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The 28th Friday of 2017

I interrupt my weekly house cleaning and laundry session to bring you this week’s Friday post.  How is everyone?  Couldn’t be better over here.  Well, I guess it could be better if it were later in the day and all that house work I am in the middle […]

A Dress Named Ava

I’ve got a Me-Made-Monday post for you all today.  This is my Monthly Stitch make for week one of Indie Pattern Month, and I actually posted over on that site last week.  Today, you all over here can read about it.  I’m hoping to get another pattern cut […]

The 27th Friday of 2017

It was another busy week.  I felt like I wasn’t home much, once again.  If I had a whole week at home, I wonder what I would even do.  This week started off in the sun, and on the road, but I did manage to make a dress. […]

The Summer Girl Sundress in a B6453

When was my last Me-Made-Monday post?  Too long ago if you ask me, so today I thought I’d do something about that.  Last week I finally sewed, and it was hard not to post this make any sooner.  I finished it last Monday and took pics for it […]

Gertrude Made 8294 by Me

Hey there, everyone!  Lovely weekend, wasn’t it?  It was for me anyway.  I caught up on some sleep, caught up on some laundry, and got a chance to blog.  Now I feel I am having quite a productive start to my Monday morning. I mentioned in my last […]

B6453 Sew Along: Part 2

I am a week late with this post, sorry.  I had a very hard time getting decent pictures of the finished product, and still after the second attempt, I don’t think they came out that well.  But, here it is anyway, my finished Cherry Polka Dotted B6453, fit […]