain

Water slide fun

the biggest slip and slide I ever did see

mega slip and slide

once again, no shortage of food

Summer time food

…and even a few games of volleyball

volleyball fun

(FYI – I don’t normally play volleyball in this kind of attire.  This particular day was supposed to be rainy and I thought for sure I’d be indoors for most of it.  But even though, it’s hard to pass up a game of volleyball.  🙂 )

diving board jumpEDIT

all that swimming

Summer road tripplus a road trip

summer on the beachand the beach

I must not forget about the wine…

cavia creek red

IMG_6951 making wine, bottling wine, and growing grapes to try and make more wine

I could go on and on with the photos, but I’m afraid I’ve already added enough, so let me just stop there.  Yes, this summer was a great one and there is still one week left to go.  I am gonna try and squeeze in a few moments of fun, but I have a feeling most of it will be spent planning for school and finishing up with the summer cleaning, which I seemed to have not done enough of.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!  I hope you all have a great weekend.

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